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Welcome to my amateur radio webpage. I first became a licensed ham radio operator in March of 1999, and hold an Extra Class amateur radio license. I am a member of the Mid-State Amateur Radio Club in Franklin, previously serving as the Repeater Trustee from 2000 to 2006. I am primarily active on 2 meter and 70 centimeter FM, but have HF capabilities, and have been known to pop up on the lower bands occasionally. I also dabble in packet (primarily APRS) and SSTV, and PSK31. I'm impressed with the efficiency and inherent accuracy of digital modes, and I think that CW is just neat as heck. However, I also enjoy a good old-fashioned ragchew. Usually, though, I'm prone to listen more than talk. For those that know me, this is shocking indeed.

Professionally, I am a public safety telecommunicator for the Indianapolis International Airport, responsible for dispatching the Indianapolis Airport Police, Fire, and Emergency Services. I also work part time as a police and fire dispatcher for a smaller municipality. I strongly support citizen self-reliance in the face of emergency, and thus am a strong supporter of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) concept. I am certified by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security as a CERT Trainer, and have worked with local groups to secure support and funding for the CERT concept. On the amateur radio side, I support (and am a member of) the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), but I do believe that amateur radio operators are often wowed by the large budget and shiny radios of local government and emergency services, and should instead work more on self-reliance, training, and good operating practices. I am strongly anti-whacker! Police impersonation is a crime, and stupidity should be also.

I am a published writer, with articles appearing in local newspapers and Scanning USA Magazine. Some of my writings related to ham radio are available in the writings section of this site, available in the menu to the left. The guestbook's signal to noise ratio was insane, so it's disabled for now. But I've left some of my best entries. Links are to sites I use, or recommend personally. For the most part, I don't link to pages that I don't personally use or for which I can't personally vouch. The journal is a running update of my thoughts, ideas, and (more currently) my re-introduction to ham radio. For the time being, you should expect infrequenent changes. For the really bored (or really strange), an atom feed is available.

This page was encoded in html using a text editor. No Microsoft products were used to make this webpage, but I might have used a WindowsME installation CD as a coaster for my beer. This webpage is optimized for nothing, but should display fine in whatever browser you're using, be it Lynx, Firefox, Internet Exploder, or that fifteen year old version of Mosaic you keep around for esoteric reasons. I do not use frames, but I do like tables. I also like pancakes.