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Last updated on March 7, 1998

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Click here for Dayton Hamvention Information

Radio Direction Finding

Local Clubs online

Central Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Service
COARES for short. Repeaters here in OHIO are: 147.06,147.09,444.275.

Amateur Radio Club of the Ohio State University, W8LT
One of the oldest ham radio clubs in the country.

Amateur Television in Central Ohio
Information about ATV, the ATCO Group, and the weekly Central Ohio ATV net.

Capital City Repeater Association (CCRA)
Operates many different machines in the Columbus area, including their flagship K8DRE/R 147.24+ repeater.

Central Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Service (COARES)
Ready to serve in times of emergencies and disasters. Operates three repeaters and maintains stations at local emergency operations centers.

Central Ohio Packet Association (COPA)
Sponsors the W8CQK packet radio BBS, a high-speed packet WAN with links to the rest of Ohio, and a 9.6Kbps LAN repeater. DJ, N8QLB, had something on COPA, but we can't find it now.

Central Ohio Radio Club (CORC)
The "Mighty 76", WD8RXX/R 146.76+, is the highest profile repeater in Central Ohio. CORC has other machines that get to outlying areas well also. Home of the Central Ohio Severe Weather Net.

Amateur Radio Information Service
ARIS has set up a voice mail service with all kinds of Central Ohio ham radio information.

Call 614-436-4960 today!

Universal Radio, Inc.
The local "candy store" in the Columbus area.

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Linux is a Unix OS clone that is free
Do not leave the price fool you. This is a very powerful OS. In fact all of my computers run on this OS. To give techsupport, I can dual boot one of the machines to things like Windows 95 and NT. Then the Windows machine can still talk to my network and the internet because my Linux box can do IP MASQEURADING. This allows all the computers in my network to be able to access the Internet at the same time using only one IP address. Also you can run most DOS and some Windows apps using emulators for Linux. The best thing to do is READ READ READ!!!! the manuals. This OS is very flexible and configurable. Because of this it can be hard to setup all the options that you may want without READING THE MANUAL.

Redhat Linux
This is the version of Linux that I use. It is very easy for the beginner and can get Linux up and running in about one hour.

Linux Journal
is published 13 times a year. This is the best magazine for the Linux Community.

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