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MX Riding

My favorite activity is dirt bike riding. I ride my Dad's 1984 Honda CR250 (250cc) now. I have owned three other dirt bikes, a 1976 Yamaha YZ80, and a 1985 Kawasaki KX80, and a 1980 Honda CR125. The YZ80 was the first bike I owned, which I bought for $300. However, it was too small for me, so less than a year later, the KX80 was offerred to me for a fair price. This was the bike I learned, and had lots of power (with proper clutch control). It was a very fun machine to ride. I bought this on credit from a friend whose house we ride at, and it took me over a year to pay off. This was too small for me when I bought it, although bigger than the YZ80. I sold the YZ80 in early 2000 to my Dad. The money went towards the K2 radio.

At this point, I didn't ride the KX80 too much, because I was starting to get too heavy for the power and suspension it had available, and because we had to tow it on the trailer to ride it anywhere. My Dad's CR250 was at the track we ride at, so I started riding that. I had been hesitant to do that because I was intimidated by the power that it had. However, the second time I rode it, I didn't get get off until it was time to go home, and I got so comfortable with it that I was doing most of the things and going as fast as I had on the KX80. Even at that point, the power and suspension were much better for me. I also bought a CR125 last fall from my uncle, but I haven't ridden it much because I prefer the 250. The 125 doesn't have much power except when running really fast, and the suspension (mono-shock) renders almost everything un-jumpable because the suspension bottoms so easily.

This summer I finally got real riding gear - new helmet, boots, goggles, jersey, and pants. It is a lot more comfortable than riding in old gear and jeans. I have also been working on jumping and turning, and I am actually getting better. Actually, before last Sunday (Nov. 4), I was getting pretty frustrated because I didn't have the courage to jump any "real" (double) jumps. I rode for an hour or two and was feeling pretty good on the bike. I have been wanting to do a double for awhile, and when I was encouraged to do a little one, I decided that sometime I would need to do it and I would probably never be more ready. I decided to do it, and it was great! Since then I have been riding a few morre times, and have jumped several other jumps. I can't wait until the weather warms up again! The most recent pictures below are the muddy ones. They were taken 12/23/01. I was glad we could ride so late in the year, although it was a real mess. It was too sloppy to do any of the "big" jumps.

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