Question: This version said it is a demo version,what is the difference between the registered version and the demo version?

Answer: There is no demo version now.

If you have any demo version please download version 2.61.

This version has no limits and is the full version.

Question: I have a Demo/Registered version. I heard there is a free version, what gives and what do I do?

Answer: As of 3/3/98 XMIT_ID is being distributed free under the GNU General Public License. You may download Ver 2.61 from this site (after 4/15/98), or contact me by e-mail. Registered users are NOT authorized to distribute those copies of the program. Please contact me.

Question: Your Web page says I need a modified radio. What do I need to do to my radio to use XMIT_ID.

Answer: A 9600 baud packet ready radio has discriminator audio as an output on a connector pin. Other radios will need a modification to bring this signal out. General instructions are included with the software.

Questions received by me or my associates regarding XMIT_ID will be answered here as well as to the sender. Therefore, this feature will grow.

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