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 Fight against Toll Roads and Privatized Highways for the Wealthy-Few

They are blaming you for causing global warming to make you, the middle and lower class, stop using your vehicle. Higher gas prices, higher gas taxes, higher and more tolls, and new taxes by the mile is just the start.

You will be taxed to death just to travel unless you revolt!

Privatizing roads is already occurring in America. A private highway is a highway owned and operated for profit by a one private foreign, national, or multinational corporation making it a monoploy highway. Highway owners will overcharge users and take your property to build them!
Challenging the Wisdom of the Trans-Texas Corridor
Toll idea advances despite opposition
Toll Roads = Highway Robbery

On July 29, 2005, President Bush signed a bill that permits and promotes the charging of tolls on existing and planned interstate highways, bridges, and tunnels. Before the passage of the bill, known as SAFETEA-LU, or "Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users" it was illegal to charge tolls on roads built with Federal funds.

To take away more of your privacy, the tolls collected will be automatic that requires universally compatible toll transponder tags on every vehicle. All your travel records go into a database so they can keep a history of your travels.


SAFETEA-LU makes possible a variety of programs, all aimed at forcing Americans to pay to travel.

American Trucking Associations (ATA) opposes tolling existing Interstates

Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

H.R.3 to authorize funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, and transit programs, and for other purposes.

No Vehicle Privacy People for Efficient Transportation for tolls news



To: Metroplan Orlando Board Members,
and Concerned Citizens generally

From: Sally Baptiste

Re: Central Florida needs FREEWAYS not FEEWAYS!

Whenever we begin to talk about local traffic congestion,
improving mobility, mass transit and other transportation
issues, we must first address "Florida Toll Abuse." We will
never solve our transportation problems in Central Florida
without first fully addressing the full impact of limited
access toll roads (aka feeways).

* What is Florida Toll Abuse?

As I have defined it, Florida Toll Abuse is the inappropriate
assessment of toll taxes within the state of Florida.
Florida Toll Abuse is a state revenue generating scam
against the motorists of Florida. The State legislature has
created a program that unfairly taxes motorists while allowing
other transportation taxes (paid by the motorists)
to be diverted to other general state expenses. Additionally,
the state agencies that control toll taxes such as
the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority have no
elected accountability to the people they serve. This
amounts to taxation without representation.

"Florida Toll Abuse" is to Florida Transportation like the
"Florida Lottery" is to Florida Education... Nothing more
than a cash cow to the elected "Money Grubbers"! The Lottery
has not improved education in Florida and Toll Abuse
continues to be a tax burden that creates gridlock in Central

These are some of the facts that you should consider when
discussing "Toll Abuse." In the event you disagree with
the facts I have presented, please provide your answers and
your documentation that supports your answers. I will use
them as part of my research. If you are unable to provide
I any documentation that disproves any of these statements,
will assume that you were unable to disprove or discredit
the facts/problems/issues with toll roads that I have presented

Here are some of the key facts/problems/issues with toll

1) Toll collection is a much more expensive way of collecting
tax revenues than other methods (i.e. gas tax). Do you
dispute this fact? If yes, why? Please provide facts about
the cost of other tax collection methods and compare them
to the cost of operating an expressway authority (another
governmental bureaucracy).

2) Tolls are a double taxation against the motorist. Transportation
taxes paid by motorists are frequently diverted
to non-highway expenses. Any and all taxes paid by the motorist
for the right to drive on the highways should be
used for the roadways and highways. This includes gas
taxes, auto registration fees, licensing fees, auto insurance
taxes, car rental taxes, etc., etc. Do you dispute
this fact? If yes, why? Please provide facts about how the
taxes that are currently assessed to the motorist are used
today. Note - This approach would help support mass transit
bus services by providing the highway infrastructure for
the buses. The overall cost of mass-transit must be shared
by all taxpayers of the community-not strictly the motorist
that does not use mass-transit.

