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Activities and Events

of the Caithness Amateur Radio Society.




Events 2022

In general:- regular meetings at the clubhouse every other Thursday.
Maintenance at weekends and during week as required.
Training of candidates for the Radio Amateur licences, Foundation, Intermediate and Full, ongoing.

When Event Comment
14th/15th of May Mills on the air event John O'Groats Mill
25th/26th June HM Queen's Platinum Jubilee Castle of Mey. MQ0FNR
20th and 21st August Lighthouse Weekend Noss Head Lighthouse. GB0NHL
3rd and 4th September RSGB Field Day. SSB Newton, near Wick. MS0FNR/P

The club took part in the Mills-on-the-Air weekend on the 14th and 15th of May. Here is the report from the club secretary, Nigel 2M0HZR :-

Over the weekend of the 14th and 15th May, members of Caithness Amateur Radio Society took part in a contact event Called Mills on the Air. Clubs from all over the UK and Europe, operating from all types of mills, tried to raise as many contacts as possible through the medium of amateur radio. With thanks to the mill trust, We operated from the most northerly mill in mainland UK, John O'Groats flour mill, currently under restoration and a interesting location to work from. Using 2 radios and antenna's we raised many contacts from Mills in Europe and the uk.

Then we operated from The Castle of Mey for the Queens Jubilee. Report from the Secretary here:-

Over the weekend, 25th and 26th of June, Caithness Amateur radio society operated from The Castle of Mey using the callsign MQ0FNR (Mike Quebec(Queen) Zero Foxtrot November Romeo) to celebrate the Queens 70th jubilee. During the month of June radio operators could apply to use the Q (Queen) phonetic in their call sign. Despite difficult propagation conditions we managed to raise contacts in several euorpean countries and many in the UK. The weather was excellent and the event was considered a success.
None of this could have been possible without the pemission of The Castle of Mey trust committee and the help of their staff.

The Lighthouse weekend from Noss Head was activated and here is Nigel's report sent to the newspaper (Pictures on Photo Gallery):-

Members of Caithness Amateur Radio society set up their shack this past weekend at Noss Head Lighthouse for the annual event "Lighthouse's on the Air" (LOTA) . This is an international event originally started in Scotland in 1993 and has continued to grow each year with over 450 lighthouses and ships participating . Clubs seek to contact and exchange details and information about the lighthouse they are working from, Noss head being UK0039 . Caithness club (using the callsign GB0NHL) used Various High frequencies and digital data modes on a number of transmitters and antennas to contact many other clubs and individuals in the event. Set up taking approximately 1.5 hours on Friday evening, The weather was kind to us and a good deal was learnt about Noss head and the other lighthouses who we contacted ,even an inland light house ship based on the river Ouse in southern uk. The event is an annual event each August. See GB0NHL on QRZ here.

Activities 2022

When Activity Comment
Every other Thursday Club meeting At Skirza clubhouse
Various RSGB 80m club contests SSB, data, CW
Some weekends Maintenance On aerials and equipment


Activities/Events 2021

On the 9th and 10th of October, the club took part in the Scandinavian Activity Contest from the club house in Skirza. Operators were Hamish (MM0HDW), Harry (2M0DOU), John (GM0MST), Andy (MM7THU) with the help of Sinky, Les (GM0TKB), Nigel (MM7BWT) and Brian (GM4JYB). 177 valid QSOs were made over the 24 hour period.

The club also took part in the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend on the 21st and 22nd of August. Here is the report from the club secretary, Les GM0TKB :-

Members of Caithness Amateur Radio Society took part in the Lighthouses On The Air event in August by activating 2 lighthouses. Noss Head lighthouse GB0NHL, which is a regular event in the club calendar, sadly missed last year due to Covid lock down. Stroma island 2M0DOU, a first for the club but probably going to become a regular occurrence.
Noss Head was equipped with three operating positions, MS0FNR mobile shack/training unit, MM0HDW mobile station and 2M0WIC mobile station. The antennas used were a three element beam 20/17/15M on a 12M pump up mast, which also acted as mid point for an 80/40M nested dipole and a stack of mobile whips for the digi operation.
Stroma Island was a simpler set up consisting of an 80/40M trap dipole in an inverted V format. The shack was located in the former generator room of the lighthouse after clearing out 2 feet of sheep muck.
Propagation conditions were far from ideal and the number of dx stations was far more limited than previously experienced in this event. The major benefit was for recently licenced members gaining multi-mode operation experience in the friendlier conditions of a special event station, rather than in a contest situation.
GB0NHL managed 268 contacts in 37 countries and 2M0DOU contacted 162 in 18 countries.