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The MultiPig is the first major club project of the Flying Pigs QRP Club, and it is designed by W8DIZ, FP#1. It is a unique radio in several ways. First, it offers coverage from 0Hz to 29Mhz, with plug-in band modules (like the TenTec Scout) providing the final power amp and the filters. The tuning is very unique: the user must change frequency with a number of controls. The actual tuning circuits are similar to the Elecraft K2, but whereas the K2 tuning circuitry runs with a computer to control several of the tuning variable, the MultiPig is fully manual. The controls include DIP switches to set the frequency of the PLL in 5KHz intervals (tuning up is like counting in binary), a varactor diode that "pulls" the reference crystal for fine tuning, and a capacitor to control PLL feedback voltage based on the 10 LEDs forming the "PLL Lock Display." Operating frequency is displayed on a frequency counter LCD from Almost All Digital Electronics (AADE). This counter features adjustable IF (Intermediate Frequency) offset, so the actual frequency of the radio, and not the IF, is displayed. To read more about the MultiPIG go to the website: Construction is expected to take about three months, as it is a pretty involved project utilizing the "ugly" construction style on about 2 square feet of PC board! I plan to use this page as a pictorial status page as I go, so try to check back often. Dieter W8DIZ is kitting parts, and they should start arriving soon.

I finally got the first batch of parts last night. These are the parts for the FC, PLL, and XCVR portions of the MP20. The bands for the band module will come later. Here are some pictures:
MP20 parts bags
Parts out of the bags

Frequency Counter
March 2-7, 2001

March 10-17, 2001

March 19-April 10, 2001

Band Module
April 14-16, 2001

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