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MARES Simplex Net Control Script

This is the net control script for the Milpitas ARES [MARES] Simplex Net which is held on the last Tuesday of each month.  The MARES Net is an important part of MARES because it provides a consistent time and frequency for MARES members to meet and hear (or tell!) about what's happening.  It also provides a weekly test of the equipment that might be used in an emergency.

The script includes some items that you read and other items that are instructions.  The script is in normal characters and instructions (that do not need to be read out loud!) are displayed in italics.

The overall plan is to first, open the net, see if any announcements are pending and get them made, welcome guests, and check in all participating net members.  Part of the net control job is to count the number of people who check in to the MARES Net and to report that number (don't forget to count yourself!) later in the evening on the SVECS Net at 8:00PM on 146.115 MHz +offset PL 100Hz or 444.625 MHz +offset 110.9 Hz PL.

Link to emailed check-in script. Can be used as roll-call, to record check-ins, and email a report of the counts to the EC and Net Manager.

PDF Version of MARES Simplex Net Control Script

MARES Simplex Net Control Script

(Script updated March 28, 2023)

(At 7:15 pm make the following announcement on the W6MLP Repeater. You might ask someone to do this for you and to also monitor the repeater for traffic.)

This is _Name, Call Sign_, Net Control for tonight's Net.  Tonight's Net will be held on 147.525 MHz simplex with a PL of 85.4 Hz.  Please tune to 147.525 MHz with a PL of 85.4 Hz for tonight's Net.  This is _Call Sign_.

(Move to the Simplex frequency for the remainder of the script.)

Good evening.  This is _Name, Call Sign_, Net Control for the Milpitas ARES/RACES Radio Net.  Is there any emergency or priority traffic?  (Pause - if anyone has priority traffic at any time, allow them to handle it before continuing with anything else.)

This net may be broken for any emergency or priority traffic.  For information on this net see our web site at www.w6mlp.org or send an e-mail to [email protected].  This net normally meets at 7:15 p.m. every Tuesday on the W6MLP repeater, 224.72 MHz -offset and 100 Hz PL or 145.43 MHz -offset and 85.4 Hz PL.  This is the last Tuesday of the month so we are conducting the net on 147.525 MHz simplex with a PL of 85.4 Hz.

The purpose of this net is to support and train Ham Radio Operators for emergency communications.  We invite all to use this net to announce Amateur radio events, activities, resources and training in support of the City of Milpitas, Santa Clara County and the general community.  This is a directed net and all traffic should be coordinated by Net Control.  (Remember to repeat everything you hear including check-ins, announcements, and questions.)

Stations wishing to list announcements please identify now.

(If there are no announcements, skip the next step. Otherwise, call for each station that has an announcement)  Will _Name, Call Sign_ (of station with announcement), go ahead with your item.  (After each announcement, ask for questions. Remember, you will need to repeat all announcements, questions and comments.)

Is there a volunteer to help keep count of the check-ins?

(Acknowledge volunteer).  Thank you _Volunteer's Name, Call Sign_.

(Not everyone may hear the check-ins so you will need to repeat everything you hear so your volunteer counter and others hear the check-ins).  I will now take check-ins, if I don't acknowledge you I will call for any relays after I complete the roll call.

Are there any guests or early check-ins?  Please check in now.  (Welcome and log guests and early check-ins.  Do a follow-up call to make sure no one was doubled or missed).

We will now do member check-ins by roll call.  The roll call consists of the stations that check in most frequently and it is not a complete membership list.  This is _Call Sign_ beginning the role call.  Please reply as called.

[SEE ROLL CALL LIST ON LAST PAGE]   (Acknowledge check-ins.)

(At the end of the roll call list ask for any additional MARES Members who wish to check in.)  Are there any additional member check-ins?  (Acknowledge and note these--do a follow-up call to make sure no one was doubled or missed.)

I will now ask for any relays for stations that I did not acknowledge.  If you can relay for a missed station please come back with your call sign only.  (Get the relay info and then repeat call for other relays until none are heard).

Net Control experience is an essential part of Emergency Communications and Ham Radio.  The Net Control duties rotate with the members of this net.  See the current list on our web site.  If you are scheduled to be Net Control and have questions about this net or will not be available please send an e-mail to Don: [email protected]

This Net Script and further Net Control Operation Procedures are available on our web site at www.w6mlp.org.

At this time I'd like ask if next week's Net Control Operator is on frequency?  The Net Control Operator should be _Name, Call Sign_ (the operator noted in the MARES E-mail.)

(Acknowledge Net Control Volunteer - if appropriate ask if he/she has any questions about Net Control duties)

Milpitas ARES is responsible for Net Control duties for the 8 p.m. SVECS County Net on a rotating basis with other cities as scheduled.  There is a link to the SVECS Net Control Script on our web site.  (Milpitas is scheduled for SVECS Net Control on: 01/03/23, 03/21/23, 06/06/23, 08/22/23, 11/07/23).

Are there any late check-ins or relays?  (Acknowledge and note these--do a follow-up call to make sure no one was doubled or missed)

Any further late check-ins may do so during the SVECS County Net at 8 p.m. All are invited to listen to the SVECS net on 146.115 MHz +offset 100 Hz PL or 444.625 MHz +offset 110.9 Hz PL.

Will _Name, Call Sign_ (of Volunteer keeping count) please report your check-in count.  (Confirm count totals match your counts and resolve differences if necessary)

This is _Call Sign_ closing the Milpitas ARES Net at _current time_ with _#_ check-ins, and returning the frequency to normal operation.

This is _Call Sign_, 73 and thanks to all who checked in tonight.


You are responsible for reporting our city count at the 8:00 p.m. SVECS Net on 146.115 MHz +offset 100 Hz PL or 444.625 MHz +offset 110.9 Hz PL.

(Roll Call updated December 14, 2021)

K6EXE George Washburn (1)(2)     Y    N
KG6RDM Marc Lewert      Y    N
WU6V Bob Armstrong(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
KE6UZL Mike Berryhill(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
KE6TIM Tim Howard(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
KJ6ACE Don Clendenin(1)(2)     Y    N
W6EAS Joe Lutz(1)     Y    N
KM6IAOPaul Ellis(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
N4PYBNeal Osborn(1)(2)     Y    N
KM6ZOTJoseph Weinstein      Y    N
KM6ZOUNancy Weinstein      Y    N
         Y    N

NET CONTROL: (1) Can do MARES Repeater NC   (2) Can do MARES Simplex NC  
(3) Qualified for SVECS NC - http://www.qsl.net/mares/SVECS_NC.shtml

NOTES:  A - Has Announcement or Question       C - Check-in Count Volunteer

# If today is one of the first three weeks in January, April, July, or October make sure you ask for the SVECS Breakfast count. The SVECS Breakfast is held on the 4th Saturday of each quarter at 9:00 a.m.

If you want to be added or removed from the check-in list contact Paul: [email protected] If you are a frequent check-in to the net you will be added to the roll call at the next update or dropped if you stop checking into the net.

Script Last Updated:  March 28, 2023