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Radio Amateur Society of Thailand's website in Thai

A history of amateur radio in Thailand

Policy and Regulations of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand

Thailand VHF band plan

IARU R3 bandplan (Ms Word doc file)

Importing an HF rig? Here is a list of the Thai PTD's type-approved equipment

Application form to join RAST
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Application form to become a member of RAST that you can fill in online.
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How to make payments to RAST

Amateur radio licensing in Thailand
(with details of how to apply for a bilateral reciprocal licence)

Thai hams can operate in the United States without any need to apply for permission

Formation of the Society

Call area map

Thai calls

How Thai hams helped out after the tsunami

Useful links

The Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (in Thai)

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

IARU Region 3

QRZ.com callsign search and information


DX summit

DX cluster - nice and customisable

2 metre band plan
144.000-146.500 MHz

Effective since July 24, 2014

Frequency Allocation
144.0000-144.1000 EME (CW only)
144.0500 CW Calling channel
144.1000-144.1500 CW / EME / MGM
144.1500-144.3750 SSB / MS
144.2000 SSB Calling channel
144.3900 For APRS
144.4125-144.4375 Data / RTTY / SSTV / MCW
144.4500-144.4900 Beacon
144.4900 WSPR (Weak signal propagation reporter)
144.5125-144.8875 FM channel spacing: 12.5 kHz
144.9000 Calling channel and for general traffic
145.0000 Calling channel and for emergency traffic / frequency for co-ordinating with government agencies
145.0125-145.1250 Repeater receive frequency 1
145.1375-145.4375 FM channel bandwidth: 12.5 kHz
145.4500-145.4875 FM channel bandwidth: 12.5 kHz / special activities
145.5000-145.6000 Repeater receive frequency 2
145.6125-145.7250 Repeater transmit frequency 1
145.7375-145.7875 For interconnections with other groups
145.8000-146.0000 For satellite communications
146.0125-146.0875 FM channel bandwidth 12.5 kHz
146.1000-146.2000 Repeater transmit frequency 2
146.2125-146.2250 For interconnections with other groups
146.2375-146.4875 FM channel bandwidth 12.5 kHz