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In the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist incidents, licensed operators of amateur radio stations, also known as "hams," played a public service role by setting up radios at the Pentagon and near Dulles International Airport so that they could communicate when the phone network was jammed and cell phones went dead from too much traffic.

The ranks of hams have diminished, largely because younger people find that using the Internet is easier, but there is a growing role for the amateur radio operators: their service in providing communications during emergencies. In the first days after the terrorist incidents, the radio frequencies on which they operated were not subject to the same frustrating chaos that froze telecommunications lines. Loudoun County, Virginia, home to Dulles International Airport, gives the radio operators space at the county's emergency management center, and county officials are revising their emergency management plan to delineate the role of ham radio operators during a crisis. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national ham radio organization, received a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service to train ham radio operators to respond in emergencies.

Given the potentially important public service role of hams, local and county emergency managers might consider identifying the radio operators in their jurisdictions and enlisting their support for future emergency operations.

Information about amateur radio activities, courses, licensing, and public support is available at the following URL: Public Service Communications Manual

Amateur radio operators among the missing in the World Trade Center


Be prepared to assist in the Homeland Security with a radio scanner!

Many lives were saved during the World Trade Center disaster with help of scanner listeners.

A trainmaster for the New York City subway system (PATH) said he was monitoring the police scanner and heard reports about the World Trade Center explosion. The decisive actions that proceeded saved more than 5,000 lives from the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. scroll to PATH's Heoric Effort

America’s Disaster Communications

"The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness."—Niels Bohr. Bohr was saying that the gain in strength from openness in a democracy exceeded the gains of its adversaries, and thus openness was a weapon.

Secrecy encourages corruption and conceals inefficiency.

We need laws that require public-safety transmissions be open to provide the right of law-abiding citizens and news media to monitor them.

We need laws to control governments abuse of radio encryption when secrecy is unwarranted.

Stop closed government communications

There is a need for open government radio communication!

The requirement for 24-hour coverage places the news media under extraordinary pressure to deliver real-time information to the public. This compulsion can lead to speculation with the potential to endanger critical infrastructures and citizens. Unfortunately, this is a no-nonsense problem, particularly for those communities occupied by a man-made or natural disaster.

Ignorance and misinformation can damage community infrastructure protection, cause paralysis among citizens, and confuse people trying to respond to a crisis. These probabilities make the strength of the news media more important than ever. They are the main communication conduits to the public capable of carrying valuable information from one place to another. With frequent releases of properly guided and packaged information, the news media can be an effective part of a community's response to an emergency.

Unless the public is well-informed, it will not know how to minimize panic and react in ways that preserve life and protect critical infrastructures. Therefore, getting quality information to the public in the midst of a crisis can be essential to the actions of emergency first responders. Since the new media focuses on rapid information dissemination, radio announcers and journalists can significantly contribute to saving lives and infrastructures. By the efficient delivery of completely reliable information fully processed through or coordinated with community leaders, including those of the emergency services, media personnel can provide meaningful assistance to all response and recovery operations.

It is recommended that government keep strong and positive connections with the news media.

It is recommended that government keep radio communications open so the public and the media can monitor to cut through the chaos for information in any catastrophe.

Recommended Federal government initiatives:
USA Freedom Corps
Citizen Corps Civil Air Patrol Homeland Security
FEMA's Assistance to Firefighters
Advice for Safeguarding Buildings Against Chemical or Biological Attack National Institute of Justice - Publications and Products Hazmat Safety The Partnership works to make the government an employer of choice for talented, dedicated Americans through educational outreach, research, legislative advocacy, and hands-on partnerships with agencies on workforce management issues.

An estimated 2,985 people were killed when four hijacked U.S. commercial jets crashed into New York's World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Virginia and a field in Pennsylvania. After the 9/11 attacks another 5 people died from Anthrax sent through the mail.

One Year later America Rebuilds Heroes of Ground Zero Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero Online NewsHour -- Remembering Sept. 11 A Campaign Against Terror Why the Towers Fell The Man Who Knew Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York City Increasing FDNY's Preparedness some may be fake
Pentagon crash photos


The 9/11 attacks happen to occur before the 9 a.m. ending of the live morning shows. I usually did not watch them but did that morning. The hosts on the shows had no idea that it was a terrorist attack at first. ABC's Good Morning America Show was the first non-cable network to go live then CBS's Early Show and last was NBC's Today Show. TV archive


Possible communication intercepts during the hijackings and after the terrorists hit their targets:


You can use a regular telephone or cell phone in an emergency to dial 911 after you have canceled their service. The phone companies are required by law to do that but they do not want to tell you that.

Keep in mind after the World Trade Center disaster or other disasters that cell phones became useless for a long time because the site either was destroyed or overloaded with callers. No telecommunications network can be designed to handle dramatic surges in traffic. That is why the Amateur Radio Service is so important because they are still able to communicate during disasters.

It is illegal [except for government and cell phone companies] to monitor, decode, or decrypt cell phone or air phone calls if intercepted. If you could it would give you advance warning before a terrorist attack and save you and your loved-ones life and help in post attack investigations.

It is illegal to use a cell phone aboard any aircraft but you can of course use the built-in air phones on airliners. Most airliners are fitted with individual telephones at each seat position but they are not of the variety where you can simply pick up the handset and ask for an operator. On many airliners you can talk from one seat to another in the airliner free of charge, but if you wish to access the outside world you must first swipe your credit card through the telephone.


