Meteor Scatter

Leonids '99

That was my first MS experience. I found it very hard and exciting. I worked nice DXs just within few hours! This sort of operating requires quick reactions and experiences: just different report rating made me think and lose rare time while you never know how much time remains till the end of burst. It is a good preparation for contest pile-up.

Pavel, OK2PMU and me were operating from OK2KJT club station in Dusna, JN99AJ. We used TCRV R2CW, PA 300 W and ANT 6 x 13 el. DJ9BV + 4 x 9 el. OK2ZZ. It is more contest than MS configuration. We alternated by the mike every half an hour.

All the acitivity has been recorded on tape. Later I sampled the QSOs into the .wav file using 8 kHz sampling frequency and GSM 6.10 compression. I used a great recorder developed by Petr, OK1IRG. Next time I will record my activity directly into notebook. It makes a typical file size of 30 kB.

This is my complete log of 18th of November 1999:


File .wav

02:10 G8TIC 39/39 IO82VF 1456 B, C

G8TIC.wav sound file 26,4 kB

02:11 G8IZY 39/39 IO91VC 1311 B

G8IZY.wav sound file (34.8  kB)

02:13 G4LOH 37/37 IO94IA 1387 B

G4LOH.wav sound file 23,8 kB

02:14 YZ4IZ 59/59 JN84US 515 B


02:19 OH1AT 39/39     B

OH1AT.wav sound file 29,6 kB

02:25 SM3KJO 39/27 JP92FX 1513 B

SM3KJO.wav sound file 40,1 kB

02:26 ES1NJ 27/27     B

ES1NJ.wav sound file 16 kB

02:27 OH6HP 27/27     B

OH6HP.wav sound file 48,2 kB

03:06 SM3PXO 59/27 JP73 1579 B

SM3PXO.wav sound file 36,9 kB

03:07 PA0ZM 39/39 JO32GK 875 B

PA0ZM.wav sound file 15,8 kB

03:12 OH2BNH 55/59 KP20LG 1288 B, C

OH2BNH.wav sound file 46,4 kB

03:12 OH1AYQ 39/39 KP12MA 1440 B

OH1AYQ.wav sound file 32,6 kB

03:12 OH7MA 39/39 KP52BN 1643 B, C

OH7MA.wav sound file 21,4 kB

03:23 F6DRO 39/39 JN03SM



F6DRO.wav sound file 27,2 kB

03:24 G0CUZ 59/59 IO82WM



G0CUZ.wav sound file 47,3 kB

03:25 G4HWA 39/39     B

G4HWA.wav sound file 29 kB

03:25 G4ASR 37/37 IO81MX



G4ASR.wav sound file 32 kB

04:37 OH6MSZ 37/37 KP21XU


B, C

Not available

QSL status: B - sent via bureu, C - confirmed

Please, if you know any of the missing locators above, inform me. Thank you!

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