[44net] Mikrotik

Marius Petrescu  
Sat Jun 6 12:48:50 PDT 2015

Rob Janssen wrote:
>Well, running IPIP mesh on a MikroTik may not be a good idea.  At least not until it
>supports ampr-ripd so you can run just a single IPIP interface for the entire mesh,
>and use a separate routing table updated by RIP messages.
>(similar to the situation with other commercial routers like Cisco and Juniper)
>Did anyone ever try to get such a change incorporated by the MikroTik people?
>I have no idea how friendly they are to such specialized requests, but on the other
>hand they have a very broad collection of exotic protocols and configuration items.
>(I just got a 2011UiAS-2HnD this week, and I am impressed.  I will use it as my home
>router, but not on the IPIP mesh, it will be connected to my Ubiquiti Airgrid with a link
>to the local HAMNET which again is linked to our gateway)
Hi Rob,

I was quite active in the Mikrotik community and tried to push a little our
ampr tunnel stuff.
But the results are actually null. People are friendly but not interested.
The missing element is a way to create an IPIP interface without a specific
peer IP, and add routes to specific peers on a given IPIP interface to get
it in multipoint mode.
So IPIP interfaces on RouterOS are PtP only, not PtMP, so one needs an
interface for each peer in the mesh, which amounts at the moment to some 400
Via script, I tried to set up those interfaces based on the RIP broadcasts,
but it strangely stops on 10 interfaces. I never digged deeper.
It is possible to set up the complete mesh via ssh or telnet, so an external
script is able to do that.  (see KD7LXL's python script)

The easiest way to get ampr up fully is actually to set up a metarouter on a
mipsbe routerboard (they have a xen virtualization on those), and run a
OpenWRT in it, to do IPIP encap and run ampr-ripd. I have tried that, it
works, but at the moment I use a PPC based routerboard which doesn't offer
But your RB2011 is a good candidate for this kind of setup, being mipsbe
based. Others would be the RB45x, the RB75x, the RB95x and the OmniTik

Regarding to linux: They run a proprietary distribution on a 3 kernel, but
shell access is unfortunately not available, and there is no way to add 3-rd
party extensions.

Marius, YO2LOJ






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