Working for General Motors, and career goals, occupied most of my time and I did not renew my interest in radio until 1982 in Oklahoma City. I readily saw how the hobby had changed. The old tube type rigs my dad and brothers had used were being replaced by transistorized rigs. My first transceiver was an Icom 730 and I still own it. I don't get nostalgic over the boat anchors as I never really operated them.

I started on HF with my novice ticket (KA5NVN), upgraded to General in 3 months, and upgraded to Extra (ND5S) in another 3 months. In those days the FCC would visit Oklahoma City from their Dallas office every 90 days.

My first experience as a General on 20 meters was to go to the Morse portion of the band (my comfort zone) and rap out a CQ. The fellow that came back to me congratulated me on my fist and my upgrade to Extra.


In my exuberance I had transmitted out of band for my license class. I quickly signed with him and went up the band.

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