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    The World of Amateur Radio and DXing

    Hello Everyone! I have been away and off the air for a couple of years. I have a new QTH and now God willing I will be back on the air in a couple of weeks. My setup hasn't changed that much in the last two years. I am now operating out of Alaska in grid BP73fx. I have a Yaesu FT-897D with a LDG 897 Auto tuner,a LDG FT Meter, and a Heil Proset Plus headset to listen to what's coming in and going out. My Alpha Delta DX-EE antenna is gone. My move has afforded me a little more room than I had in Connecticut, so I got myself a 125 foot doublet that operates in the 80-10 meter range. The feedline of this doublet is a 150 foot 600 ohm ladderline. To assist me with tuning this antenna, I went old school and got myself a Johnson Viking Kilowatt Matchbox #250-30. one side of my doublet will come off of a 55 foot radio tower, the other is a 60 foot tree right next to my cabin. Don't ask how I'm going to tie it into that tree, that far up, but if you have any ideas, email me at [email protected]. I will still be using a Tigertronics SignaLink USB for my digital stuff until I can afford an upgrade to West Mountainwork. I haven't moved away from Ham Radio Deluxe(HRD), I just need to relearn everything and find all my old logs to see where I stand and who I owe QSL cards to and such. I'm glad I bought the 500 pack of QSL cards like I did, because people deserve that QSL from my old callsign before I go walking off into the sunset. If you need a QSL card from KB1SYV, let me know. I'll eventually find you, but if you find me first, its quicker for you :)





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