Recorder is a useful utility developed by Petr, OK1IRG. It uses a sound card to save audio signal into wav file. Thus, after contest you can simply replay any part of your activity and listen to the sequence over and over till you get sure all in log is OKay. Even if you have two receivers you may use a stereo version. Two files are made and differ with the most left letter in file name (L - left, R - right channel).

I used this software to sample my tape record from Leonids '99 activities. Next time I will be recording it right into the notebook!


Download here:

Mono Recorder, 36 kB

Mono version - Mrecorder.exe

Stereo Recorder, 36 kB

Stereo version - Srecorder.exe

Important: To terminate the application press Ctrl+C.

Any opinions, comments and experiences are welcome! Please, contact me or author in order to keep developing the Recorder. Thank you.

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