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Get the Rutherfordton County Ham Radio Repeater "HIT" list Updated 2-4-1999
now with 440/70cm Repeaters! Download

In numerical order, including S-meter readings.

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I am not responsible for damage to your radio because of these mods, or any other thing related to the
way something is worded that might offend anyone. These are for experimental purposes only and shouldn't
be tried by anyone with value for Ham Radio, CB, & family radio band laws.


New Radio and Most Popular radio Mod's


Icom W32A Mod's (Mod Pics Also)


Alinco DJ-S11 & DJ-S41 Mod's


Icom MKII Mod's


Kenwood G71A Mod Page


Kenwood V7A Mod's


Kenwood TM-241A Mod's


QRZ Mod Page 4 Stars Newer models also


cdrom.com radio mods Lots here, for older radio's.

More to come! Add to this list by sending me E-mail if you have a *POPULAR RADIO* mod

How to put "N" Connectors on 9913F and install BNC, and other Connectors. Scanned Text, in GIF format.

     Type N Female and Male Installation

     BNC connector Installation

Alinco DJ-S11/41T External Antenna Modification (by POPULAR REQUEST!)

      Alinco External Antenna Mod

Info about frequencies that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

     Tv Frequencies
      2 Meter Frequency layout / band plan


Morse Code Alphabet & Phonetic Alphabet files locally

      Morse Code #1 Code and Phonetic Alphabet Table
      Morse Code #2 Code and Phonetic Alphabet (No Table)
      Morse Code #3 Variations

Usefull Ham Radio links:

   Callsign Search Pages

      Qrz Callsign Search, Updated Hourly
      Percon Business Radio callsign Searcher

   Repeater Lists VHF & UHF

      ArtsciPub Good 2 meter repeater list updated for 1998

   Ham Radio Sales & Acc.

      Communications Headquarters
      Bill's 2 Way
      Ham Radio Outlet
      CableXperts: All your coax needs

   Other Ham Radio Mod Pages

      cdrom.com radio mods Lots here, for older radio's.

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