Counterterrorism political information has moved to a new page at America.htm !

After 9/11 five people died from Anthrax sent through the mail. To this date, nobody has been found guilty!

The founder and first director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is Jay C. Davis. Among other things Davis is 30-year associate at the secret Lawrence Livermore weapons lab and a consultant to the CIA.

Davis made the astounding admission that the Pentagon had never revealed the existence of Project BACHUS to anyone at the Clinton White House nor to congressional intelligence committees. The program was started in 1997 under Defense Secretary William Cohen.


Reported on September 4, 2001 before 9/11

New York Times
September 4, 2001
Next to Old Rec Hall, a 'Germ-Making Plant'

CAMP 12, NEVADA TEST SITE, Nevada - In a nondescript mustard-colored building that was once a military recreation hall and barbershop, the Pentagon has built a germ factory that could make enough lethal microbes to wipe out entire cities.

Adjacent to the pool tables, the shuffleboard and the bar stands a gleaming stainless steel cylinder, the 50-liter (53- quart) fermenter in which germs can be cultivated.

The apparatus, which includes a latticework of pipes and other equipment, was made entirely with commercially available components bought from hardware stores and other suppliers for about $1 million -- a pittance for a weapon that could deliver death on such a large scale.

The factory was built by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, an arm of the Pentagon that works to contain the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Officials said the project was intended to assess how hard it would be for a terrorist or rogue nation to assemble a germ factory.

The agency also wanted to see if a small operation produced any telltale "signatures" -- sounds, chemical emissions or patterns of operation that could help intelligence agencies find such plants.

"The project also showed us how relatively simple it would be for a terrorist to assemble such a facility without being detected," said Jay C. Davis, the former director of the agency who, with the Pentagon's permission, showed the secret plant to a Times reporter and a team from ABC News.

Officials stressed that the plant never made anthrax or any other lethal pathogen. Rather, it produced only harmless biopesticides during two production test runs in 1999 and 2000. Dr. Davis declined to say how much was made. But if it had been anthrax germs, he said, it would have made enough to kill at least 10,000 people.

Officials said the Pentagon built the plant in this largely deserted camp because it was well guarded. Building 12-7, the former recreation hall and about four dozen other buildings here were abruptly closed in January 1993 after the global moratorium on underground nuclear testing took effect.

Between 1951 and 1963, more than 800 nuclear tests were conducted here at the vast Nevada Test Site, whose parched sands and eerily quiet, sagebrush-covered mesas and mountains are scarred by giant atomic craters.

The interior of Building 12-7 -- 120 feet long and 40 feet wide -- seems frozen in time. Dusty signs warn visitors not to sit on the pool tables or to talk about secret projects with anyone who has no "need to know."

Dr. Davis and other officials said the Defense Department's lawyers had carefully reviewed the project to ensure that it did not violate the biological weapons treaty or American law. Because it was purely defensive and never made deadly germs, it was both legal and appropriate, he and others said.

But apparently few outside of the agency or even in the Pentagon's upper echelons knew much about the secret project. Dr. Davis said the White House was never briefed about it, given its small scale and low cost.

When subsequently told about the germ factory, several former White House officials said they were stunned that the agency's lawyers had approved it without having referred it to the White House or Congressional oversight committees for legal review.

The Pentagon's decision to permit a visit to the site came after The Times requested information about the program, called Bachus.

Some officials said the project, with its fermentation aspect, was named for Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. But an agency spokesman said the name was an acronym for Biotechnology Activity Characterization by Unconventional Signatures.


Preparing for Germ Warfare
U.S. Performing Secret Experiments in Case of Attack
By John McWethy

CAMP 12, NEVADA TEST SITE, Nev., Sept. 4 — In a remote corner of the Nevada desert, a highly restricted area once used to test nuclear bombs, the U.S. government has been running a secret experiment called Project Bachus.

It is a small germ warfare factory, set up inside an abandoned government building. U.S. officials say they built it to better understand how to detect similar operations in places like Iraq or Afghanistan or even by terrorists here at home.

The factory, built by the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency, has been brought to full production for several weeks on two occasions — in 1999 and again in 2000. Technicians grew several pounds of a harmless bacterium with characteristics similar to deadly anthrax.

"A terrorist could easily grow anthrax in a facility like this," Jay Davis, who was DTRA director at the time the factory was built, said in an interview at the one-time classified facility, "and produce enough quantity in a covert delivery to kill, say, 10,000 people in a large city."

The DTRA team bought all materials for the small-scale laboratory from local hardware stores and the Internet. Included in their shopping list was a 50-liter fermenter purchased "used" from overseas. "Commercial item. Off the shelf," Davis said. "Easy to find."

At no time did any of the purchases cause law enforcement to be suspicious, Davis added.

'Fairly Concealable'

Asked if this was how a terrorist group might put together such a laboratory, Davis said: "A terrorist group would choose to do this, yes … This is the size of thing you would be afraid a non-state group would do, either people in our
country or people in some other country. This is fairly concealable."

The primary reason for conducting the experiment was to place sensors outside of the building to create what the intelligence community calls a "signature," according to intelligence sources. Once in operation, technicians measured heat changes, emissions that could be sampled in the air and soil as well as patterns of energy consumption.

"The ultimate product is knowledge," Davis said. Other officials say the primary customers for the knowledge were the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency, both agencies responsible for detecting an operation like this in other countries. Officials say the FBI also was given data from the project.

