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Urgent Announcement

Ray Gerrard, G3NOM, HS0ZDZ,  61, suffered a severe heart attack Nov 11 while travelling from his home in Nakhon Nayok to Bangkok with his XYL Lawan, E21UHL. Ray is now in a Bangkok hospital in a coma.

Expressions of wishes for his recovery may be sent to Lawan via the email address: [email protected]

Ray is the international vice-president for the IARU member society, the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST), and the station manager for the RAST club station HS0AC and HS72B.

At the time of his illness he was busy as the working chairman of the organizing committee for the 32nd SEANET convention to be held in Bangkok November 19-20-21.The convention will go on as scheduled but we would like to draw the attention of all delegates to the following important message:

If you sent registration or arrival information by email or by fax to Ray Gerrard, or via the online registration form, after Sunday November 7, 2004, please resend this information to [email protected] to ensure that others on the organising committee receive this since we are unable to access Ray Gerrard's mailbox, answering machine or fax machine. Fax messages may be sent to +662-618-4436-6, extn 13

We will post a medical undate on Rays' condition on this web site as we receive more news about his condition.

Please join us in praying for Ray's speedy recovery.


26th October 2004

Dear Seanetters,

I have received several queries about methods of transport from the airport. Please see the following information taken from the web-site <www.seanet2004.com> . Lawan and I have obtained this information directly from the companies at the airport. We will have a small team at the airport during the daytime on Friday 19th November 2004 to welcome you and help you choose your transport method etc. We may also have someone there on Thursday 18th depending on the number of arrivals. The team will have at least one member waiting all the time at the Official MEETING POINT at Terminal 1, ARRIVAL Hall. There is only one official MEETING POINT at the airport, so there should be no confusion. Bangkok Airport is a very busy airport and has three terminals. Due to changes in arrival times, schedules, and arrival points, it is very difficult for us to ensure meeting you at your exit gate, so the safest way is for everyone arriving to make there way to the MEETING POINT AT TERMINAL 1 (ARRIVAL HALL).

73 Ray


There are several ways to travel from Bangkok's Don Muang Airport to the Arnoma Hotel. RAST Members will be on hand at the airport Terminal 1 - meeting point on the Friday (and possibly Thursday) to welcome guests and to give assistance to select the most suitable method of transport. Some of the choices are:

- The Arnoma Hotel limousine service, which can be reserved through the registration form. They charge 800 Baht Nett per way per car between 0600 and 2400 hours, and 1200 Baht between 0000 and 0600 hours.

- Thai Airways Limousine Service (24 hours) use Mercedes Benz cars and charge 1000 Baht for standard, 1500 Baht for Premium Service. Toll Fees are extra (Approx 70 Baht). If you travel with Thai Airways it is possible these prices are reduced or the service is offered within your package. Counters are located in the arrival areas. Telephone +66 2973 3191 or 3199, Email <[email protected]>

- Airport Associate Co., Ltd (AAC Limousine) Offer 24 hour limousine service 650 Baht per Mercedes Benz E200 Cars. Toll Fees (approx 70 Baht) Extra. Counters located in the arrival areas. Telephone booking +66 2 982 4900 Email <[email protected]>. Web-site <www.aaclimousine.com>

- T Tours Service Centre - offer Volvo Cars at 650 Baht including express toll fees, and Micro Buses at 1000 Baht (8 persons). Counters are located in the arrival areas are open from early morning to late evening.

- Prahibab Transport Co. offer Toyota Camry Limousines at 550 Baht per car including expressway toll fees. Their cars are parked outside the arrival terminals and their representatives are on duty from 0600 until midnight.

- Public Meter Taxis. These are available outside each terminal. You pay the meter fare + 50 Baht + Expressway Toll Fees. Prices should be between 250 to 350 Baht. Make sure they switch the meter on!.

- Airport Bus. These buses start at Terminal 1 and pick-up at Terminal 2 and the Domestic Terminal. They stop at the World Trade Centre opposite the Arnoma Hotel. From Monday to Saturday they run every 30 minutes between 0530 am to 0100 am. They travel on the expressway and charge 100 Baht per person.

- For backpackers and the really, really thrifty people, you can try to pick up a meter taxi on the main road outside the airport, thus avoiding the 50 Baht surchage. Travel to Mo Chit - Sky Train Terminal, and take the train to Chidlom Station (40 Baht) just round the corner from the Arnoma Hotel.

- For the even more thrifty people, you could walk the 35 km to the hotel?

