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  Home Forces of OH6LI; Harri (son) Merja (wife) and Jenni (daughter)




Kee, OH0NA, (OH0MA for Market Reef) showing real
Ham Spirit by driving uphill to help with antenna work at OH0V. Look at
the gloves.. Kee has prepared himself for a hard day's work. Kee says he
takes this seriously because this is The Hobby !





Sture, OH0JFP, demonstrating the coax losses. Sture is always ready to help friends from the mainland to setup the station. He is very active contester on VHF-UHF-SHF bands. 





Picture of Cafe and Restaurant Soltuna, atop Getaberg. 30 ft from OH0V Shack.
Soltuna consists of a cafe, a restaurant and overnighting cabins atop the Getaberg, Mountain Geta and is the highest place on Åland Islands with electricity.





Interior of Restaurant Soltuna. View is to archipelago, 100m below.


 One overnighting cabin 100 m above the sea level. View from porch is to west, to beautiful Åland archipelago.



There is more to come.....



[all pics copyright] Jukka Klemola OH6LI