3) Toll taxes limit the availability/accessibility to the
expressway. Thus, toll taxes limit the overall effectiveness
of the transportation infrastructure by limiting use
of the expressway system. Do you dispute this fact? If yes,
why? Please provide facts that demonstrate that fee based
limited access highway system provides the most benefit to
the transportation infrastructure. How does limiting the
use of an expressway benefit the overall transportation
system? Do "feeways" strictly benefit a few at the overall
expense of the community?

4) Tolls have a negative impact on emergency evacuation and
emergency response times. Do you dispute this fact? If yes,
why? Please provide facts that prove that emergency response
and evacuations are not negatively impacted by limited
access tollways/feeways and/or that emergency response
is improved by tollways/feeways. Do you believe emergency
response time would improve if emergency vehicles could
easily use freeway expressways instead of feeways/toll
roads (especially during rush hour traffic)? If no, why?
Please provide any supporting documentation on this subject.

In Central Florida, we do not have any direct representation
on the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority
(OOCEA) board. We do not have the right to elect anyone to
this board that has full control over toll taxes. Thus, we
have no input to this taxing agency. Do you dispute this
fact? If yes, why? Please provide facts as to who controls
the OOCEA. Do you believe the people should have the right
to elect this board? If no, why not?

6) The highway system is critical to our economy. Do
you dispute this fact? If yes, why? Please provide facts
regarding the percentage of goods and services that are
transported via the highway. How does this compare to other
forms of transporting of goods and services (i.e. rail, air)?
What is the impact on the cost of goods and services
when ground transportation costs increase? How does this
cost increase impact our economy (locally and nationwide)?

7) Toll taxes provide more opportunity for the misappropriation
of tax dollars. Do you dispute this fact? If
yes, why? Please provide facts that support the proper use
of tax dollars (at the federal and state level). Here are
a few examples of mis-appropriated federal tax dollars for
"pork" projects: If we can afford to waste tax dollars like
this, then why can't we afford build the roads we badly
need to support our economy and quality of life? Here is
the link if you would like to confirm or dispute these
figures and/or see other 2004 pork projects:

$372,000 B&O Railroad museum, Louisville, KY

$1,500,000 Operation Streetsweeper

$150,000 Traffic light, Briarcliff Manor Union Free School
District, NY

$75,000 North Pole Transit System, JARC Program, Alaska

$6,000,000 Treasure Island Bridge

$325,000 Swimming pool, Salinas, CA

$250,000 Call Me Mister program, Clemson University

$725,000 Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA

$2,000,000 First Tee Program

$110,000 Construction of a dental clinic in Bassfield, MS

$250,000 Potato storage

$2,000,000 Tools for Tolerance, CA

$2,000,000 Parents Anonymous

$1,800,000 2003 Women's World Cup Tournament

This same bill is funding the $1,000,000 Hal Rogers Parkway,
KY (removing tolls) Why can't Florida secure federal
funding to eliminate tolls?

U.S. Transportation Bill is funding $2.2 Billion transportation
pork projects for Alaska:

* More facts and info about "Toll Abuse"

Citizens Against Tolls - NJ

Citizens Against Tolls - Costs

People for Efficient Transportation - TX

Do you believe that the state of Texas is going to fund
toll roads with general revenue taxes as reported? If no,
please explain why and provide any documentation that disproves
this fact.

No Tolls Good for Economy - Rockford, IL

"Now traffic will flow freely from I-90 to the bypass. No
tolls and it's full speed ahead for economic growth."

There will be no tolls in Wisconsin, Doyle says:

Citizens Against the Tollways, IL - Did You Know?

Do you believe any of the facts about the cost of toll
abuse presented by CAT-IL? If no, please explain why you
disagree with his information and provide documentation
that disproves any of these facts.

For Whom NJ Tolls - New Jersey's Mindless Greed in Action:

Trucking organizations are fighting a proposal that would
introduce tolls on the national highway system.

