Hurricanes Edouard and Fran taken from GOES 8. Click images for more detail (39KB, 45KB, 47KB).

Hurricane Andrew taken from NOAA 11 (left) and a clear day in New England (right).
Click images for more detail (57KB and 63KB).

How Can I Do This on My Own PC?

Frequently asked questions (and answers) about receiving weather satellite images.

Download MF2000 (formally MF8) Software for Windows95/98 (Size=3.2MB) Updated 12/21/99. Final Release. Will not expire.

Please report any bugs.

MultiFAX MfMap7 Y2K Patch: Download now.

This file replaces the MFMAP7.EXE file in your MultiFAX subdirectory. Simply unzip and copy this file over the old file of the same name. Fixes the Y2K bug that caused the year to be displayed as 1900 in the satellite tracking area of the program.

False Colorization of Weather Satellite Images

Find out how the above images were colorized!

Viewing the Earth from Space by James R. Buchanan

This is the book you've been waiting for...

Zoom into a NOAA APT Image!

See for yourself how much detail the polar orbiting weather satellites provide.

GOES Geostationary Weather Satellite Images

Satellite Demodulators

The Demodulator is the heart of the image capture system -- it converts the signal coming from the receiver into a digital signal that the PC can "understand."

The MF-R1 Weather Satellite Receiver

The MultiFAX 1691 MHz Downconverter

The Woodhouse APT-2CP Omnidirectional Antenna

MultiFAX Software

Version 7 Software Features Include:

Download Version 7 Demo Software

Download the latest ELEMENTS.SAT file (Zipped)

Polar orbiting status report

Products / Prices / Packages

A complete listing of current prices and products

Running MFMAP7 software under Windows95?

A detailed procedure for installing and using the MFMAP7 software under Windows95.

Convert your MultiFAX images to BMP Format

Convert your binary MultiFAX picture files into BMP format for use with Windows image processing and printing software.

Minimum System Requirements:

MultiFAX at the Dayton Hamvention

Interesting Weather Satellite Links

A few links to get you started if you want to learn more about weather satellites and weather satellite imaging.

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