12th of August 2000

The same day as Perseids at night, big tropo to G, GW, ON, PA and F, also strong Aurora happened in the afternoon. I worked 10 DXCC. Used RIG was R2CW TCVR, Power 500 W, Ant. 130 el. group (6 x 13 el., 4x9 el., 4x4 el.). The QTH is located at 700 m a.s.l.

Locator QRB QSL
12-AUG-'00 15:36 YL3AD 55A 55A KO27KD 975 B
12-AUG-'00 15:45 GD4IOM 55A 55A IO74QD 1643 B
12-AUG-'00 16:05 SP4MPB 59A 52A KO03GS 517 B
12-AUG-'00 16:11 OZ1CLL 55A 55A JO65GQ 793 B
12-AUG-'00 16:44 SM7ALC 55A 55A JO65RL 745 B
12-AUG-'00 16:51 RA3DRC/1 55A 55A KO55JR 1112 D, C
12-AUG-'00 17:04 LY2IC 55A 55A KO14WW 734 B
12-AUG-'00 17:09 G4HGI 51A 52A IO83PL 1506 B
12-AUG-'00 17:17 GW4VEQ 55A 55A IO73SG 1618 B
12-AUG-'00 17:22 GM4JJJ 59A+ 59A+ IO86GB 1621 B,  eC
12-AUG-'00 17:31 SM6ENG 55A 54A JO67CQ 1000 B, C
12-AUG-'00 17:36 SM6FBQ 55A 55A JO67BQ 1002 B
12-AUG-'00 17:52 LY2BAW 55A 55A KO25KA 781 B

QSL status: B - sent via bureu, D - sent direct, C - confirmed, eC - confirmed by

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