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Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) What is the Suffolk County Amateur Radio Emergency Services?

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) What is RACES ?

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) FCC Rules - 97.407 RACES

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) Calendar of Events

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) Suffolk County ARES/RACES News Updates

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) NDMS Documentation

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) County Net Schedule

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARES / RACES Net Procedures

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARRL Paper on Emergency Communications

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARRL Paper on using Ham Radio in Emergencies

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) Triage Documentation

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARRL - Public Service Communications Manual

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARRL - FSD 220 Phonetics and Prosigns

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) ARRL PSCM - ARES Organization

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) Wilderness Protocol

Yelball.GIF (1013 bytes) PL Tone List

The Suffolk County R.A.C.E.S. Radio Officer is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
The Suffolk County A.R.E.S. District Emergency Coordinator is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
If you have info for or need info on A.R.E.S./ R.A.C.E.S. e-mail Bill.

Send Email to N2NFI

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