They are even protesting toll abuse in Australia!

How do we stop toll abuse and improve mobility in Central

Here are some of the things we need to do if the people of
Central Florida are serious about improving mobility and
reducing gridlock. Please keep in mind that this is just a
beginning to reforming transportation in Central Florida.

* A comprehensive impact study of toll roads on our transportation
system and our community. This must consider the
impact to our environment, cost of transportation, local
economy, etc, etc.

* The citizens of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake County
must have the right to elect one or two board members to
the Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority. This may
need to be expanded to include Brevard and Volusia counties.

* Full cost/benefit analysis of Central Florida transportation
revenue collection options. This would include funding
sources to replace toll taxes and cost reductions by eliminating
the OOCEA.

* Full analysis of mass transit needs and options for the
private sector to provide these services.

* Pass legislation that requires state and county gas taxes
to be used for highways and not be allowed to be diverted
to "general expenses." This would end double taxation to
the motorists.

* Review federal funding for Interstate 4.

* Develop an I-4 bypass or express lanes with federal funding.
These lanes would bypass the downtown / Disney area
with very limited on/off ramps on this section.

* Improve on/off ramps for I-4.

* Develop a plan to phase out the tolls on the 408 and then
other local toll roads.

* Improve driver education for expressway/highway driving.

* Reform traffic laws.

* Improve growth management for this area.

This would be a start at truly reforming transportation in
Florida. Floridians must demand transportation reform or
this issue is only going to get worse. Please let me know
if you have any questions regarding any of the information
provided in this document.

I look forward to your answers and documentation supporting
your position.

Central Florida needs FREEWAYS not FEEWAYS!

Help Stop Toll Abuse Today - We Can Make a Difference!


Sally Baptiste

Sally L. Baptiste
Citizen for Ethics and Accountability in Government
Citizen for Reform in Education, Transportation and Campaign Finance
PO Box 720685
Orlando, FL 32872


Mandatory Auto Insurance - Pros and Cons

Auto liability coverage is mandatory in 47 states, 23 of which have state reporting systems.

It is recommended you do not use the Internet to search for auto insurance rates unless you want to go through an endless lists of commercial insurance companies. Instead look for comsumer advice from .org .edu .us .gov sites. Then narrow it down and go to the insurance company's website. this site gives you questions that are asked to get quotes, but only quotes from these insurance companies: Links to State Insurance Department Web Sites

When buying insurance search for information about the insurance company you are buying from to see if they are ethical or not. Insert the insurance companies (name+insurance) name when searching.

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Government in the lottery gambling business is an indication of a declining society. It means a society has become so corrupt that the average and poor citizens can only hope in the dream of getting wealthy by winning the lottery.

Lottery jackpot amounts are very misleading!

Divide the jackpot in half for a more realistic estimated pocket amount.

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Central Florida Politics
There is hardly a week that goes by in Florida that a major interstate road system is shut down due to an accident!

There is no control on growth and development in Florida. Real soon Florida will become overpopulated and overpriced like California. After all, former Governor Jeb Bush was a Miami area developer.

In the metro Orange and Lake County area the cost of living keeps going up, crime is skyrocketing, the uncontrolled growth is reducing the quality of life, development is destroying the environment, the traffic is congested with constant deadly accidents, the local governments are wastefully corrupt while being insistent on more ways to get revenue, and the list goes on.

Most people moved to the City of Winter Garden to get away from metro Orlando traffic problems. However, that is quickly changing for the worst as the quality of life here goes down while the cost of living goes up because of all the new development.

They are building more shopping malls in Florida in the city of Winter Garden and in Lake County just on the otherside. The malls and over developments is all about greed and politicians who want a piece of the money pie.

The traffic is becoming unbearable with nothing but tollways being the major roads in the area. Most people living in the metro area avoid the expensive tollways and that creates traffic jams on the other roadways. Winter Garden Citizens Against Fowler's Grove Mall

Because of all the overdevelopment and increasing cost of living I have since moved away from the area.


