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    Welcome to the NX9T "Shack" and Antenna "farm"......Please stand by as pictures load....

Command Central

This is where I DX, Contest, chat w/ friends, and play on the computer (yes, even this web page).



Thanks to a "loaner" Bobcat....I was able to make quick work of the site prep. I used the same Bobcat when building my house. Awesome machine.




I operate mobile HF with an Icom 706MKIIG transceiver and a Tarheel Antenna(model: Little Tarheel...4 1/2 foot tall mini-screwdriver type antenna) which covers 6 thru 40 meters.  NOTE* If you are in the market for a quality the fine folks at Tarheel Antenna....You will not be sorry.  Their product is top notch but just as important, they are top notch.  They are honest, dependable and stand behind their antennas 100%.


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