And according to officials who supervised the project but asked not to be identified, what is so frightening about this top-secret project is that it shows that with the right technical knowledge, it is surprisingly easy to build and operate a small germ warfare factory. And worse, even with the most sophisticated sensors, it is extremely difficult to detect.

Proving Preparedness

The project was conducted in such extreme secrecy that some worry it might be misunderstood and seen as a violation of the international treaty that bans making germ weapons.

"I think there is a very delicate line that has to be drawn between the need to keep some kinds of information secret and the need to allay suspicions about what the country is up to," said Judith Miller, a reporter for the New York Times and co-author of a new book on biological warfare called Germs.

"People overseas will think that the United States may be secretly conducting an offensive weapons program, that we may be secretly trying to develop biological weapons," she said.

As for the Bush administration, Miller said: "I think that this administration wants to not only expand these projects, but intends to keep most of them secret."

Miller and other experts on biological weapons have been concerned that the supersecret U.S. projects would be misunderstood by other governments and might lead those governments to develop offensive biological weapons.

But the Pentagon agreed to show ABCNEWS this once-secret project. Sources say it's part of an effort to anticipate a threat that has the potential to kill on a scale only nuclear weapons could match.


When Is Bomb Not a Bomb? Germ Experts Confront U.S.
New York Times
September 5, 2001

A former senior government lawyer yesterday vigorously disputed the Bush administration's assertion that the global treaty banning biological weapons permits nations to test such arms for defensive purposes.

The lawyer, Mary Elizabeth Hoinkes, who was general counsel of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency from 1994 to 1999, said such an interpretation of the 1972 treaty was a "gross misrepresentation" that "risks doing serious violence" to an accord the United States has long championed.

The New York Times reported yesterday that the United States had made and tested a model of a small Soviet-designed biological bomb as part of a series of secret research projects that officials said were aimed at defending against a growing threat of a germ attack.

The projects were begun under the Clinton administration and approved then by Pentagon and Central Intelligence officials, but Ms. Hoinkes said she did not know details of the project at the time. She refused to discuss it further.

The treaty bars nations from developing, acquiring or stockpiling biological weapons to be used for "hostile purposes or in armed conflict." It permits experiments on microbes, provided that quantities are small and the purpose is defensive.

An administration official contended this week that the treaty also allows such experiments as long as the aim is "protective," not hostile.

The distinction, Ms. Hoinkes said, was "too cute by half."

She said the treaty was intended to bar even initial research on munitions that spread disease. The Bush administration's interpretation - apparently shared by the Clinton adminstration - gives nations too much latitude to research offensive weapons in the name of defense, Ms. Hoinkes asserted. "You see a room full of people manufacturing bombs, and they say, `I'm only doing this for defensive purposes and I have no intention of ever doing it for real because my heart is pure,' " she said.

State Department and other administration officials describe Ms. Hoinkes as a leading expert on the germ weapons treaty. She joined the State Department in 1976 and began working in 1981 at the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, which was merged into the State Department in 1999.

She was not alone in her dismay.

Spurgeon M. Keeny Jr., a deputy director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency from 1977 to 1981, expressed similar concerns about the interpretation of the treaty and how such an assertion would be perceived abroad.

"In the eyes of the world, it's going to look like we've been clandestinely violating the treaty," said Mr. Keeny, who is president of the Arms Control Association, nonpartisan experts who support efforts to curb weapons of mass destruction.

Bill Harlow, spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency, which tested the bomb model, said yesterday that the device was not a weapon because it lacked a fuse and did not contain dangerous germs. "Everything we did was in full compliance with the
treaty," he said.

The State Department declined to discuss the experts' arguments. A spokesman said the administration had found that the research programs were "in compliance" with existing treaties and that appropriate legal "mechanisms" were in place to conduct such reviews.

An international conference to discuss how to strengthen the germ treaty is scheduled for November, and Mr. Keeny said the administration could expect accusations that Washington had ignored a treaty that most nations have signed.

"If any other country was found to be doing what we were supposedly doing, they would call it a dangerous violation of the treaty, and it surely appears to be a violation of the treaty in terms of common interpretation," he added.

Victoria Clarke, a Pentagon spokeswoman, also confirmed yesterday that the Defense Department had drawn up plans to produce small amounts of genetically modified anthrax, a deadly toxin, but that the project had been "put on hold" earlier this year to make sure it did not violate international treaties and domestic laws.

Still, she said, the Pentagon intends to press ahead with the anthrax project. Pentagon officials have said that producing the stronger poison would aid in developing vaccines and other defenses.


FBI raids Net business as part of terrorism probe

DALLAS (AP) - Federal agents continued searching computer files of an Internet company Thursday as part of an ongoing terrorism investigation, the FBI said. Muslim leaders said authorities acted on scant evidence and anti-Arab stereotypes.

InfoCom Corp., based in suburban Richardson, says it sells computer systems and Internet services to many large Islamic organizations in the United States and businesses in the Middle East.

The FBI said the search, which began Wednesday, was part of a two-year investigation by the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force. The agency did not elaborate on what evidence it sought.

More than 80 agents from the FBI and other federal agencies were searching computer files at the company's headquarters, FBI spokeswoman Lori Bailey said. The search warrant was sealed by a federal magistrate.

InfoCom attorney Mark Enoch said the company had no links to terrorist groups and was cooperating with the FBI, even helping agents navigate the computer system. InfoCom has 15 full- and part-time employees.

Internet service to the company's 500 clients was cut off by the agents, InfoCom's Internet operations manager said.

