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Thanks for checking out my RADIO PAGE !!!  I have been an amateur ("Ham") radio operator since 1985.  The FCC requires "Hams" to pass both electronics theory  and morse code exams.    There are several different license levels, or classes, depending on the complexity of the tests passed.  Here is a brief history of my progression through the ranks:

       1985   Novice (beginner) KA9UGE

      1986 General (intermediate) KA9UGE

    1986 Advanced   KD9YB

   1988 Extra (final level) NX9T

Amateur radio is a hobby that provides many different avenues for experimentation, challenge, and relaxation.   There are more facets of this hobby than most ever get to explore. Therefore, most generally focus on a couple aspects of the hobby and "specialize" in those areas.  This page provides links to the areas which intrigue me the most.  I also enjoy QRP (low power) operation, mobile HF,  and hidden transmitter hunting activities (fox hunts).                

If you would like to take a look at the NX9T "shack", or home station, please click on the "The Shack" link listed at the top of the page. 

Ham radio is an diverse hobby and has something for almost anyone who has any interest at all in electronics, radio, antenna theory, etc.  I am a member of the Smith Chart Amateur Radio Society, The Swan Island DX association, and the Potomac Valley Radio Club (contesting).

 If you are not a ham but would like to learn more, please visit the American Radio Relay League's website for more information.  I am also available to answer any basic question you might have as well. Feel free to email me. 

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