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Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service

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RARES 24 hours duty emergency channel.
14.347 kHz

The RARES HF NET is active daily, include Saturday and Sunday

Welcome to the Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RARES) Homepage.

The Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service is the non-profit, non-goverment amateur radio organization in Russian Federation (former USSR) with over 200 members. Our service is dedicated to public service, emergency communications, and the advancement of amateur radio through education and technical excellence.

RARES Meetings

RARES meetings are held the everyday HF NET. Our meetings are located on 14292 KHz HF frequency. CW/SSB modes.New and prospective hams as well as the general public are always invited to join us on the Russian ARES NET.


The Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RARES) invites anyone with an interest in amateur radio or public service to join our service. Free of charge membership. You can join the service at any of our HF NET's.  


Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service was parcitipated in many emergency situations, disasters include in EMERCOM (The Russian Ministry of Emergency situations and Civil defense) actions in Russia and outside.

Most important RARES actions:

1988 - Ruin Armenian Earthquake, rescue operations, after that Russian ARES was founded
1989 - Joint USSR-USA sled-dog expedition from Eastern Siberia to the Alaska (USA) over Bering strait, telecommunications support and participation.
1989 - Flood in the Tatrstan Republic, Russian Red Cross telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1989 - Earthquake in Iran, rescue opeartions and telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1990- Earthquake in Georgia, telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1990 - Joint rescue actions with Russian Red Cross during war conflict of Abkhazia and Georgia Republics (South of Russia).
1991 - Flood in the Russian Far East, telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1991 - Coup d'etat in Moscow Russia, rescue operations with EMERCOM and Red Cross rescue services.
1992 - Hurricane in Central of Russia, help in telecommunications during rescue operations.
1992 - Joint rescue actions with Rescue Teams of EMERCOM during war conflict in Moldova (SW of Ukraine Republic).
1992 - Sled-dog expedition "Big Circle" to the Eastern Siberia, telecommunications support and participationt.
1993 - Coup d'etat in Moscow Russia, joint actions with Red Cross rescue service.
1994 - EMERCOM Rescue service team action - Landing to the North Pole (Top of the World) , Telecommunications support.
1994 - Aircraft crash in Far East, telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1994-1995 Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) war conflict, telecommunications support to EMERCOM Rescue teams during UN actions on Balkanes and participations.
1995 - EMERCOM Rescue team action - Landing to the South Pole.Ttelecommunications support during the action.
1995 - Telecommunications assistance during South Pole expedition of famouse Fedor Khonukov explorer.
1995 - Telecommunications assistance during women's expedition "Metelitsa" to the South Pole.
1995-1996 - War conflict in Chechen Republic, joint operations with rescue services teams of EMERCOM and Rescue Service of Russian Red Cross, telecommunications support.
1995 - Earthquake in the Sakhalin Isl.( Russian Far East), assistance in telecommunications during rescue operations.
1995 - 3 Aircrafts crashes in Vietnam (SE Asia), telecommunications support to EMERCOM Rescue teams during rescue opeartions.
1995 - Helecopter crash in the North Isl. of Siberia, Arctic Ocean, telecommunications support during rescue operations.
1996 - Aircraft crash in Swalbard Isl. (NW of Europe), Arctic Ocean, assistance in telecommunications during rescue opeartions.
1997 - Telecommunications support Yacht expedition "Rossijskij Gaz" in Mediterrinean Sea
1997 - Telecommunications support to EMERCOM team in Rwanda ( Africa), during UN actions.

What will happen tomorrow ....?!

VHF Repeater

The RARES supports and using a local Moscow voice repeater. The VHF Repeater coordinators are is RW3DR-Vasily, and RV3AO-Vladimir.

VHF Repeater is QRV on 145.625 Mhz (-600 standart KHz. shift) Repeater callsign is "RR3AA" and was installed on 150 meters above the ground with power about 10 watts, and high gain antennas.

We planning setup for the future on repeater the autopatch capability, in cases of emergencys with immediately access by entering - *911 number by DTMF from any hand-held radio'.

Packet Radio

We proud that we - RV6HY, RW3AH, UL7IDX was first who was installed in the former USSR (in 1991) experemental permanent digital sattelite link by NBC-USA Moscow office (24 hours access) between Moscow and New-York city for licensed radio amateurs. It was first and great start for new digital radio mode in our country. Special THANKS to N2KS - Kenny, and WA2NDV - Frank.

Now RARES supports an extensive network of packet radio nodes RW3AH-2, RW3AH-3,R3RAES-3, a full service BBS R3ARES-1, First Russian DXCluster R3ARES and an Internet gateway server (TNOS) - RW3AH-2:MOSCOW with Net/Rom capabilities. The system is open for use by any properly licensed amateurs. The network supports 1200 and 9600 bps operation in both AX.25 and KA9Q TCP/IP protocols. Some part of this system is always in progress and advance. By the way, if you would like connect to another DXClusters you can try to connect.

You may connect to the RARES NETWORK with WEB-BBS, DXCLUSTER, NODE, JNOS and to another services using the link below. Just try click on Connect to RA3AWW Gateway , then login with your own callsign. Enter your name please, when prompted for a password. But before to use the link below you will need to have a TELNET application associated with your browser. The same rules for R3ARES DXCluster connections.

Connect to IP Gateway (Telnet ACCESS ONLY for Licensing radio amateurs!)
Connect to R3ARES First ever Russian DXCluster
Connect to World DXClusters List

Project Co-ordinator - RW3AH Andy ,
Co-SysOp - UA3ATS Oleg.



Additional RARES HF NET's

The following NET's are currently active now on the air : Regional RARES NET (West of Russia) - 7.096 Mhz 0700 UTC daily by R3ARES

Regional RARES NET (East of Russia -Siberia) - 3.633 Mhz 1600 UTC daily by RE0RAS from Krasnoyarsk city.

The Russian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (RARES) provides first-line disaster communications capability on a 24 hour/day basis and works closely with local government disaster response agencies, like EMERCOM. The Head of RARES and Chef Coordinator is Andy Fyodoroff, RW3AH. (WL7AP in USA).

Emergency Services.
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911 Service




POLICE & FIRE (Live broadcast)

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RARES Credits

Special thanks go to people and Companies who have helped RARES to improve this page or contributed material! Have a look at the list of contributors

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RARES H.Q.address: P.O. Box 899, Moscow, Russia 127018

E-MAIL to: [email protected]
Fax: 7(095)426-5980
Phone: 7(095)426-9759

Updated Oct.28th.1998. This page maintained by Andy Fyodoroff  - RW3AH. Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.

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