Displaced employees moved across the street to the headquarters of a client, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, a Muslim charity that supporters of Israel charge raises money for Hamas and other Mideast terrorist groups.

The foundation denied the accusations, and Muslim leaders who gathered outside InfoCom's offices charged that the raid was orchestrated by Israeli sympathizers.

Bailey, the FBI spokeswoman, did not immediately return phone calls Thursday for comment on the allegations of anti-Muslim bias.

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, linked the raid with U.S. opposition to international efforts to criticize Israel's handling of the conflict with Palestinians.

"We suspect that all these attempts are to please the Israeli government but not to protect the U.S. interests," Awad said. "Siding with Israel, a racist country and state, I think does not do us any good."

Others viewed the raid broadly as the product of anti-Muslim bias.

"We have deep concerns that this once again is an attempt to rush to judgment and to marginalize the American Muslim community simply because ... many of them are immigrants," said Mahdi Bray, political adviser to the Muslim Public Affairs Council. "There is a pattern of bias that often permeates all of these types of investigations."

The company has close ties to the Holy Land Foundation. Ghassan Elashi, a company vice president and brother of the owner, Bayan Elashi, is chairman of the foundation.

Holy Land Foundation officials say they provides purely humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territories and to refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

Israel, the U.S. State Department and congressional members have accused it of being connected to Hamas, the Palestinian movement that has taken responsibility for bombing civilian targets in the Middle East. The foundation is outlawed in Israel

Thursday September 6, 2001
FBI Denies Bias as Raid Shuts Arabic Web Sites
By Marcus Kabel

DALLAS (Reuters) - An 80-strong U.S. terrorism task force raided the Texas-based host of Arabic Web sites, including that of the Arab world's leading independent news channel, prompting charges on Thursday of an "anti-Muslim witchhunt."

But the FBI, which took part in the raid on Wednesday at privately held InfoCom Corp., in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, denied any anti-Arab bias and said it was executing an unspecified federal search warrant.

The FBI declined to specify the target of the search warrant, which is under seal in a federal court, except to say in a statement that the search was ``one aspect of a more than two-year investigation that is ongoing.''

InfoCom's owners said the raid resulted in a temporary shut-down of Web sites it hosts for about 500 customers, including that run by Al-Jazeera television and the newspaper Al-Sharq, both based in the Gulf state of Qatar.

Al-Jazeera is a major regional news source for Arabic speakers. Often dubbed ``the Arab CNN,'' it has emerged as a major force in a region where most broadcasters operate under direct state control.

The Web sites were shut down while about 80 agents copied information from InfoCom's Internet servers, said Ghassan Elashi, brother of owner Bayan Elashi.

He said many of the sites were able to start up again on other servers, while the task force continued to copy computerized information on Thursday. The office remained sealed off by FBI agents.

``We have nothing to hide. We are cooperating 110 percent with the FBI,'' InfoCom's lawyer Mark Enoch told reporters.

Enoch said whatever tips had led to the search was ``bad information.''

``If they think they're going to find that InfoCom is associated with terrorism, they're wrong. It's not,'' he said.

Elashi said InfoCom's customers were not solely Arabic or Muslim. ``They are across the board, from Dallas to California to other places around the world,'' he said.

Several American Islamic groups condemned the search as ``an anti-Muslim witchhunt promoted by the pro-Israel lobby in America,'' according to a statement from 10 organizations, including the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

``We are deeply concerned that there is a pattern of stereotyping that permeates all these types of investigations. There is a marginalization of the American-Muslim population,'' Mahdi Bray of the Los Angeles-based council said at a news conference outside the closed InfoCom office.

The FBI denied the raid was any kind of witchhunt.

``We were executing a search warrant as part of a criminal investigation. It had nothing to do with anti-Islamic or anti-Palestinian or anti-Middle East issues or anything like that,'' said special agent Lori Bailey, spokeswoman for the Dallas FBI office.

The search was conducted by the North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force, a multi-agency federal and local grouping which includes the FBI, Secret Service and the U.S. Customs Service.

It also includes the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control, an arm of the Treasury Department empowered to freeze or seize the assets of individuals or organizations that have been designated by the government as terrorist.

Government will serve us well only if the citizens are well informed!

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 are resulting in paranoid self-censorship. Censorship is also occurring for non-security reasons. This is only the beginning. We might as well shut down the Internet since terrorist can use it. Online censorship will be futile; it makes no sense. How many mundane pieces of information can be used by terrorist whether they get it from the Internet, library, TV, or other sources? Any piece of information could be used by a terrorist, and much of what is being altered is not directly dangerous. Censorship does not make life harder for the terrorist, it just makes life harder for taxpaying citizens.

The White House ordered all federal agencies to scrub their Web sites of sensitive information. The move alarmed scientists and open-records advocates because the government is withdrawing thousands of documents that have been available to the public for years. They believe a concern about terrorism could be used as a pretext for withdrawing all kinds of information that has little or no national security sensitivity and that is something which is happening now all over the place.

There is nothing wrong with protecting national security but the lockdown of sensitive but unclassified data is questionable because there is nothing in the law that allows the executive branch to create a whole new category called "sensitive but unclassified." It will mean that the judgment is placed on the government to determine whether you do have a need to know. And you have to justify it each and every time. There are things that a terrorist could not use but it would be enormously useful for both congressional and public oversight. The "sensitive but unclassified" category is worrisome. It is potentially a catchall and it could be an invitation to abuse because it is not defined. It could be used to justify the withholding of almost anything and leaves it to the discretion of the individual agencies that will abuse their discretion.

