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Caithness Amateur Radio Society.

Members Shacks

Members shacks

Some details of some of our members equipment is shown here.

Member Details Shack
Hamish, MM0HDW
Full Member.
Rigs:-Yaesu FTdx5000, Yaesu FT-1000MP-MkV with RSP1A as a panadapter, Yaesu FT-920, Alinco DX70, Icom 706 mk2g(mobile).

Antenna:- 80/40 M Trap Dipole (home brew).

Amplifier:- Ranger 811H.

Accessories:-Icom IC-AT500 Tuner. Yaesu SP8 speaker.

Full Member.
Rigs:- Flex-3000, Yaesu FT-1000MP + SDR RSP1a, Kenwood TR751E.

Antennas:- 80/40m Trap dipole @ 10m, 20m Ground Plane, 40m Delta Loop,
2m Co-Linear.

Amplifier:- Tokyo HY-Power HL-2KFX.

Accessories:- Tuner LDG RT-600, Logger32
Brian, GM4JYB
Club Treasurer.
Rigs:- FT1000MP (With SDR RSP1 as panadaptor), IC-7300, IC-7000, TS-820 & R-820, Heathkit HW-8, Shimizu Denshi SS-105S. Various home made rigs.
For AM, AR88D with Woodson NS120S Spey TX.

Antennas:- 40m/20m fan dipole up 10m / 80m dipole up 13m
For 4m band :-4 ele LFA Yagi at 8m using IC-7300 at 40W

Amplifier:- Ameritron ALS-600 HF linear should the need arise.

Accessories:- Logger32

Sandy, 2M0FRR
Full member.
Rig:- Yaesu FT-840. SDR RSP1a.

Antennas:- Hustler 80m Vertical. Home Brew 20 M ground plane.
2 x 8 metre masts for antenna experiments.

Accessories:- MFJ Tuner.
Sinky, Trainee
Full member.
Rigs:- Icom IC-765, Xiegu G90 sdr.

Antennas:- Under development.


Andy, MM7THU
Full member.
Rigs:- Xiegu G90

Antennas:- Under development.

Accessories:- Apple Mac on, Apple IPad on DX Maps.
Simon, GM8NYV
Vice Chairman.
Rigs:- Yaesu FT-DX1200, Yaesu FT-101B, Kenwood R-600, Sailor 1000 (modding project).

Antennas:- Doublet 1/2 wave on 160 meters. Mast is a Cobham EX series.

Accessories:- Tuner KW107, Daiwa swr/power meter.
Roddy, 2M0WIC
Club Chairman.
Rigs:- Yaesu FTdx3000, FT1000MP, FT-991A, Icom IC-7300, Kenwood TS-850.

Antennas:- Carolina Windom cut for 40m. Dipole for 80m and a Ciro Mizzoni Loop covering 80 through to 20m.

Martina, Trainee
Full Member.
Rigs:- Yaesu FTdx3000, FT1000MP, Icom IC-7300, Kenwood TS-850.

Antennas:- Carolina Windom cut for 40m. Dipole for 80m and a Ciro Mizzoni Loop covering 80 through to 20m.

Phillip, MM7BCL
Full Member.
Rigs:- TYT MD-2017 Handheld, Nooelec NESDR with Ham It Up HF upconverter receiver.

Antennas:- UK Antennas multi-band end fed antenna diamond X200 vertical for 2 metres, VHF and UHF.

Accessories:- NANOVNA antenna analyser.
Chris, 2M0SKR
Full Member.
Rigs:- Kenwood TS-920 on loan from club. Icom R8600 receiver.

Antennas:-Inverted V dipole for 80m. VHF whip for 2m.

Oakley, MM7BVB
Full Member.
Rigs:- Kenwood TS-570D on loan from club.

Antennas:-Hustler vertical

Nigel, 2M0HZR
Club Secretary.
Rigs:- Icom IC-705.

Antennas:-Experimental. Under development.

Manny, 2M0HNM
Full Member.
Rigs:- Yaesu FT-990 on loan from club. RSP1a SDR, AOR SA-7000 super wideband antenna.

Antennas:- Fan dipoles for 80,40,20,17,15 and 10m under construction on 10m mast.