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Kindly complete the registration form and click Submit below. If you prefer to mail or fax your registration, please use the printable form available below.

Click here for help notes on REGISTRATION FORM OR here for a translated Japanese Version.

Here is also a Web Page in Japanese at http://www.wwdx.net/seanet2004/.

1. Full Name and Particular

Title (Mr, Mrs, Ms etc.):
Full name:
Call Sign:
Preferred Badge Name:

2. Mailing Address

Post Code:

3. Telephone

Email:   Please fill ONE e-mail address only

4. Accompanying Persons :

Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign:  Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
Name: Call Sign: Badge Name:
    No.Pax Package Cost Total cost
5. Package A Full Registration for adult 21 years or over x Baht 3700 =
6. Package B Full Registration for youth under 21 years x Baht 2450 =
Packages A & B above are full packages and they include Packages C, D, E and F.
Packages C, D, E & F below are individual packages meant for members of your party who are unable to participate in the full package.
6.1 Package C Welcome Dinner (Friday) only x 800 Baht =
6.2 Package D Gala Dinner (Saturday) only x 800 Baht =
6.3 Package E Saturday sight-seeing Tour/s inc. lunch x 1500 Baht =
6.4 Package F Sunday Plenary presentations, coffee, lunch x 600 Baht =
7. Would you like Hotel Limousine transportation to be arranged between Don Muang Airport and Arnoma Hotel? Yes / No
If yes: complete line 8.
8. Arrival Flight Number: [if available]
* Date of arrival: dd/mm/yy Time of arrival:
9. Would you like us to reserve accommodation at Arnoma Hotel? Yes / No
If yes: please complete line 10
10. Accommodation    
10.1 Number of single/double room (Baht 2400 per room nett): No. of nights:
10.2 Number of extra bed, (one per room Baht 1100 nett):    
10.3 Check in date: dd/mm/yy Check out date:dd/mm/yy
11. Do you need help in locating alternative accommodation    Yes / No

12. Please indicate any special requirements: [Food, Medication, etc.]


Please forward Registration form and Fee by 5th November 2004.

Click here for a printable form in doc format

or here for pdf format for submission by mail or FAX.

For updates on SEANET2004, please browse thru' the Web Page. Should there be any changes on the above or if you require further assistance, please contact Winit Kongprasert at Email:
[email protected]





The following numbered notes correspond with those on the Registration Form.

1. The leading attendee should complete this section, i.e. Group leader, or leading partner in the case of a couple. The badge name is the name or call-sign you wish to be put on your I.D. Badge.

2. Please complete the postal address of the Leader.

3. Please give the contact details of the Leader.

4. Please give the names and badge names of all accompanying persons.

5. Please fill in the total number of persons in your party aged over 21 years of age. The Convention Registration Fee is 3700 Baht per person. This covers lunches, convention dinners, entertainment, convention activities, sightseeing, prizes etc. The total registration fee for such persons can be calculated by multiplying the number of persons by 3700 Baht.

6. Please fill in the total number of persons in your party aged below 21 years. The total registration fee can be calculated by multiplying the number of such persons by 2450 Baht.
6.1 to 6.4. The full registration fee includes the cost of convention meals, welcome gift pack, raffle tickets, convention activities, sight-seeing tours and entertainment. We encourage everyone to participate in the full package of activities, but if you or any member of your party are unable to do so, you may select individual packages instead (C-F) but they do not include the Welcome gift pack.

7.  The Arnoma hotel operates an airport pick-up limousine service at 800 Baht nett per car per way. The normal operation times are 06:00 to 24:00 Hours, during 00:00 to 06:00 there is a 400 Baht surcharge. We will make a reservation for you if you wish to use the hotel limousine service.  Please note that there are other transport services available from the airport, such as airport buses, public meter taxis, and airport limousines.

8. Please give details of your flight number, arrival and departure date. If not available yet, please mark "will forward later",                                           

9. Accommodation can be arranged and reserved via this regisration form and we will  book the room for you.
The special convention room rates: Twin Bedded Room for one or two persons including Buffet Breakfast 2400 Baht nett.  One extra bed per room can be arranged at 1100 Baht nett including one more breakfast.  For more persons two rooms can be booked with adjoining doors.

It should be mentioned that the Arnoma Hotel is normally fully booked during November (High Season), but is reserving a large number of rooms for the convention. Once the rooms are booked, an alternative hotel may have to be used. To guarantee your room booking in the convention hotel it is preferable to book as soon as possible, before 19th September 2004. Bookings received after 19th September 2004 are subject to room availability. If you would like the Organising Committee to handle your reservation please indicate and complete Section 10.

10. Please indicate your accommodation requirements. Note that the prices are nett, and are specially discounted for the convention.

11.  The Arnoma Hotel is offering a very good value package, and it is obviously more convenient to be located in the Convention Hotel, but if anyone would like help in locating alternative accommodation in Bangkok, the Organisers will be pleased to do so. Please indicate if help is required, so also your budget per night.

12. Please write your special requirements.

Please send your completed registration form by 5th November 2004, as follows:

By post to: SEANET 2004, PO Box 69, Bangkok Airport Post Office, Bangkok 10212, Thailand

By Email to: [email protected]

Via the web-site: www.seanet2004.com

By fax to:  + 66 37 328 042

Please forward your Registration fee by bank transfer to:

Siam City Bank

Ratchawat Branch No 111


Account Type: Saving

Account Number: 111-2-22688-4

Account Name: RAST


Updated to:-


Bank name: Krung Thai Bank Plc.
Branch name :Pradipat Branch
Account Type: Saving
Account Number: 034-1-86101-4
Account Name: Radio Amateur Society of Thailand


RAST has added Credit Card payment facility. Please see below.



Urgent Announcement:


Please click here to see latest.



To pay for your SEANET Registration fee by Credit Card please supply the following information securely:

Your Name:
If Possible your SEANET Booking Reference Number:
The amount in Thai Baht:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Card Name:
Valid until: Month/Year

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are acceptable:

Please take care with your card information and send by the following means:

1. By fax to Winit Kongprasert at
+662-618-4436-6, extn 13. This is a secure fax in a private room in a private house, with no public access. Please bear in mind the fax machine may have to be taken off-line during thunderstorms.

2. By Email to [email protected], but do not include all the information in one message. Spread the details over two or three messages, or send one part by Email and the other by fax.

3. Send by mail (preferably registered) to Winit Kongprasert, PO Box 69, Bangkok Airport PO. Bangkok, 10212, Thailand.

4. Telephone your information to Winit Kongprasert between 0100 to 1400 GMT (daytime in Thailand)

Please include a note stating the purpose of the payment and if possible please include your payment statement with your registration form.

Please check the web-site www.seanet2004.com for updates and changes.


Sponsors and Well-wisher



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