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Transmitter Hunting in the San Francisco Bay Area
BAY Challenge Hunt.
June 15, 2002

Thanks for visiting the San Francisco Bay Area T-Hunting WEB SITE.

Story by: Jim-KD6DX
Photographs by: Jim-KD6DX
Resized and edited with Thumbs-Plus 5.01
& Photo Shop 7.0
From 2560x1920 to 800x600 and highly compressed (50%).
Nikon CP5000

Last updated: Sunday, June 16, 2002





Alphabetical Order
Chris-KF6VFU, Dave-KG6ACD, Don-KD6IRE, John-KD6LHL
Henry-KF6PCE, Bill-KF6QGK, Joan-KF6QGJ
Howard-KE6PTT, Jim-KD6DX, Johnathan-KG6KWT, Paul Shinn
Ron-N7TVE, Chantel



Fox: Rich-KN6FW

TEAMS (alphabetical order) 9-teams. Notes
Don-KD6IRE and John-KD6LHL  
Gary-WB6YRU Fox transmission ended at 9:10 PM
Henry-KF6PCE, Bill-KF6QGK and Joan-KF6QGJ  
Jim-KD6DX and Johnathan-KG6KWT Last to arrive at 9:06 PM
Paul Shinn  
Ron-N7TVE and Chantel  


Extreme CHALLENGE hunt, put on by Rich-KN6FW.

For Johnathan-KG6KWT and I (Jim-KD6DX), this was an extreme challenge hunt. We both participated in the Cherry Lake hunt 'April 20' (very similar) and should have known better. I must not have learned anything.

I have included a TOPO map of our GPS track and terrain profile to the left. Also included are several of our bearings taken during the hunt. Those mountains sure gave us trouble, reflections all over the place.

Henry-KF6PCE taught me something new. I should have been watching the Fox signal strength as I was traversing those mountains. If I were climbing the same mountain as the Fox, I should loose the signal, because I would be under the radiation pattern and the crown of the mountain hides the Fox. If I were climbing a mountain opposite the Fox, my signal strength should increase because I'm gaining altitude and seeing the reflection better. Good tip Henry, now if I could only remember this next time.

Grizzley Peak was our best bearing but, we didn't know it at the time.

San Leandro Marina
15* from Grizzley Peak
Grizzley Peak
Paul Shinn During the hunt
Deadend road
We ran across Paul Shinn on our way to the Fox, if only we followed him, we wouldn't have been last.

We also ran across many dead-end roads on our trek to the Fox.

Finding the FOX last
Fox Transmitter, 30 watts
Finally locating the Fox, with lots of help from Rich-KN6FW (Find Bear Creek Rd., stay on it, down turn around, I'm on the road), we found him (9:06 PM - Last).

1) 4-element beam: To obtain all my bearings.
2) AHHA MicroFinder Doppler.
3) Garmin StreetPilot-III: Street level GPS mapping.
4) Laptop Computer: TOPO map to draw bearings.
5) Icom IC-R3, U-R-Here radio. Full scale on attenuation-4 every-time we peaked out on a high ridge, 4.2 miles away.
6) Mobile radio, Standard C5900DA. Listen to the fox frequency and talk-in communications channel (simplex).

1) Take BEAM bearings to the Fox, plot them on a map.
2) Check signal strength as you climb a hill.
3) Get better at educating your self, experience.
4) Ask for helpful hints when it get late.
4) Icom IC-R3, U-R-Here radio is still priceless.

Dinner was great, thanks Don-KD6IRE, for giving me half of your pizza.

Fox antenna 10x gain
Packing up the Fox
Dinner at Round Table
Dinner at Round Table
Round Table, Lafayette.
We were so late, we closed the place down. See you at the Ron-N7TVE and Chantel, day hunt on June 29th. (click schedule). Chantel will be hosting some sort of PICNIC thing. Bring something to share.

Jim Sakane KD6DX.

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