Pic-A-STAR IF board

Under construction :-)

The STAR IF board

This is the STAR IF board nearly completed, waiting for its screening.
As you can see, this time I already got much better results with the iron-on transfer method.

Component List



For RV1, RV2, RV3 and RV5, you'll probably have to use vertical variable resistors instead of horizontal ones. Lay them on the board and connect the higher pin with a piece of wire. Unless you can find horizontal presets with all the pins on the same side, of course.

You should probably wind toroids before etching the board, and adapt the PCB to minimize their wire lengths. This is especially true for T3 in my experience.

Crystal Filter

I fitted an ITT 024DC crystal filter (the PCB must be adapted for this one). It's a 910Ω/25pF.

The input is matched with an L1 of 3.08 μH (25 turns) and the same variable capacitor of 100 pF as originally fitted.

The output is matched with a 13t:10t transformer.

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