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CQWW 2001 SSB:

OH0A & OH0V CQWW 2001 SSB by OH4XX

This was my second trip to Aaland island ( 1st one SAC 99 as OH0V M/M). Jukka, OH6Li asked month before the contest if I was intrested in to operate 10 meter single. I was not sure if my work schedule would allow it, but less than two weeks before the contest I informed Jukka that why not, lets do it! Jukka had planned to be at 15 single and in order to do that he would have need to prepare antennas HW for that. Jukka had about week to go and he started to prepare antennas. Anyhow we end up to island thursday night and we had about one day to put up three  four element 15 meter yagis to 24 m crank up tower. We started to work with antennas on Friday morning, WX was excelent for that job. Start was good and everything seems to be right on schedule, however as you know if things can go wrong they will and same happen this time as well. First 4 element yagi went up ok, but second would be in side mount and there we end up in trouble or actually you can call it misscalcualtion, after everything were were installed we discovered that sidemount was too high, feedline was too low and there was no change to turn antenna without having conflict with guywires. It was already late afternoon and we had to lower side mount abt. 1 meter and pull the feedline few meters higher (very think and heavy calbe). Sun set at OH0 is aroud 15Z but fortunately I had took two halogen lamps with me.. So antenna work continued =). After we finished antenna work there was still issues left. Everything supposed to be ready but few more surprices; antenna analyser showed huge SWR when we connect the cable in shack,there was a shortcut somewhere in cable , luckily JUkka had another cable as a spare so he prepared that one and climbed to tower to fix it. All three antennas were coupled to Stack match but of course it did not work due to wrong wiring. Troubleshooting took a while but eventually got that fixed.Finally we had antenna work done but we were way behind our schedule. We should have finished antenna work around 7 PM but it was 1 AM next day and contest would start at 3 AM local time. We were exhausted and decide to skip contest start because we would have been slleping at then end. Supposely taking a nap at this point was a mistake, at least for Jukka since rumours told after contest that both 10 and 15  meters were wide open to NA in the begining of  the contest. We took few hour nap and started contesting around 04Z. Due to previous day hard tower/ antenna work my muscles very sore and I had a huge headache. Anyhow we were ready to go; Jukka on 15 meters as OH0V and me as OH0A,Geta berg was on the air! After slow start JA's start to come in and actually my best hour was 190 Q 8Z saturday morning. Saturday was very productive over all and at the end of the day aroud 22Z when band closed I had over 1800 Q's logged. I took a long nap and at 6:30Z Sunday morning I started again. Band was not in same condition anymore and I could not get good runs. I focused to find multipliers and managed  pretty well with that however I never could break Zone 34 pileups (5A or SU). There was a short opening to NA in the afternoon and I could get around 100 NA station in log. Rest of the contest was just CQing and S&P, only few Q's in last hours. So at the end I had 2500 Q and 190 mults, it is not too bad but without issues we had it could have been higher (you have to have station ready early enough in order to have some rest,you know..)  There is always things what you can improve. Well.. NEXT time, right?

Special thanks to Jukka OH6Li letting me use his nice station and thanks to OH0A club letting me use their club call. QSL's for OH0A goes to OH0AA club.Thanks all who called me, we sure hope to meet again!



CQ WPX 2002 SSB:

Mikko, OH4XX  (OH0A, SOSB 10m) and Jukka, OH6LI (OH0V SOSB 15m ) were Geta during  CQ WPX 2002  SSB. Propagation was ruined due to aurora and  NA propagation was rather slim. OH0A claimed score is 1.8 Megs, OH0V claim is ~ 4 megs


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CQ WPX 2002: ?







[all pics copyright] Jukka Klemola OH6LI