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What is the Suffolk County, Long Island, New York
  Amateur Radio Emergency Services?

The Organization

Suffolk County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (SC LI ARES) is the umbrella organization that supports and coordinates all mutual aid communications supplied by amateur radio (ham) operators within Suffolk County, LI, New York. 

SC ARES is comprised of radio operators that have pre-registered with the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) New York City / Long Island Section (NLI) Suffolk County Division of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.); The Suffolk County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (R.A.C.E.S.) which is part of the Suffolk County Emergency Management Office operated under the Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (F.R.E.S.).

We assist the local communities by facilitating the interface between ARES and RACES, and acting as a liaison to county government and other agencies within our jurisdictions. We recognize the autonomy of each town jurisdiction and create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

Our operational area is Suffolk County New York, an area east of New York City on Long Island. The county consists of ten towns. Each town is autonomous by virtue of "home town rule", where each town is responsible for its own affairs. Each town deals with ham radio volunteers differently. Each town has its own ARES / RACES volunteer groups. We observe the "dual hat" concept where ARES and RACES are often the same volunteers.

The leader of each group is the ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is usually appointed as the RACES Radio Officer (RO) for that town. Many volunteers take the "extra step" from ARES to include RACES.  Enrollment in RACES requires a further commitment then ARES.

Each town is indicated as a "division" number, and is compliance with the standard used by the Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services communications system. The underlined Towns have their own web sites.

1 Town of Babylon EC/RO Walter Wenzel, KA2RGI 631 957-0218 [email protected]
2 Town of Huntington EC/RO John A. Allocca WB2LUA 631 261-3726 [email protected]
3 Town of Islip EC/RO John Blowsky, KB2SCS 631 467-2410 [email protected]
4 Town of Smithtown EC/RO Joe Albertus, KB2JOE 631 664-6709   [email protected]
5 Town of Brookhaven EC/RO Joseph Werner, KC2BPS 631 730-8694 [email protected]
6 Town of Riverhead EC/RO Don Rollock, W2EUL 631 929-0705 [email protected]
7 Town of Southampton EC/RO Dennis O'Rourke, KB2ZWW 631 728-5424 [email protected]
8 Town of Southold RO
Charles Burnham, K2GLP
Donald Fisher, N2QHV
631 765-1564
631 765-2757
[email protected]
[email protected]
9 Town of Easthampton EC/RO Nat Raynor N2NEI 631 324-3738 [email protected]
10 Town of Shelter Island EC/RO Neal Raymond, N2QZA 631 749-9330 [email protected]

The Services

We provide services to several agencies depending on the severity and nature of the need. Our primary mission is to provide emergency and logistical communications to charitable organizations and emergency management officials as so needed. We specialize in being able to communicate in different modes and environments, bringing a well training communications resource to those served.

To see a more detailed listing of these agencies go to the links page.

Many underestimate our capability and are surprised to see how diverse we can be. Almost any operating mode in almost any environment can be accommodated. We provide a seamless communications resource, where there are no boundaries within the county. If your non-profit or governmental agency can be assisted by well trained communicators, you need to talk to us !

The Suffolk County R.A.C.E.S. Radio Officer is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
The Suffolk County A.R.E.S. District Emergency Coordinator is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
If you have info for or need info on A.R.E.S./ R.A.C.E.S. e-mail Bill.

Send Email to N2NFI

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