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7 September 2011

I've added some more links, cleaned out some old ones, and generally spruced up all things linked.... It was either that or do some real site design work, and I'm far too lazy to attempt that....

Out with the old, in with the new....

1 September 2011

Well, after a brief (five year!) hiatus, I'm kind of getting back into amateur radio. A brand new Wuxon radio is on order, and I even made a contact with Sweden today on 17 meters!!! Things are going to go slowly at first, since my funding is pretty limited (when hasn't it been). After a move in November of 2010, I have no antennas up, but I still have my TM-V7A in my closet, and I did take my Ventenna with me. So, it will be a slow start.

Truth be told, after working all day on the radio, it's hard to get on the radio during my off time. But my friend Jeff, KC9TRU is really talented in building SDR kits, especially ones from Tony Parks. I'm thinking I'll make an effort to get a PSK31 rig going soon. Keyboard chatting should be fun!!!! And of course, I'll probably get back into APRS.

Stay tuned.... I'll update the station log as I accomplish more. Or lose interest and check back in five years :-)

P.S. The old journal ( is here. I won't be updating the formatting, and since Blogger abandoned their FTP users, updating it will be impossible. That's OK, since the only entries are mine, I'll just code it plaintext....