The Neanderthal-Chapter Award

The Neanderthal Chapter Award

Basic requirement
50 pointsor1 "Tribe-Chief" as IQ
Brave150 (+3)
Fire Protector400(+8)
"The Flint-Stone"1000(+5)
"The Ebony-Tusk"2000(+5 and ET#)
3000 - 500000(+5 for each 1000)
500000 up(+1 for each 500)
"The Cavern Seal" you must work 15 F and/or CL:(+20 and CS#)
"The Tribe Seal": you must work 10 CH/CM/TC/FS and/or FC(+50 and TS#)
WACA (Work all US-Call-Areas with NT#)(+5 and WACA#)
WACA2x (Work all US-Call-Areas with 2 different NT#)(+15 and WACA2X#)
WACA3x (Work all US-Call-Areas with 3 different NT#)(+30 and WACA3X#)
WAS (Work all US-States with NT# first, after that you get 1 on-air point for each US-State.)(+50 and WAS#)
Since 1959 the USA has 50 states, so you get 50 on-air points.
When you have 500 on-air points(+10 and HK#)
When you have 1000 on-air points(+20 and K#)
When you have 3000 on-air points(+20 and 3K#)
When you have 5000 on-air points(+20 and 5K#)
When you have 10000 on-air points(+30 and 10K#)
Collect any seals# (ET#s, CS#s, TS#s, Foto#s, WACA#s and any other Seals with a number)10-3000(+5/10)
3000 up(+1/10)
For a photo showing you in front of the Neandertal-Museum or in front of any kind of sign worldwide with the word "Neandert(h)al", any writing(+20 and Foto#)
Be creative! Even in the middle of the VK-Outbacks one sign was found ...
If you work the "Hunter of the Month"(+10)
Each year there are different meetings (e.g. HAM-Radio, Neanderthal Chapter, DIG, ...). For attending at least 1 meeting in a Year you will get the „Meeting-Seal“ (e.g. MS2012)(MS#)
Collect points for checking into the weekly Neanderthal Chapter Net!
Add for a check-in to your on-air points(+10)
Add for a check-in while a meeting-net to your air-points(+10)
DL-Stations will get for 50 check-ins(CI#)
EU and DX will get for 10 check-ins(CI#)
Note: CI-Seals are only for personal callsigns, not for Club- or Contest-Calls.
The Loyal Member Seals
LM-Bronze for 500 check-ins(+50 and LMB#)
LM-Silver for 600 check-ins(+60 and LMS#)
LM-Gold for 700 check-ins(+70 and LMG#)
LM-Platinum for 800 check-ins(+80 and LMP#)
LM-Diamand for 900 check-ins(+90 and LMD#)
LM-Master for 1000 check-ins(+100 and LMM#)
Note: The LM-Seals are valid for all callsigns (Personal-, Club- and Contest-Calls).

You must work a station again to collect his/her actual amount of points!

You can receive the Neanderthal-Chapter Award number and seal numbers via e-mail for free.

CH=chapter head, CL=chapter local, CM=certificate manager, F=founder, FC=first country, FS=first state, IQ=instant qualifier, TC=tribe chief

The Neanderthal Chapter net is held on every sunday 14:00 UTC (summer 16:00 CEST) and 15:00 UTC (winter 16:00 CET) on 28.355 MHz

Certificate Manager (CM)

Peter Voits

Uhlandstr. 28
59192 Bergkamen