Icom W32A hacks retrieved by Kamikaze Squirrel & BillyBob

W32A Crossband repeat mode (unlisted feature that was 'accidentally left out
of the w32a manual' and Extended recieve range... cough, cough...)

1. Cross band repeat (listens on one freq. and retransmits on the other side... like a simple repeater.

A. Set both frequencies on both sides.
B. Hold down call(lock) until you see the key appear.
C. Turn off HT
D. Hold down Main, Band, and Squelch while turning the power on.. the key will flash in
the LCD... your ready..
E. Turn it off by holding the call (lock) key until the key disapears...


1. Extended recieve range (adds 300mhz and 800mhz range, mirrors celluar at 961.11-986.10)

A. Turn off HT
B. Hold down Main, Band, Call & Squelch while turning on HT.


Extended Transmit Modification (danger... use only if you know what your doing!)