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12/15/2004 Dismantling of Radio Room at County EOC to move into back room.
11/10/2004 Starting December any EC not sending in a report will be named in the monthly DEC and SEC report as not sending a report.
11/10/2004 Work will be starting soon on moving the equipment to new radio room.
11/10/2004 All ARES & RACES applications should be processed by the respective Radio Officer or Emergency Coordinator.
11/10/2004 Work will be starting soon on moving the equipment to new radio room.
11/10/2004 Towns need to start working on assigning personnel in their groups to get active in the newer digital modes and work on incorporating programs like WINLINK 2000 into their operations A.S.A.P..
08/29/2004 ARRL SET Scheduled for October, 2004 
All Towns should plan accordingly w/ voice & digital nets
08/29/2004 Monthly reports or needed by the third of the month and with the reports of any activities
An updated roster is requested on a quarterly basis
08/29/2004 EC's are requested to participate in the Monday Night County Net at least once a month.

The Suffolk County R.A.C.E.S. Radio Officer is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
The Suffolk County A.R.E.S. District Emergency Coordinator is Bill Schiebel, N2NFI.
If you have info for or need info on A.R.E.S./ R.A.C.E.S. e-mail Bill.

Send Email to N2NFI

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