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Training in Amateur Radio

at the Caithness Amateur Radio Society.

Current Training

We started 2020 with continuation of the new Tuition sessions for Amateur Radio.
However due to the Covid-19 problems this changed with the lockdown and social distancing. The courses offered are , Foundation, Intermediate and Full. However now these have to be done remotely via Skype etc. and we cannot give any hands-on training.
Please discuss this with our tutors. Our Tutors are experienced and registered with Ofcom and the Radio Society of Great Britain.
There are no restrictions as to who may join these courses, each student is tutored over a period that is suitable and advantageous to that student.

Young persons passing a course find that job interviews are much more likely to be achieved.
The World is short of Electronics engineers and this is a stepping stone on that path.

If you think you may be interested in a really good practical hobby just get in touch.
Telephone:- 07946560222, 07763059907 or 07879490950.

How do I get a licence?

There are three types of licence; Foundation, Intermediate and Full. The first licence you must obtain is the Foundation. This licence lets you transmit up to 10 watts. The next licence is the Intermediate. This licence lets you transmit up to 50 Watts. Once you have the Intermediate you can study for a Full licence and transmit up to 400W on equipment that you could have built yourself.

Caithness Amateur Radio Society is registered with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) as a training establishment for the Foundation, Intermediate and Full Amateur Radio Licence.

Courses are held at various times depending upon demand. Please enquire.

Examination Passes

Congratulations to trainees passing the examinations. Well done to all:-


Exam in progress


The invigilators


Previous trainees