The last scenic route in Orange county known as Avalon Road or County Road 545 has been ruined by development.
Wider roads will only add to sprawl, critics say
By Joe Newman
Sentinel Staff Writer
October 1, 2003
Head south from Winter Garden onto Avalon Road and it takes only a few
minutes to leave the congestion and sprawl of metro Orlando behind.
For 16 miles, the two-lane country road curves through old orange groves
and pine plantations and across rolling hills from the top of which
there is little but wide-open spaces in all directions.
Avalon Road, also known as County Road 545, could be on the fast-track
to become a four-lane thoroughfare sometime within the next 10 years.
And it's not the only road in the middle of nowhere targeted to be
widened or extended under county Chairman Rich Crotty's Mobility 20/20
Just days before Orange County voters decide whether the sales tax
should be raised a half-cent to pay for transportation improvements, an
annual survey released Tuesday shows that roadway congestion continues
to worsen in Orlando.
However, Mobility 20/20 -- which is promoted as an antidote to that
congestion -- includes new and widened roads in northwest Orange County
that environmentalists fear will feed growth in the Wekiva River basin,
as well as new roads on the east side of the county, including a project
to expand Colonial Drive to six lanes all the way to Bithlo.
Critics of Crotty's initiative, which would raise $2.6 billion in new
taxes for transportation, say it would do more to fuel growth than solve
the region's traffic congestion.
"There's no doubt about it -- the Mobility 20/20 plan, overall, is going
to increase sprawl," said Doug Guetzloe, an anti-tax activist. "That's
why the homebuilders, the developers and all the special interests are
pouring money into the campaign; they see it as the ticket out of
controlled growth." (tollway authority) East Central Florida Regional Planning Council Orlando area political critic links at left bottom of page

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The TV, radio, and music industry want to keep a secret from you. The secret about free music made with computers and tracker programs such as .mod .s3m .xm .it .mtm .ptm music files. A lot of really good music and if it is not, tracker programs give you the ability to remix and edit out to your liking any bad sound or vocal samples within a music file. You can not do that with .mp3 .wav .wmf music files. Tracker programs use mixing channels that allow you to create infinite music from sound samples.

Computer music using 4-channel .mod files created by Soundtracker programs began with the Commodore Amiga in 1985. That started the DemoScene of music inherited from the Commodore 64 and 128 times. Soundtrackers advanced to more than 4-channels with .s3m .xm .it files leading to tons of good free music to be found on the Internet.

There are players but trackers do more than play such as play, edit, remix and play. latest MODPlug Tracker plays .mod .nst .s3m .stm .xm .it .itp .mtm .okt .mdl .669 .far .ams .amf .dbm .dmf .dsm .mdl .med? .ptm .ult? .umx .wow old MODPlug Player plays .mod .nst .s3m .stm .xm .it .mtm .okt .mdl .669 .far .ams .dbm .dsm .mdl .med .ptm .ult? .wow XMPlayer very good for just playing but reduce sample method if music skips on older computers. plays .mo3 .it .xm .s3m .mtm .mod .umx plays many formats plays .mod .stm .s3m .it .xm .mtm .ult .669 .far .amf .okt .ptm

This is where to start finding the music. There is plenty of good computer-generated music but the hard part is finding it among the bad music. It just takes some work but it is worth it. download from [read the 00_index.txt for star ratings]
Good music by contest winners
or mirror download from
or mirror download from
or mirror download from .xm .it .mtm .mod .s3m .stm .ult .ptm .669 .669 .far .amf .okt .ams .dbm .dmf .dsm .mdl free wav editor Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor (such as Jack Lynch) a nightly music soundscape on Public Radio International Hearts of Space is ambient/space/contemplative music

Fight Bad Laws supported by the Recording Industry

Web Searching
_ INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF SEARCH ENGINES Search Links Web Searching Tips -!&cat=1!