President Bush appointed Richard Clarke to lead a new Office of Cyberdefenses. Clarke said, "If you put all the unclassified information together, sometimes it adds up to something that ought to be classified." Now you know they will unnecessarily censor information on the Internet!

Government Censorship and Secrecy Right to Know Access to Government Information Post September 11th
Attorney General John Ashcroft desires to restrict the FOIA Act. - Project on Government Secrecy How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know A Guide To The FOI Act and

The Justice Department believes that the U.S. Office of Homeland Security is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Justice Department compared the role of Homeland Security to the President's National Security Council, which has been ruled exempt under the freedom of information law.

The FOIA exemptions in the upcoming new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could apply to anything submitted to the government under the heading "critical infrastructure information" such as determined by the public or private entity submitting it. This could extend to recurring safety problems at a nuclear plant or security breaches in a hospital lab and other matters of considerable public interest, especially to citizens living in the area. Any government employee who releases such information would face up to a year in prison, even a well-intentioned whistle-blower. Pretty chilling stuff.

The more a government chooses to provide information to its citizens on a "need to know" basis, the more citizens need to know what their government is up to.

Secure often means secret Post-9/11, government stingy with information

DISAPPEARING DATA by Marylaine Block
Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data by Marylaine Block Government Documents Round Table "CyberCemetery" Audits and Surveys of State Freedom of Information Laws OMB Watch monitors the deletion of government web pages. Project on Government Secrecy Access Reports, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Issues Public Library of Science a nonprofit organization of scientists committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a public resource. California First Amendment Coalition


If the Al-Qaeda "had been handed the plans for a nuclear bomb, the worst they could have done is use them as kindling to start a fire," a quote from United States intelligence official.

The Federal authorities not sharing information on terrorism with local officials is "the worst kind of dysfunctional thinking in government", the New York Police Commissioner said.

Declassified Reports and Documents and

The American people must have the right to know what their military is doing in their name and it must be recorded, even if it can not be put out immediately, without military surveillance and without military censorship. It becomes more important as the U.S. military becomes involved in America's homeland defense where military actions will directly effect Americans and military mistakes can kill innocent Americans. The government may try to keep secrets to avoid liability, which is a good reason not to allow military censorship.

Mission Creep Hits Home By William M. Arkin

A new Northern Command, the 10th such command in the U.S. military structure, would provide military support to federal, state and local authorities inside the United States of America in the event of terror attacks. It will also cover Canada and Mexico for the first time, being responsible for security and military coordination with the two countries that share borders with the United States. A four-star officer will head the Northern Command, increasing the military's role in homeland defense, but would not be directly connected to the White House Office of Homeland Security established shortly after Sept. 11. The new command will have headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado and start operating on Oct. 1, 2002. The head of Northern Command would also be in charge of the existing North American Aerospace Defense Command, headquartered in Colorado, which currently oversees the defense of American skies in conjunction with Canada's military.

The new leader of Northern Command is Air Force General Ralph Eberhart, who headed the North American Aerospace Defense Command. The four-star status may give the new commander a powerful voice in America's policy and budgetary debates.

The President of the United States of America has the authority to authorize the U.S. military use in civilian law enforcement. Military Analysis Network


U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee By Alfred Webre

The National Attack Warning was not used when America was under attack!

No civil defense for the general public in America!

The NOAA weather radio alarm should have been activated when it was clear our nation was under attack on September 11, 2001. It was not activated although NOAA reserves a message header for National Attack Warning (AWG). Investigations should be done into why the government did not activate the national warning when it was clear the nation was under attack. The NOAA weather warning alarm had better activate nationwide the next time America is under national attack.

The U.S. Government needs to send public warnings about nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological hazards via the NOAA weather radio alarm network and send it out fast as they do tornado warnings. It could be a serious mistake if government tries to keep these hazards a secret and should be penalized for doing so.

Data gathered from hospitals, health clinics, and stores with over-the-counter drugs will be used as a new resource for bioterrorism (BT) surveillance. A computer network will allow local, county, state, federal and Public Health organizations access to timely, rich clinical data, which serves as an early warning system for a biological attack or naturally occurring disease outbreaks. It will be shared with government but how well will this data be shared with the public.

America can develop a good bio-defense system with nanobombs and a network of biosensors. Developments of nanobombs to destroy biological weapons and biosensors for detection are underway. However, would real-time data from biosensors be shared with the public by the government?

Pre-9/11 United States Intelligence Agencies that failed the American People!

The US "intelligence community," as they call themselves, is officially composed of 13 government agencies, each of which has different (although often interconnected) roles. Meant to oversee and coordinate all of them is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In line with this mandate for managerial oversight, their official website includes an explanation of the organization and grouping of the US intelligence community.

