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I like to work on radio or electronics related things much more than I enjoy operating on the ham bands. This is why there isn't a lot of operating-related info on my site. I spend a lot of time working on projects that have to do with radio, electronics, or computers. I also do some mechanical projects, such as working on engines or fabricating simple parts like enclosures for other projects.

The main project I have been spending time on over the past six months or so is the radio-controlled tank project with a couple of other guys from the radio club at school. Read more about the tank project here. It involves many varied disciplines, such as microcontrollers, radios, modems, motor-control circuitry, and of course the actual mechanical structure.

Other projects I have been working on are PIC microcontroller related, such as a stopwatch-type timer that is started and stopped with two IR beams for greater accuracy than with a person pressing the button. This timer is being used for sports training. Another similar project I have done is a "motocross lap timer." This was for me to mount on my bike handlebars in order to time each lap and compare it to the previous one. It worked fine on the bench, but mechanically didn't hold up to the vibration of the bike, due to a battery holder that I had patched together. I need to get this working again so I can push myself to ride harder... There is more detail on both of these timers on the PIC page.

I also like working on computers. I have built a few computers, and I have a ton of old parts around. I also like playing around with network stuff. I am trying to set up a network using a Linux machine to access the internet (dial-up) so I can share the connection between multiple computers. I also like to play around with web pages, which is why I have one. I just (12/22/01) updated my site with some more attractive graphics and layout, although I mainly try to keep the content up to date instead of just gimicky stuff like many personal web sites have. Another web site I have recently (Dec. 2001) done is the Benza Boyz Racing web site. When I saw how nice I could make a site look (and since I had already spent the time learning how to do it) I decided to change mine to the same look. I think it looks nice. :-) I use Notepad as my HTML editor, although I copy some things off of other pages. I think that Notepad is nice because I write and understand all of the code and it doesn't look excessively tangled and confused like what most "normal" HTML editors produce.

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