GPO Access: Official Federal Government Information At Your Fingertips
The official gateway for all Federal U.S.Government information
The Federal Web Locator
UBC Library - GovInfo
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
State and Local Government on the Net
National Contact Center of the Federal Consumer Information Center
DefenseLINK - Official Web Site of the U.S. Department of Defense

Intelligence Resources from my other page

Governments on the WWW, comprehensive political reference source
Political Resources on the Net

The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
Library of Congress

Academic Resources
Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Resource Discovery Network
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Internet Public Library General/Reference Collection
Fast Facts: Almanacs/Factbooks/Statistical Reports & Related Reference Tools
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Research Resources for the Social Sciences
The Telson Spur Academic Resources
NetRing: Resource Ring

Disaster Information
Check Situation Reports from state and county Office of Emergency Management (OEM) if that state or local government is good enough to put it online!


more on Hurricane Katrina at hurrhist.htm#Katrina Declared Disasters DHS Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report Mapping and Analysis Center National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) state OEMs might have links to county OEMs State and Local Government on the Net search for local government State and Local Health Departments Risk Management Agency National Agricultural Library Local Drinking Water Information Florida Natural Resources Conservation Service Southern Research Station Forest Service Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration Office of Energy Assurance Office of Environment, Safety and Health gas prices Fossil Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, Science & Technology United States Postal Service Rapid Information Bulletin Board System National Guard Amateur Radio News Amateur Radio Public Service Communications Manual GLOBAL DISASTER INFORMATION NETWORK American Red Cross ReliefWeb Crisis, Conflict, and Emergency Service news Disaster Relief Disaster News Network The Disaster Center International Federation of Red Cross Appeals and Situation Reports North American Mission Board Disaster Relief Church World Service Emergency Response Program Center for International Disaster Information Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network National Emergency Management Association Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams dial 211 for needed services Disaster Links - - FEMA: Readiness, Response, and Recovery FEMA: Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration Chemical/Biological/Radiological Incident Handbook U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Agents, Diseases, and Other Threats PHMSA Office of Hazardous Materials Safety Institute for Business & Home Safety Federal Alliance for Safe Homes HUD Disaster Recovery Assistance Emergency Response in the Southeast

Florida Disasters
_ Orange County Office of Emergency Management Florida Office of Emergency Management Florida Department of Environmental Protection Florida Road Status Florida Highway Patrol Florida Department of Transportation Division of Library and Information Services Florida Department of Law Enforcement Building Codes Citrus County has the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants Around the World
Nuclear Control Institute
Nuclear News and Information
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety Nuclear Power Plant Maps: NORTH AMERICA

Government and power companies in America have censored nuclear plant information that is important for the public know!

Nuclear Power Plants in or near Florida:

[Progress Energy]
Citrus County - Crystal River, Florida CRYSTAL RIVER-3 (28 57' N 82 42' W)

St. Lucie County - Hutchinson Island, Florida ST. LUCIE-1 (27 21' N 80 25' W)
St. Lucie County - Hutchinson Island, Florida ST. LUCIE-2
Dade County - Florida City, Florida TURKEY POINT-3 (25 26' N 80 20' W)
Dade County - Florida City, Florida TURKEY POINT-4

[Southern Nuclear]
Houston County - Ashford, Alabama FARLEY-1 (31 13' N 85 6' W)
Houston County - Ashford, Alabama FARLEY-2

The plant seen in southeast Orlando looks like a nuclear power plant but is non-nuclear. It is the Orlando Utilities Commission’s Stanton Energy Center and Bruce Lea Power Generation Trainer. Wastewater treatment and water recycling area. Orlando Utilities Commission, 5100 S. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32831

Florida Radiological Emergencies

Radiation Health Effects Research
The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Right-to-Know Network

more on Nuclear Radiation


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