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                                                                                    Jeff (NX9T) in the radio shack along with Jonathan (8) and Jacob (10).

Welcome and thanks for stopping by the NX9T homepage.  While this page is currently under development (aren't they all?), I hope that you will find it interesting and possibly even a tad bit useful!  This is primarily an amateur radio related website but I have attempted to include some other more general interest type tidbits as well. Please bookmark my page, check back often and sign the guestbook to register your visit (I promise no salesman will call). 

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Who Am I????   I am 46 years old and have been a ham operator since 1985.  I had been interested in radio and electronics since a very young age.  I remember being excited about finally getting my first set of walkie-talkies (the old kind that actually operated on CB Channel 14) and adding coat hangers and aluminum foil to the antenna to improve reception.  It was quite a site to be walking around the neighborhood, in the dark, in a foot of snow, listening to CBers in a nearby town talk on the radio.

  That probably was the beginning of my quest.  A few years later as a middle school student I visited a friends house and they had an old 3? channel tube type CB base station set up in the kitchen and I was hooked.  A few months later I talked my dad in to going in with me to buy a CB...a 5 channel crystal controlled Hallicrafters.  I still have it as a momento. It's an added bonus that Hallicrafters also made a name for itself through the production of some fine ham equipment as well.

 I messed around with CB off and on while in junior and senior high school but finally decided to "go for it" and obtained my ham ticket during my last year of college.  I was first licensed in Grant County Indiana and have a lot of appreciation for the fine folks up there who got me started in this great hobby.  The Grant County Amateur Radio Club is very active and involves many very special people.  I owe a lot to that group.  Check out their website! (For information about my first ham stations follow the link on "The Shack" page and then proceed on to the "Shack Evolution" page).

I grew up in central Indiana and when I was about 26, moved to North Carolina.  I have lived here ever since.  My wife (Suzie) and boys Jacob(12) and Jonathan(10) and cat TJ (15) keep things plenty active around here.  We enjoy the climate and wonderful folks in North Carolina.  We live out in the country but are within a mile or so of two different small but growing towns (Wake Forest and Rolesville).  Our location is about 15 miles north east of Raleigh. We enjoy hockey (GO Carolina Hurricanes!) and both boys are playing in a league and having a blast.

I am employed in the criminal justice system and have worked in various positions involving community based corrections since graduating from college (Taylor University and Ball State University) in 1986.  I enjoy my work and hope to be able to continue in the field until retirement.

In addition to ham radio, my other hobbies are landscape/gardening, home improvement projects, exercise/nutrition, and just generally being outdoors.  I do like playing around on the computer also (at least when things are working properly!).

While our family now has strong ties to North Carolina, we also have roots in Michigan.  We like to spend time up there when possible.  Suzie and I both have relatives from mid-western Michigan. Grandville and Silver Lake are our primary stomping grounds!  We look forward to the day when we can spend more time up there (especially in the summer). Follow the link to Silver Lake and you'll see what I'm talking about!







I decided to create this little homepage for a couple of reasons:

a) it would be challenge and help me learn about web design

b) it would be a good way to allow other amateurs I meet a way to learn more about me and my radio activities, station, and life in general.  Hams are a social bunch for the most part!

c) have a means to post a few photos of family for friends and relatives

Admittedly, this website is extremely elementary.  I know that.  But I hope you enjoy visiting and if nothing else, you'll get a glimpse of what/who, etc... is behind the microphone or morse code key at NX9T.

I'm interested in your thoughts so if you have any ideas of how to improve this site please feel free to share them.  Just do keep in mind that I am not a computer whiz.  It's not my business, training, or expertise.  It's a sub-hobby! :)

All the best!

Jeff NX9T

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