{SEANET Convention 2004 19-21st November 2004 - Bangkok, Thailand}
**** RAST thanks Thai Airways International for its support as the SEANET 2004 Official Airline and for being a Platinum sponsor of the convention, Beer Chang for its generous support as a Gold SEANET 2004 sponsor, and True Corporation for its support as a Silver sponsor of SEANET 2004 ****


21st October 2004

I have compiled this mailing list mainly from incoming registrations but a few others are included in case they are interested. Please let me know if you wish to be removed from this distribution list.
For those who have not already registered for SEANET Convention 2004 or don't know about it, please ask me about it, or look carefully at the WEB-SITE www.seanet2004.com .  The SEANET Convention 2004 takes place at the Arnoma Hotel, Bangkok from 19th to 21st November 2004.
Please use this Email address: <[email protected]> for enquiries from now on. The RAST server has become unreliable in recent times, but I am still setup to receive messages that way.  Please refer all your inquiries to me, including inquiries about hotel bookings. At first we suggested that the hotel could be contacted directly but it has caused much confusion, and it is easier to control if all queries come through one point. Thanks.
We have reached the stage where we have approximately 60 rooms booked out of our 70 room allocation. Therefore when the remaining 10 rooms are booked, or after 30th October 2004, whichever comes soonest, the hotel will not be able to guarantee any further rooms. This is high season in the centre of a very popular city destination, and I urge you to book quickly  if you're thinking of coming. We will of course help you to find other accommodation but the facilities of the Arnoma Hotel are excellent for our special discount price of 2400 Baht per room per night including buffet breakfast for two persons.
Some of you have asked about early check-ins (say 0100 and 0400 in the night). Normally hotels don't give access to rooms until around noon on the day of your arrival because they have to clean and service the rooms after the previous guests have left. In a busy hotel like this, they will be heavily booked at this time, and they will want to charge you for an extra night. I have asked the hotel if they will give a reduction for an early or late check in, and I'll let you know the result.
The hotel limousine service is expensive, and rather inflexible. E.g. they suggest two limousines are needed for 4 persons plus luggage, and they will not wait if your flight is delayed.  Many of you have checked the box for Hotel Limousine, but possibly may think it is a free service. I would strongly recommend that you chose one of the options on the web-site. There are many other much cheaper services which operate from the airport on a one way basis. I have listed the details on the web-site but please let me know if you would like me to mail or attach the information for you. We have talked with the companies who operate limousines at the airport, and they are well established concerns. Please let me know also if you wish to cancel the Hotel Limousine service.
If you have paid your registration fee to RAST we will guarantee your hotel room reservation without the necessity of giving your Credit Card details to the hotel, or paying a deposit. Those of you who have not yet paid your registration fee, nor paid a deposit to the hotel, run the risk of a cancellation charge if you cancel at the last minute.
We now have the on-line Credit Card payment facility working and thank all those who have paid by this method. It has the advantage that you don't pay any bank transfer fees, and in some case very good currency exchange rates. RAST bears the 2% credit card fee charged by the bank. You may have noticed that we changed the Bank Account for transferring money. At first it was the Siam City Bank, and now the Krung Thai Bank. Don't worry if you've transferred money to the Siam City Bank, we still operate this account, but we have set up a new separate bank account for SEANET.
The organising committee is looking forward to meeting you all soon in Bangkok.
Sawadee Khrap!.
73 Ray
SEANET Registrar

24th September 2004

Please note the new receiving Bank information below for remitting payment for SEANET registration.

Bank name: Krung Thai Bank Plc.
Branch name :Pradipat Branch
Account Type: Saving
Account Number: 034-1-86101-4
Account Name: Radio Amateur Society of Thailand

10th September 2004

To pay for your SEANET Registration fee by Credit Card please supply the following information securely:

Your Name:
If Possible your SEANET Booking Reference Number:
The amount in Thai Baht:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Card Name:
Valid until: Month/Year

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are acceptable:

Please take care with your card information and send by the following means:

1. By fax to Mr Ray Gerrard, SEANET Organiser, +66 (0)37 328 042. This is a secure fax in a private room in a private house, with no public access. Please bear in mind the fax machine may have to be taken off-line during thunderstorms.

2. By Email to raynom(at)loxinfo.co.th, but do not include all the information in one message. Spread the details over two or three messages, or send one part by Email and the other by fax.

3. Send by mail (preferably registered) to Ray Gerrard, PO Box 69, Bangkok Airport PO. Bangkok, 10212, Thailand.

4. Telephone your information to Ray Gerrard HS0ZDZ between 0100 to 1400 GMT (daytime in Thailand) + 66 37 328 041

8th June 2004

Added 2 new pages; Programme and Contest. Click on it to go there.

27th May 2004

Registration Form page is now available. Click here to go there to submit your registration. There is also a downloadable & printable form should you decide to submit by mail or fax. 

Sponsors and Well-wisher



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