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Unless you are dealing with very large quantities of money it is best to exchange your currency on arrival at Don Muang Airport. All banks and company currency services at the airport are regulated and offer the same rates. They will accept notes and travellers cheques. There are also many ATM (Cash) machines located at the airport which will dispense Thai Baht against credit cards. Hotels, travel agents, and city centre booths, don't generally offer rates as good as the airport. Remember that The Hotel and RAST will accept credit card or bank transfer payments. Please note that we have discussed with the hotel the security arrangements for processing credit cards, and they assure us that their procedures are very tight and have never experienced any problems.

The airport currency exchange rates shown on 3rd June 2004 were:

Country Currency Baht Note Travellers Cheques
USA USD 39.77 40.40
EURO EURO 48.70 48.99
UK STG 72.97 73.65
Japan YEN 0.364 0.3656
Singapore Dollar 23.48 23.56
AUS Dollar 28.36 28.64
NZL Dollar 25.13 25.28
SWISS Franc 31.59 32.03
Brunei Dollar 22.63  
Indonesia Rupiah .0025  
China Yuan Renminbi 4.12  
Taiwan Dollar 0.95  
Malaysia Ringgit 8.95  

Click here for The Universal Currency Converter at XE.com

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