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This documents the founding meeting of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand that was held on August 22, 1963.

Dated: 8/26/63


       An amateur radio symposium was held at the Kawachiya Restaurant
on the evening of August 22,1963 at 19:00 hours. The purpose of this
meeting was to discuss the possibility of forming an amateur radio
organization in Thailand, the exchange of ideas pertaining to the
amateur service in Thailand and the fabrication of solution regarding
amateur radio problems existing at the present time.
       Those in attendance were Mr. Sangiem Powtongsook of the GPO,
Lt. Col. Kamchai Chotikul of the Royal Thai Army Artillery Center. in
Lopburi, Mr. Jonas Eddy of the G.Simon Radio Company Ltd., Messrs.
Robert Leo and Frank Phillips of Stanford Research Institute and
Captain kenneth Irish of the U.S Army Signal Corps.
       Among the many subjects discussed at the random were, amateur
radio activity in the past, prior licensing in Thailand, official
attitude toward an amateur service, Thailand's recorded objection to 
international communications with amateurs of other countries, action
needed to foster amateur activity in Thailand and the logical approach
to the solution of the many problems now existing.
       One of the main issues discussed was the contacting of government
officials who might be in a position to aid the cause of amateur radio
in Thailand. As a consequence, it was solved that Mr. Sanguim was the
proper official due to his position with the Engineering Division of
the GPO.
       Mr. Eddy made the motion that the first critical item of business
on the agenda was to form an organization for amateurs and it being
unanimously agreed, several names were submitted for study. As a result,
the name RADIO AMATEUR SOCIETY OF THAILAND was adopted as official and
hereinafter referred to as the Society.
       It was further agreed, that the people present be the charter
members of the Society.
       The next order of business was the formation of a working body
for the Society. The following duly elected officers are noted:

       Mr. Sanguim        President        Col. Kamchai       1st Vice President        Mr. Leo            2nd Vice President        Mr. Phillips       Secretary        Mr. Eddy           Treasurer        Capt. Irish        QSL Manager