For Wisconsin:

A Proposal for Amateur Radio IP Addressing Conventions -  for the Wisconsin Network


A unified DNS for Amateur Radio - Microhams 2017 - K7VE (PDF)

Global AMPR reporting - In May 2017 Marius, YO2LOJ introduced a real-time AMPR mapping experiment

Rebuilding Net-44 - Rethinking Amateur Radio Networking - Microhams 2012 - K7VE (PDF) 

Amprnet Net 44 Update - DCC 2012 Talk - K7VE (YouTube) 

Amprnet Overview - and some history - KB9MWR 

A Brief Look at Internet Networking Over Amateur Radio - WB6CYT (2011) 

Diagram of Amprnet IP Routing and data flow. Distribution of routing and hostname information. 

44Net - AMPRNet working group mailing list - A good resource for gateway operators The AMPR central DNS and core routers are maintained by Brian Kantor, WB6CYT List of AMPRNet IP address coordinators - A Link to the official full list of all registered ampr hosts, updated daily in and domain.txt format


IPv6 over the amateur radio - Naoto Shimazaki, 7L4FEP (1998) - Base 37 callsign to IPv6 /64 subnet address encoder - N1LQJ & N1ZZH Mesa ARC (2011) - Amateur Radio Numeric Callsign Encoding - N6DRC (2015)

IPv6 In Amateur Radio  - DCC 2016 Talk - W9CR (YouTube) Abstact (PDF)

IPv6 For Amateur Radio - EA4GPZ/M0HXM

Using IPv6 hosts for AMPRNET - VK5ASF (2017)

Set up an IPv6 Gateway on packet - N1URO


ampr-ripd.html - ampr-ripd and Amprnet Net-44 notes, my complete Debian Linux setup notes - KB9MWR (2014)

startampr - My full startup script as referenced/explained in the Debian Linux setup notes above - KB9MWR (2014)

Building a Raspberry Pi AMPRNet IPIP Gateway - uses VLAN tagging to create a separate virtual interface for ones local AMPRNet.  (2020)

Example VLAN setup using a Netgear GS105E managed switch - Can be easily adapted to your Ampr gateway, Ex; Interfaces eth0.1 WAN  eth0.10 AmprLAN

Protocol 4 Fowarding Bug - When folks can't reach you, but you can reach them, this might be the issue.

ipipfilter - How to only accept IPIP packets (protocol 4) from addresses in the gateway list for added security.

checkampr.txt - A tool for ampr IP coordinators- looks for expired callsigns in the host list - uses PHP. (2012)

ampr-ripd-1.5.tgz - Marius, YO2LOJ -  Routing daemon written in C similar to Hessu's rip44d including optional resending of RIPv2 broadcasts for router injection.

44ripd - An AMPRNet mesh maintenance daemon for BSD by Dan, AC2OI

amprupdate - Reads AMPR encap format from stdin and updates the target Mikrotik router with new, removed, or changed routes from the encap. - KD7LXL (GitHub) -  generates router tunnel configurations for various types of routers including; Cisco, Juniper, VyOS, or Linux. - AH6BW

EdgeRouter4.txt - Routing from and to the internet. This is from my Ubiquity EdgeRouter - M0MUX

mikrotik.html - RouterOS natively only supports PtP only, not PtMP IPIP interfaces

Bringing Net 44 And IPV6 To Your Station Via VPN - K7VE (2018)

How To Setup An Amprnet Gateway-On-Linux - quick start - DL/LX1DUC

Basic Paranoid Iptables Firewall For An Amprnet Gateway - DL/LX1DUC

ampr-with-nat - Method Of Connecting An Endpoint From A Low Grade Router Using NAT - N1URO 

Steps for a AMPRNet Gateway -  Documentation of a three interface gateway - AI4ZV

44net / HamNet 32-bit ASN Registry - 32-bit Autonomous System Numbers

HamWAN LAN Integration  - Shows the various routing techniques of how to tie into your home network.

Modern RF Network Resources:

High-Speed Multimedia Radio - The implementation of wireless data networks over amateur radio frequencies using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware (Wikipedia)

Broadband-Hamnet - BBHN - A self configuring ham HSMM-Mesh network.

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network - AREDN - A self configuring ham HSMM-Mesh firmware that supports non-Part 15 channels

Wireless Networking in the Developing World - Free E-book about designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks.

HamWAN - Modern Microwave Network For Ham Radio - AE7SJ/VE7AVR - 2013 DCC (YouTube)

Minneapolis Wi-Fi network aids rescuers - bridge collapse (YouTube)

bbhn-to-44net.txt - Waldek, SP2ONG explains how he changed his BBHN install to work on 44net.

1:1 NAT in Iptables - Possible solution for converting 10.X addresses used in BBHN to 44.X addresses

70 Centimeters

Because all modes should have the same bandwidth rules..

High Speed Wireless Networking on 420 MHz - W2LNX - 2012 DCC (YouTube)

Experimenting with High-­Speed Wireless Networking in the 420 MHz Band - 2012 DCC Paper - W2LNX - (PDF)

70cm ATV History and case for modified future HSMM use(Draft)

Authenticated Services

One the the things 44net provides is a secured ham only IP space environment.  You can rest your mind that the person on the other end of the connection is a ham.

