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About 4 years ago I decide to come back on my  CW operations enjoy it very much with help of excelent paddle from VIBROPLEX Company. Today I've 1 Square Racer and 1 Iambic Deluxe for my operations, I don't want other keyer, I'm really satisfied with this great piece of art.

I operate in all bands from 10 to 160 Meters. I decide to to spend many time on WARC Bands for Asia and Stateside . Conditions were very good specialy at afternoon. During the night I've see big difference from my normal Qth in Portugal and from Hladov on Low Bands. 

When you have all conditions for workind DX it's more easy you adaptation. If you have everything mount correctly  antennas, computers, you don't have to hurry with SWR and other normal problems. So it's very confortable working change bands and modes with all facilities . It's very important maintain all things in good operation conditions.

I've see some diference from here Central Europe and South of Europe.                                                                                                        Unfortunatelly in Portugal I don't have the large country space for antennas that I've in Hladov in meadle of the Nature   near of the forest.                                                                                                      

I'm very happy on this privilege to be the 1st CT with callsin on Czech Republic, and I'll trie to difnificate OK8 Prefix not only in Czech Republic but on all over the world.

I've great memories from this operation, and I'll be back next year for sure.

In May of this year. Czech Republic will be a new member on EC European Comunity, I wish all the best for future for this country.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be attention for DUPES QSo's: 

Unfortunately there are some operators would like to make DUPES, it means work more than once at same band. This is bad, because when these operators work for the second time on the same band perhaps there are others without that possibility to work at least one time. 

We're trying to pass the message for those operators, that is necessary to listening before calling and check the diary or the log.

One of the most important things for amateur radio is Friendship and Courtesy. Working a DXpedition several times on same band and don't give the chance for others is completely out of Cortesy!

OK8BWW and others operations Log Search Page

Please use this applet to search the logs of my latest DX-peditions and contest logs.

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If you cannot find a record of your QSO in the online log and you are sure to have made a valid contact, please carefully check the QSO details (Date, UTC Time, band) and send your card by the bureau or direct. Each request will carefully checked in order to debug any possible log entry mistake. Thank you for your understanding  

If you need to send card direct  use Qsl Manager Address.

The QSL manager for OK8BWW  is CT1BWW, We QSL via bureau or direct.

Please use the following address for QSL card direct:


Manuel Alberto C. Marques

P. O. Box - 41

2780-901 OEIRAS



If you send direct, we would like to ask you to follow these instructions:

- Please remark OK8, JW , C91, C98 or CQ, etc. on the envelope, it's more easier to separate for   other Dx'peditions

- Non EU Stations: send a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope) plus 2 US$

   or  2  IRCs. No other currency!

- EU Stations: send a SAE (Self Adressed Envelope) plus 1 US$ or 

  1 Euro. No other currency or 1 IRC!

- These postages allow us to send one letter with 20 gramms = 1 QSL

  card + envelope.

- If the SAE and/or (not enough) postage is missing we send QSL card

  via the bureau.

- Please send requests only for 1 callsign in envelope and send only 1

  card it helps to save you postage and avoids additional work for us.

- If you were happy with our DXpedition and you got a new country or

   new band or mode, Zone, we would be glad to receive some extra 

   donation to cover our costs and this also allow us to plan and 

   finance our project for 4W (East Timor) 

   Your call will be registered on This Project as a donateur.

   Thank you!

-  And finally... remember like you this is a "hobby" we've regular job we

   work on QSL'ing on free time.

   All cards will be sent as follow:

   1st Direct QSL request

   2nd QSL Cards by the Bureau

- If you send card by the Bureau you will receive by the  Bureau.

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