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There are are many reasons for visiting Czech Republic. If you have desire to visit and didn't decided yet, I hope I can show some reasons to COME AND SEE! VISIT US!

Take a look on Live WEB-CAMERA (Here)

If you visit this beautiful country believe me you never forget.                                                                                  We’ ve a strange filling , There so many things to do and places for visiting that Before you started,  you have already decided to come back. 

This Page is dedicated to all  of you interested to visiting Czech Republic.  All photos made by Marq OK8BWW Copyright© After3 days sightseeing and visiting monuments and museums at capital Praha we travelling to South Bohemia.

This country in the heart of Europe, rich in lovely scenery and cultural treasures, has a lot universally recofnized tourist attractions. This means that, except for a sea coast, like me own country Portugal or other, it has everything that a tourist looks for when visitinga foreign country. Instead of the sea, however, it has ponds and lakes, some of which are so big that you can see with naked eye the curve  of the earth's surface on them. The climate is favourable for a visit to the Czech Republic at any time of the year: from spring to autumn for touring by car or on foot, in summer for holidays by the water or in the mountains, myself I suggest May or September, but the others are also favourable. In the winter you can skiing and other winters sport.  You can come at any time to regain your health at Fairs,congress and various exhibitions, important cultural events, music festivals, folk,  festivals,international concerts, Theatre, and sports are also occasions for a visit.. 

There is accomodation to suit all tastes ans pockets, from hotels and motels at modest prices to high standard hotels with all comfort, most of which you can find on Internet and Tourist information.             Czech Republic  is in a very good position as regards air, train and bus connections. Comfortable and quick travel through the country is assured on domestic routes and good connections  are provided by a wide network of train and bus routes. A motorway and dense network of highway system serve motorist.   All travel agencies on Cezch Republic provide all the usual service for tourists.                                                  


Over the centuries the main European cultural trens passed through its territory. Buildings of all architectural styles have been preserved, the official list of ancient monuments contains more than 30 thousand objects. The tourist will find buildings in Romanesque , Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, Empire, Art Nouveau and Cubist styles, but not only isolated objects but the entire historical cores of towns as well as complete towns, some of which have a uniform architecture. Many old Towns have been declared protected by UNESCO. These monuments as a priceless cultural heritage and expends enormous sums of money on theis maintenace.  Fore-ranking in te importance, number and beauty of its ancient monuments is Prague which has over about 1 million inhabitants.



It is a treasure of old architecture in which the famous Prague Baroque style is most prominent. Other priceless collections of ancient monuments are found in different towns.

There are about 3000 castles and mansions, which are witnesses of the past and examples of pld building styles. Many of them have been declared national cultural monuments for the important place they occupy in the history of the country and for their artistic value. The  cultural worthof these castles and mansions is not only in their architecture and interior decoration but also in the collections of period furniture, paintings, sculptures, glass, porcelain, ancient weapons and other objects of art installed in them. Among these collectiuons there are priceless exhibits which are unique in the world. In addition, there are the mansion parks and gardens which have their aesthetic and natural scientific value. The castles and mansions areb not merely inert monumrnts in the past, but a new purpose , museums and art galleries are installed in them and  they and their grounds are used for holding exhibitions, theatre, concerts and plays. Castles and mansions are open to vistors from spring to autumn as a rule,                                                                             The most important is Prague castle, the residence of the President of Czech republic, which is part of the famous Hradcany panorama.

After you visiting Prague in have to visit another places.

This page contains contact information about places to visiting on Czech Republic. PFrom here you can send e-mail and obtain all informations, or visit their personal home pages.


Telephone 00420 567 243 145
[email protected]             


Telephone 00420 325 600 211
[email protected]


Telephone 00420 416 732 440
[email protected]


Telephone 00420 567 584 932
[email protected]


Telephone 00420 384 363 546
[email protected]

If want rto stay in Praha I can suggest: 



" Hi Manuel,
You are right, it is a beautiful country, and one I intend to
visit again.
The Czech Republic is a model for the other ex-soviet
occupied states in Europe.
The visit the beautiful cities and countryside, you would
never guess the events of the last 50 years !
You are a lucky man.
Best regards,

Gary Threlfall - G7TOK/M3KPK..."

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