Other sites allow you transmit RF, directly or indirectly.  Such as IRLP, EchoLink, Allstar APRS-IS, etc.  And there is more potential for that.  I.e. text messages for DMR, APRS, SDR, and remotely operated stations.  Only licensed hams can transmit, remember.  We have to have some way to authenticate people and prove that they are who they say they are before you can let them do cool things.  Presently each such service has a different manual authentication method, that takes up time and resources.  At the September 2013 DCC, Heikki Hannikainen, OH7LZB gave a talk on using the Log Book of the World P12 certificates, titled "Authenticating Amateur Radio Services on the Internet."

Authenticating Amateur Radio Services on the Internet - OH7LZB
Authenticated Amateur Radio Web Services  - OH7LZB - 2013 DCC (YouTube)
OH7LZB AMPRNet OpenVPN Server - Provides a publicly routed 44net IP via OpenVPN to licensed amateurs.
How to get your P12 certificate out of TQSL so you can use it in your browser
Notes on setting up a OpenVPN server that uses LoTW keys - KB9MWR 
Net-44 VPN - Group is to support using VPNs to connect blocks of NET-44 with emphasis on AS/BGP advertising using a VPS (2018) - Authentication Demo Site - Apache configuration and PHP scripts (GitHub)
Using the ARRL Logbook of the World Certificate to Validate Yourself to Web Services as a Licensed Radio Amateur - K7BP (2015) - A working group for discussion on the topics of authentication in amateur radio and the potential formation of hosted services and resources to support it
Authenticating on a Ham Internet - KI4AWF (2004)
Wireless Digital Nodes Building a Ham Internet - KI4AWF (2004)
Authenticated APRS Messaging
- KA2DDO (2015)
Telecommand Authentication with APRS - K7UDR - 2016 DCC  (YouTube)
Telecommand Using Authenticated APRS Messaging For Remote Control - K7UDR (PDF)
Using Authentication In Amateur Radio - M0KIL - May 2016

Misc Foward Thinking

Amateur Radio in 2037 - Some forward thinking

Vint Cerf  Re-Thinking the Internet - Worth viewing for those into researching new protocols, mechanisms, etc (2011)

Depreciated / Historical Information and Resources:

- Details on some antiquated practices that predate TCPIP/SMTP and Linux standards

Assigned Network Numbers RFC 790  - First publication that mentions the Amprnet (Sept 1981)

Packet Radio Networking Proposal -  Presented to the Los Angeles Amateur Packet Radio Group by WB6CYT (1984)

Packet Radio in the Amateur Service - KA9Q, NK6K & N5AHD (1985)

Reusable IP Addresses in a Dynamic Network - N3CVL (1987)

Improving Round-Trip Time Estimates in Reliable Transport Protocols - Phil Karn, & Craig Partridge (1988)

IP Encapsulation of AX.25 Frames - Request for comments, May 1991

NOSintro This extensive guide covers TCP/IP over packet radio as an introduction to the KA9Q network operating system (22 MB PDF) - 1992

Setting up a Packet-Internet Gateway - VK1XWT (1994)

BBS Hierarchical Addressing Protocol - Used to address mail and flood messages (1995) 

Setting Up Subnets - VK1XWT (1996)

Networking Without Wires- Radio Based TCP/IP - 1999 - N8UR (1.76 MB PDF)

TAPR NOS-BBS list - A good resource if you still run a BBS.



Archived Resources: - convert a KA9Q NOS format gateways route file (usually called 'encap.txt') into a Linux routing table format for the IP tunnel driver. Perl version by OH7LZB (uses iproute2)

iproute2_ampr_munge - WA7V's version of the shell script to process the gateways (encap.txt) file for updating an iproute2-based Linux AMPRNet gateway

ipip.munge - G0LGS' perl version (2007) 

convert-wrt.txt - Process encap.txt script for DD-WRT/Open WRT routers 

cisco.txt - Cisco IOS example - Jason, KY9J - converts encap.txt into a loadable config file for use on Cisco or Juniper routers - Antonio,  AH6BW

pfsense.html - IPIP with pfSense Firewalls

ampr_extractor.txt - script is intended to extract sub-domain information from the file - by Simon, G0FNB, EA4ELS - Linux sendmail configuration for 

htaccess.txt - Example web password prompting via non 44 IP, else none

yacysearch.html - YaCy Decentralized Search System as a Distributed Search Engine - DD2MIC

resource.txt is now often called gateways.txt - This is the Internet/Amprnet Gateways Resource List not intended for public distribution, but available portal FTP access.

dgipip - AMPRNet dynamic IPIP encapsulation routing daemon by K2MF & VK2KTJ (1999). Clients each request their routing when they become active... similar to dhcp.



Links - AMateur Packet Radio Network (Wikipedia) - 3rd party consumer router firmware that will pass IPIP - Linux compatible with rip44d/ampr-ripd - IP Encapsulation within IP proposed standard - tutorial on the ip command, this will setup the tunnel and routes - tutorial on the iptables command, this configures the firewall - ntop is a network probe that shows network usage in a way similar to what top does for processes. In Web mode, it acts as a web server, creating a HTML dump of the network status.


OpenNHRP implements NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (as defined in RFC 2332). It makes it possible to create dynamic multipoint VPN Linux router using NHRP, GRE and IPsec. It aims to be Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) compatible.
Tinc VPN - open-source, self-routing, mesh networking protocol, used for compressed, encrypted, virtual private networks

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