Family Scrapbook

Suzie, Jacob, Jonathan, and I invite you to visit our "Family Scrapbook"....Please be patient as images load













Jacob (around 8 months old in 1998) seems to really like this ham radio stuff!

Jeff and The Boys at Grandfather Mountain, NC(2003)

Jacob and Jonathan at Home Depot for "project day."(2004)

Ice Cream at a Durham Bulls baseball game. (2004)

Jacob and me on top of a mountain after a great hike/climb! (Colorado...2004)

Jonathan, Jacob and cousin Jaydon...Howdy Partner!(2004)

Suzie and me (Colorado 2004)

Don't move too quickly!

Jeff, Jacob and Jonathan on top of Hanging Rock at Hanging Rock State Park located near Danbury, NC ( 2005).

Jeff (NX9T), Jonathan (7), and Jacob (9)

We're enjoying a little rest time while sitting on top of a mountain at the "great divide" near Cottonwood Pass in Colorado. We hiked to this spot and are sitting at around 12,250 (Colorado...2006).


Jacob (9) and Jonathan (7)...(2007).

Jeff and "the boys" in the radio shack (2007).

Camping trip to Medoc Mountain State Park (October 2009)

Our 1976 camper affectionately referred to as our Bicentennial Bomber or Blast from the Past :)




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