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Caithness Amateur Radio Society is a small, friendly club that currently meet every other Thursday at their Skirza clubhouse.(See info window above).

The club is operating nets on 3.740+/-MHz on Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 2pm local time. Open to members of the club and any others.
[email protected] 07946560222 (Hamish)
Martina 07949 104079(Club secretary)

It began with the discovery of radio waves and the individuals like Hertz, Marconi, Tesla and Popov. Keen on understanding more about the science, others began to follow their experiments; this was the beginning of amateur radio.
Many Radio Amateurs today still experiment with new communication technology, though this can often now involve computer software in the communication.

You do not need a licence to listen to radio amateurs but if you want to talk back to them on the amateur radio frequencies, then a licence to transmit is a legal requirement.

How do I get a licence? Please see our training page.

The club aims to promote amateur radio activities with like minded amateur radio operators, constructors (present & future) and short wave listeners. The focus is on participation in events that are difficult to do as individual hams.

Caithness Amateur Radio Society is a small, friendly club, that would normally meet on the first and third Thursday of the month at their clubhouse starting at 7:30pm.

The clubhouse is located behind Craigwell Farm in Skirza, Freswick.
We would try to have informal discussions and talks by visiting speakers or Club members once a month. We also communicate by radio and fault-find on members equipment.

In a normal year we would participate in various local events including the International Lighthouse and Lightship on the air weekend. From our homes we still take part in the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) club competitions. We are affiliated to the RSGB, see here.

The Club is a registered training establishment, for the Foundation, Intermediate and full licence. For up to date training information, please see our training page. For more information about the club, click on links below.