These are the 13 government agencies of the official US intelligence community:

  1. The CIA is not only the central manager of the US intelligence community, but an agency in its own right. The CIA is the US government's foreign intelligence agency, meaning that they are the agency with primary responsibility for acquiring intelligence of the United States, most famously by their covert spies (i.e., by HUMINT). The CIA also produces strategic level intelligence assessments for the US government, drawing upon all available intelligence sources.
  2. The National Security Agency (NSA) is the organization with primary responsibility for SIGINT in the US government.
  3. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is the agency of the US government with overall responsibility for reconnaissance satellites.
  4. The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) is the more specifically military organization that makes use of the IMINT from the satellites "owned and operated" (as it were) by the NRO.
  5. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA -- not to be confused with the CIA) is the joint (Army-Navy-Air Force-Marines) agency dedicated to providing general intelligence support to the US armed services. It also serves as the strategic-level intelligence agency for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) at the Pentagon.
  6. The US Army Intelligence Center (USAIC), located at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, is dedicated to providing general intelligence support specifically to the US Army. They do things like monitor developments in new land-based weapons and tactics around the world, and issue reports on that sort of thing to US Army units to allow them to train more effectively. The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), a major Army command, conducts dominant intelligence, security and information operations for military commanders and national decision- makers.
  7. The US Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) does the same sort of thing, but concerning naval matters for the US Navy.
  8. The Air Intelligence Agency (AIA), located at Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, performs the same functions in air matters for the US Air Force.
  9. The US Marine Corps (USMC) also has an intelligence organization within it.
  10. The US State Department handles America's foreign affairs, and thus is both a consumer of strategic intelligence reports about what the rest of the world is up to, and (from its diplomats abroad) a source of information in their own right. They have their own in-house organization dedicated to intelligence analysis, Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR).
  11. The US Department of Justice is concerned with some intelligence matters, and they have the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review. The US Department of Justice's lead agency for most intelligence work and representative in the intelligence community is the famous Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is primarily concerned with issues relating to terrorism and organized crime, both recent growth areas of intelligence.
  12. The US Treasury Department is also involved, primarily in issues relating to organized crime.
  13. The US Department of Energy is responsible for nuclear issues. Israeli Intelligence Agencies

US Armed Forces Order of Battle
Unified Commands

Research Organizations
Keep in mind research organizations and policy think-tanks have their agenda to influence politics!

RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.
Preparing the U.S. Army for Homeland Security: Concepts, Issues, and Options
ANSER a public service research institute toward building our nations' future. The ANSER Institute For Homeland Security.
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) study to improve our Homeland Defense
U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute studies in Homeland Security.
Naval War College Joint Military Operations does studies in Homeland Security. THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM
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National Bureau of Economic Research is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. their ideas of a better world for them The Federalist Society The American Constitution Society Center for American Progress Homeland Protection Institute

Freedom House has published Freedom in the World, an annual comparative assessment of the state of political rights and civil liberties in 192 countries and 17 related and disputed territories. Widely used by policy-makers, journalists, and scholars, the 600-page survey is the definitive report on freedom around the globe. Surveys, Essays, Country & Territory Reports, Tables & Charts, Maps Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor United Nations Development Programme global non-governmental organisation devoted to combating corruption Reporters Without Borders worldwide press freedom index Resources For Social and Economic Development Strategic Relocation Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress / Federal Research Division) CIA -- The World Factbook Country Background Notes U.S. Embassies EmbassyWorld EmbassyWeb Union of International Associations

Protect Yourself

Family infrastructure protection minimum essential actions to consider:

Personal Infrastructure Protection 101: Mental Health

Basic stress reduction techniques:

Nuclear War

Relocation Nuclear War Fallout Shelter Survival Info
Nuclear Survival Resources
Part 1-Terrorism Here
Part 2-Who're Players?
Part 3-Bio-Chem Protect
Part 4-Nuke Protection
Part 5-Who's Got What?
Choosing Where to Live in America
Relocation Considerations in America
THE Greatest Deception of All Time: Fake Alien Invasions!
How to prepare for Power Outages, Terrorism, War, and Other Threats book excerpts American Land Rights Association Strategic Relocation Ten Typical Risky Places,11677,1706-1,00.html Food Storage and Emergency Preparation best places to live State and City Rankings go to bottom of page Information on the 50 States in the US Comparing the Total Tax Burden in Each State Small Business Survival Index Pollution Mapping Projects and Toxics Databases Make Online Hazard Map Global Seismic Hazard Natural Hazards Caucus Work Group includes maps cost of living America's Career InfoNet and Economy Stats Community Information by Zip Code Crime & Justice Data U.S. Natural Hazard Statistics

More Maps

America's government has not developed a good Civil Defense for most Americans but has plenty of secret underground government shelters for protecting the few, such as America's politicians.

Those in control will try their best to keep secret any threat of nuclear bomb explosions from the general public! the impact of the 2 Atomic Bombs used on Japan can vary greatly so it is of little use previous Nuclear Explosions Database Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) International Atomic Energy Agency - The Nuclear Authority The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Institute for Science and International Security Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council Nuclear Control Institute MILNET: Nuclear Weapons
http://www.Nuc.Berkeley.EDU/neutronics/todd/frame/weapons.html Nuclear Weapons links Nuclear Weapons: History, Technology, and Consequences in Historic Documents, Photos, and Videos Nevada Operations Office, News, Publications, Historical Information, Nuclear Test Films, Technical Reports Nuclear Test Photo Library National Atomic Museum Virtual Tour Russian Nuclear Weapons Museum ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies and The World Center For Security Policy Project On Government Oversight (POGO) - Nuclear Security Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers Abolition 2000 The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament search nuclear search nuclear The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project Strengthening the Global Partnership to reduce the dangers of the Soviet military legacy International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation

How Col. Stanislav Petrov Saved The World? search for Science-Fiction nuclear war movies

Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Explosions by the USA from 1945 to 1998 rads and cancer from above ground tests in Neveda

