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Background Information

The Long Island Marathon, is run on the first Sunday in May, and is organized by the Nassau County Department of Recreation and Parks, and sanctioned and certified by the USA Track & Field

The Long Island Marathon begins and ends in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. Starting time for the race is 08:00 The race will be run on the Wantagh Parkway, and on local streets between Eisenhower Park and the Wantagh Parkway. The park and the parkway will be closed to vehicular traffic from 07:00 until the end of the race. The end of the race, and termination of services (i.e. police, ambulance and ARES coverage) will be 6 hours after the actual start time, at approximately 14:00, when the Wantagh Parkway and Eisenhower Park will be re-opened to vehicular traffic.

USATF course certification maps for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon routes are provided by Finish Line Road Race Technicians, Inc.

Nassau County ARES Needs Volunteers

George Gluck, WA2WKV, District Emergency Coordinator for Nassau County ARES invites all amateur radio operators from Nassau and the surrounding counties to participate. It doesn't matter if you are an not an ARES member, or if you don't have any prior experience with public service events, we can use your help. We will pair up newcomers with experienced ARES members for "on the job" training. Because this is such a large event, it's a great time to find out what ARES is all about. In the past we have had as many as 90 amateur radio operators participate in this event, and the current assignment list includes 82 posts, without doubling up.

All amateurs should be "at their posts" and ready to check into their assigned nets before 07:00, when the park and roads will be closed. Amateur shifts will run until about 14:00, advises George.

Volunteers Must Sign Up 2 weeks Before Event

Because of the logistical difficulties of assigning 82 radio operators to their posts, distributing materials (badges, maps, etc.), briefing them, and getting into position before the roads are closed to traffic at 07:00, George requests that all volunteers for this event be registered 2 weeks before the event. This deadline allows time for Nassau County ARES to designate the field assignments and prepare a mailing of the assignments, frequencies, credentials and race briefing package. On race day, volunteers will proceed directly to their posts without further instructions, and check in to their nets upon reaching their posts. This is the same procedure used for the New York City Marathon, and for reasons of logistics and security, last minute walk-in volunteers cannot be accommodated.

Amateur Radio Assignments

Main Course Net
2 Net Control Stations
53 Mile Posts
1 Head of Race Shadow
1 End of Race Shadow
Sweep Bus Net
2 Net Control Stations
5 Sweep Bus Shadows
Ambulance Net
2 Net Control Stations
7 Ambulance Shadows
1 Medical Tent Shadow
Administrative Net
2 Net Control Stations
1 Police Liaison
1 Aux Police Liaison
2 Race Official Shadows
2 Floating Helpers

How to Sign Up
Who to Contact

To participate in the ARES coverage of the Long Island Marathon, amateur radio operators should contact George, WA2WKV, on the weekly ARES net or send email to George Gluck, WA2WKV




Finish Line's USATF Course Certification Maps:
Full Marathon and Half Marathon

The Suffolk County R.A.C.E.S. Radio Officer is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
The Suffolk County A.R.E.S. District Emergency Coordinator is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
If you have info for or need info on A.R.E.S./ R.A.C.E.S. e-mail Bill.

Send Email to N2NFI

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