Xmit_ID version 2.61

XMIT_ID allows you to record and catalog the unique "fingerprint" that is part of every FM radio's transmission. This can be used for transmitter identification.

XMIT_ID was created because of the interference problems that plague repeater systems. Finding the people responsible can be very difficult. Yes, you can use "direction finding techniques" to locate them. But, in the case of malicious interference, you need to positively identify the transmitter being used. The answer is to "fingerprint" the radio. XMIT_ID will store and compare the fingerprints of a radio. It records the radio's discriminator audio finger print, then time and date stamps every transmission. This makes XMIT_ID an invaluable tool to anyone having interference problems. This program will help you in gathering evidence to help convict the person(s) responsible. Here are some uses for XMIT_ID:

The price of this type of equipment can be out of reach for the average ham. Now with XMIT_ID, and the following equipment list, you can get "Finger Prints" of radios.

XMIT_ID is now GNU GPL licensed and as such is free to download and free to use. You may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Click here http://www.gnu.org to go to the Free Software Foundation site for details of this agreement.

XMIT_ID is licensed free of charge and is, therefore, distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, even the implied warranty of MERCHANTIBILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

XMIT_ID is copyrighted (c) 1995,1998 by Richard Rager Programmer (KB8RLN)

All Copyrights reserved.

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Thank Your for the letters of my site being down. Here is what is going on. My old employer was hosting his site actech.net with me and wanted to move it. I have been hosting XMIT_ID there for about 4 years at http://xmit.actech.net. Since I do not have control of the DNS I can not change this. I am trying to get it back up. For now I have a copy at http://xmit.penguinman.com. I own this domain. I will keep it there please update all your links. Please tell other to do so.

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