Radiation from a nuclear power plant caused by terrorism or malfunction could be the worst American catastrophe to date. Remember that former President Reagan (R-CA) was very pro-nuclear. Nuclear power plants are costly to maintain and are growing more dangerous as they age. They should guarantee nuclear power plants are protected by anti-aircraft missiles or shut them down for our protection. Florida Radiological Emergencies Environmental Database The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Nuclear Information and Resource Service Institute for Energy and Environmental Research The American Nuclear Society Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute Radiation Health Effects Research an international professional scientific organization dedicated to promoting the practice of radiation safety Government pubs

The federal government is stockpiling the drug potassium iodide. The drug protects against thyroid cancer from radiation exposure. Potassium iodide protects only against radioactive iodine, just one of hundreds of poisonous radionuclides that people might be exposed to in a nuclear event.
Guidance to Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent in Radiation Emergencies
Frequently Asked Questions About the Use of Potassium Iodide in Emergency Plans Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ. Iodine pills, tablets, sources. FREE Survival Books Nuclear War Survival Skills

Paranoid Internet self-censorship is growing. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission started its censorship on October 16, 2001. Concerns are the NRC might go too far in taking valuable information about the performance of nuclear power plants, including daily plant-status reports, out of the public domain. This is information that has been available to the public for years and it is useful for oversight. Nuclear News and Information Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety The RadioActivist Campaign Nuclear Power Plants Around the World Nuclear Power Plants Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Deadly Nuclear Radiation Hazards USA Nuclear Accident Articles Complete Book: "Poisoned Power, The Case Against Nuclear Power Plants Before and After Three Mile Island Communities Against a Radioactive Environment Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

Search CDC on radioactive fallout
Search USAToday articles on radioactive fallout
Search Goggle for radioactive fallout or nuclear fallout health and safety issues related to the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant

International Medcom designs and manufactures high quality instruments and systems for detecting nuclear (ionizing) radiation other Nuclear Instrumentation

Yucca Mountain site in Nevada to be developed as the nation’s first long-term geologic repository for high-level radioactive waste. Getting radioactive waste from nuclear plants around the country to a Nevada repository would mean it would pass through population centers on truck, rail, or barge. The Bush administration is looking at possible routes through as many as 45 states. Opponents say everything under consideration would put millions of people at risk in case of accident or terrorist attack. Supporters of the plan to bury and seal the waste in Yucca Mountain say that highly dangerous materials already are transported safely every day. They say opponents are trying to scare the public.


US scraps nuclear weapons watchdog by Julian Borger

The U.S. Senate endorsed a plan on June 10, 2003, for the government to provide loan guarantees for construction of a half dozen nuclear power plants survival. Critics called the government assistance a giveaway to a mature industry that should be left to succeed or fail on its own. But their attempt to strip the measure from a broad energy bill fell short, 50-48.

Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) the architect of the package of subsidies for the nuclear industry, said the government assistance will jump-start nuclear power. There has not been a new nuclear plant licensed since the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island reactor in Pennsylvania.

Opponents questioned why nuclear power should be singled out for such largess, which they said could cost taxpayers $14 billion to $16 billion should the future power reactors fail and be abandoned.

"We're trying to jump-start the industry again," says Richard Myers of the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry trade group. "We're not looking for a handout. We're not looking for any freebies."


US National Data Center Atomic Energy Detection System
started its censorship after 9/11 US National Data Center Air Force Technical Applications Center U.S. Atomic Energy Detection System Center for Monitoring Research or Seismic Data Seismo-surfing the Internet

International Monitoring System (IMS) Network
To detect test of underground nuclear explosions

IMS sensor network consist of:

SEISMIC (primary) - 50 stations. The primary seismic network provides the states parties with the capability for initial detection, location, and identification of underground and most underwater events.

SEISMIC (auxiliary) - 119 stations. The auxiliary seismic network provides additional data for events detected by the primary seismic network. Auxiliary seismic stations transmit their data only by request and are used to improve event location and identification.

RADIONUCLIDE - 80 stations. The radionuclide network senses the particulates and gas by-products of nuclear explosions and is the primary method for states parties to detect and identify events which release radionuclides into the atmosphere. It may also support the other networks for detection and location of events.

HYDROACOUSTIC - 6 stations. The hydroacoustic network augments the seismic networks for states parties to detect and identify explosions which are underwater or at a low enough altitude to couple energy into the water.

HYDROACOUSTIC - 5 T-phase stations. The auxiliary hydroacoustic network consists of T-phase stations (seismic stations installed on islands with steep shorelines). These stations detect T-phases generated by hydroacoustic waves impacting a shoreline. T-phase stations are less sensitive, though fully capable of observing underwater explosions at great range, as well as detecting underground explosions. Like auxiliary seismic stations, T-phase stations transmit their data only by request and are used to improve event location and identification for underwater events.

INFRASOUND - 60 stations. The infrasonic network senses the low-frequency acoustic signals resulting from explosions. It is the primary open network for states parties to detect explosions in the atmosphere, and it may augment the seismic and hydroacoustic networks for shallow underground or underwater events.


US Government Science Labs

There is serious mismanagement at Los Alamos National Laboratory, including inadequate physical security, unauthorized shipments of anthrax, missing computers and disks, and firing whistleblowers who are trying to expose corruption.

Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL)
Ames Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Bonneville Power Administration
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Center for Computational Sciences
Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF)
Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
Hanford Reservation
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL)
Kansas City Plant (AlliedSignal Inc.)
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBNL)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL High Energy Physics
Los Alamos Area Office
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
National Energy Research Supercomputer Center
National Renewable Energy Lab
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Pacific Northwest National Lab
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Sandia National Laboratories
Savannah River Site (Westinghouse)
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Superconducting Super Collider (SSC)
University of California (Lab Management Home Page)

Most people think if you want to keep a secret then you are trying to hide sinister behavior!

The government and news corporations are known to use secrecy, denial, and deceit when informing the public. There was deceitful reporting at the start of the anthrax attacks because officials first insisted the victim got anthrax from an animal when hunting and that it was an isolated and accidental incident.

Vagueness, delayed information, misinformation, disinformation, wrong information, and no information are tactics that has been used by government and corporate media. They also misuse information just to create fear to falsely justify more laws and restrictions so to apply more power and control over its people.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Strategic Influence at the Pentagon, provides false information to media organizations. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has planted false information in the press.

The Federal Government went to great expense to encrypt their communications in the 1980s. So when it comes to urgent information, government may try to control information so you will not know it until they want you to know it.
Classified Federal communications

It is wrong for America's government and news media to withhold vital information. In some cases it is done on assumptions that you will be ignorant in your reactions and you could make matters worst. You should consider that an insult to your intelligence and dignity.

We all got to work together to fight terrorism. But America's government will loose Americans' trust and gain their anger if they are not informed, not informed immediately, not informed of the truth, and not informed well enough. America's government will serve us well only if the citizens are well informed.

Veterans of past crises note that the American people do not panic. They have a strong bias toward supporting their governmental leaders, but only when they believe they are being told the straight story.

In October of 2001 an intelligence alert by a group of U.S. officials believed a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb would be detonated in lower Manhattan. It could kill at least 100,000 civilians, irradiate 700,000 more, and flatten everything in a half-mile diameter. It was kept secret from the public and many other political leaders. The alert went out only to the "shadow government" and a small number of government agencies, including the Energy Department's top-secret Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) based in Nevada. Also there was a nuclear bomb threat to Washington, D.C. on the Potomac River.
Can We Stop the Next Attack?
Congress Not Advised Of Shadow Government
Fears Prompt U.S. to Beef up Nuclear Terror Detection

From the story above, many political leaders were left out of the loop and got a taste of their own secrecy medicine. They said we should have been told that New York City and Washington, D.C. was secretly being searched by the federal government and military for nuclear weapons. That was their comments to the press. So the control freaks left out of the loop, who also love to keep secrets, did not like it. So does the American people not like it because they deserve the right to know.


The Bush Administration has quietly ordered NEST to do periodic searches in large U.S. cities.

Hundreds of sophisticated radiation sensors have been deployed to US borders, overseas facilities and choke points around the US capital. The sensors are imbedded around some fixed points and temporarily at designated special events. There is a crash program to build next-generation devices at the three national nuclear laboratories to address the technological limitations of current sensors. If the sensors detect anything you will not know, it will be a secret to a select few giving them time to take survival actions.

U.S. Army 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D), Combat Applications Group (CAG), Delta Force - Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Delta Force commando unit has the mission to kill or disable anyone with a suspected nuclear device and turn it over to the NEST scientists to be disarmed.


Secrecy is a formula for inefficient decision-making!

Leaking information is necessary to counteract government secrecy and it is a good thing. Leaking may be a pain for decision makers but it is necessary for a democracy in a government that is becomes more and more secretive. Leaking information is a lot better in the long run than the "no comments" and deceptions of those who use national security as a shield to push their own agendas or discredit any and all questioning and dissent. Leaking information is also a useful way to uncover incompetence and irresponsibility.

If America's leaders actually care and trust the American people they would do a better job of getting information about terrorism out to the public. They should be sharing information openly. An informed citizenry aware of new dangers are more capable of defending themselves.

In the United States of America the people are suppose to rule but the people are effectively cut out of the process by a secrecy-addicted national security establishment of only a few hundred people. That is the problem, so the solution is leaking information sooner rather than later.


There is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by major press organizations, but there should be. The Federal Communications Commission position against news distortion is only a "policy," not a promulgated law, rule, or regulation.


Always keep in mind that governments, the news media, anybody can and will use technology to fake things. You can not believe everything you see, hear, or read. Live or recorded video can have areas removed with fake inserts and it still looks just as real.

Scientists have recently created the first realistic videos of people saying things they never said. Scientists warn this technology will also provide a powerful new tool for fraud and propaganda and it will eventually cast doubt on everything from video surveillance to presidential addresses. Scientists involved see ways it could be misused: to discredit political dissidents on television, to embarrass people with fabricated video posted on the Web, or to illegally use trusted figures to endorse products. There is a certain point at which you raise the level of distrust to where it is hard to communicate using video. We will have to revert to eyewitness testimony if video authentication can not be proven.


"In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests -- the steel, shipbuilding, and powder interest, and their subsidiary organizations -- got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press ...They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. An agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies, and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers." - U.S. Congressman Oscar Callaway, 1917

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address before that organization in June of 1991

John Swinton, the former chief of staff of THE NEW YORK TIMES, called by his peers, "The Dean of his profession," was asked in 1953 to give a toast before the New York Press Club. He rose and gave this toast: "There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; To lie outright; To pervert; To vilify; To fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Search for secret societies and secret clubs that have demoniac rituals whose members included wealthy and powerful people.

New World Order

Cronkite - Media Mergers Threaten Democracy By John Nichols


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