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Crystal Set Information
Crystal Sets
Vectronics Crystal Radio Set Kit
PV Scientific Crystal Radio Kit Page
Crystal Radio
DIY: Crystal Set Radio
PV Scientific Instruments Crystal Radio Page
Crystal Radio Resources
"Cigar Box" Crystal Radio Set
Crystal Radio: The Xtal Set Society




~kd9jq homebrew
//www.geocities.com/SiliconVall homebrew
sm0vpo homebrew
EleCraft K2 160-10M CW/SSB HF Kit
Parts, Kits & Stuff
RU3AEP homebrew page
7N3WVM's Home Page for Homebrewers
sm0vpo homebrew
HomeBrew amateur radio receivers, transmitters and tranceivers
Introduction to Quartz Frequency Standards - Table of Contents
Ham Radio Technical Reference, homebrew links
Eight Easy Steps build the Receiver
KC6WDK's Multiband Dipole Antenna
Peter Parker's Projects Page




Learning Morse Code from Tutor Boxes
FISTS Home Page
The Telegraph Office -- for Telegraph Key Collectors and Historians
Sparks Telegraph Key Review
Learning Morse Code
Morse Code
Ham Radio Codes
International Morse Code Chart
Learning Morse Code Painlessly, by Bill Weinhardt W9PPG
KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code
The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy - Contents Page
CW Links
G4ZFE Morse Code Applet




The Columbus QRP Club
Hide's QRP Home Page JA9MAT (Hidehiko KOMACHI)


Excite Lifestyle: Hobbies & Recreation: Amateur Radio
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - PERSONAL RADIO SERVICE
Ham Radio Online
Directory of /pub/ham/mac
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page
GM0RWU's Page
The Transmitter Shop
W4RNL (antennas)
Excite Search Results for ""
//ourworld.compuserve.com/homep radiofax
eBayISAPI.dll QST Mags
Ham Radio Software#MAC
K5FO's Home Page
Yahoo! News and Media:Radio:Amateur and Ham Radio
Ham Radio Online - Commercial Products Directory
Ham Radio Price List
JADE PRODUCTS, INC Code Practice Oscillator
Six News: 50MHz: Internet Six News: 50MHz Amplifiers: Six Metres: Six Meters: 6 Metres: 6 Meters 6 Metre Beacons: 6 Meter Beacons: 6 News: 50MHz Information:
NP4CC Web Home Page
Lowe Electronics Home Page
CQ Radio HomePage
ION Home Page (Piezo Electric Ceramic Buzzers)
Ishwara Intl. Catalog
AEØQ / V31RY Amateur Radio Page
Stamford Amateur Radio Association
Amateur Radio Receivers
Amateur Radio Basic Training Education
Short Wave Radio
DX & Amateur Radio, Master Index
Panaxis Productions / Pan-Com International On-Line Catalog
AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page
KO6YQ's Ham Radio Index



http://www.fcc.gov/cib/News_Releases/Welcome.html Official news releases from the FCC

  http://www.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Digest/1999/welcome.html 1999 FCC Daily Digest


Crystal Set Information The wonder of a crystal radio crosses generations, as that is exactly how many radio buffs began their interest in communications. To build a working radio, on the first try, and be able to listen to stations hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away is a thrill that can not be easily duplicated
Crystal Sets An early design of circuit is shown. Far from ideal, it still provided reception within a few miles of the transmitter providing the aerial was long enough
Vectronics Crystal Radio Set Kit Crystal Radio Set Kit VEC-121K $19.95 Relive the experience of early radio pioneers
PV Scientific Crystal Radio Kit Page Limited Edition Kit. For constructing a superior-quality, directly coupled set with wave-trap rejection tuning and a beautiful steel galena cat's whisker detector. Includes a pair of first-rate Brandes headphones, 1920's vintage, which work better for the purpose than anything made today. Contains brass variable capacitors, fine-machined binding posts, original dials and knobs, and other original parts guaranteed to make a crystal set that works extremely well and looks beautiful. $150.
0077.html Some folks have asked me how to get started with classroom projects
building crystal radios to teach about energy, electricity, chemistry, earth science, communications, the history of technology, and such. You may remember that the 'magic' of crystal radios is that they use no battery, no AC outlet, no solar cell - NO VISIBLE MEANS OF POWER AT ALL. That's right - totally powerless radio listening! Free tunes for life!
Crystal Radio I have received a number of emails regarding schematics for crystal radios. After about the third email, I figured that I may as well put one on my page. So here it is. The circuit is very simple with only 5 parts, but performs very nicely when used with the right size antenna.
DIY: Crystal Set Radio You can buy complete crystal set kits from a number of venders, but I say, "Don't do it!" Not only is building your own crystal set fun for the whole family, but it's easy to do and can be done for $30-40 (or less depending on what you can find in your junk box). Why, you can have your set up and running in less time than it takes to program your VCR!
PV Scientific Instruments Crystal Radio Page ssical Scientific Apparatus
The Crystal Radio Page See more of our Online Catalog! PV Scientific Instruments Ithaca, NY USA Vintage Original Parts provide a truly genuine crystal radio experience.
Crystal Radio Resources Crystal Radio Resources
"Cigar Box" Crystal Radio Set The "Cigar Box" Crystal Radio Set , On this page you will find complete plans for the Cigar Box Crystal Radio Set. This project was first published in Volume 7 of the Xtal Set Society Newsletter, but the project has been so popular that we decided to put it online. The plans were written by Joseph Cooper, VE3FMQ, a member of the Xtal Set Society, so that the set could be built by beginner radio builders.
Crystal Radio: The Xtal Set Society
Dedicated to once again building and experimenting with radio electronics.



HOMEBREW, build your own.

The following are a list of topics in which I will show some of the circuits and ideas which I have found to function well over the years.
~kd9jq homebrew Goals for this Page • Pass along over 30 years of Ham Radio Homebrewing knowledge and info. Provide Freeware, Circuits, Technical Info, Info Links, and Design Ti
//www.geocities.com/SiliconVall homebrew The fun starts here: lots of links here.
EleCraft K2 160-10M CW/SSB HF Kit Elecraftintroduces the K2 160-10 meter transceiver kit designed by N6KR & WA6HHQ.
Parts, Kits & Stuff DISCLAIMER: I have no financial interest in any of the companies or individuals listed here. I have built some of the kits, and used some of the products, but offer no recommendation as to their value or use other than as stated by the manufacturer or supplier.
7N3WVM's Home Page for Homebrewers Call Sign: 7N3WVM 100% Homebrew and QRP QTH: Chiba-shi, Japan Grid: QM05 Hints for Homebrewing
HomeBrew amateur radio receivers, transmitters and tranceivers This page is a compilation of links that describes radios built by amateur radio enthusiasts. The rights belongs to their respectives authors.
HOMEBREW QRP IS GUD 4 U The challenge here is to build CW (Morse Code) shortwave radio equipment for the amateur bands using a bare minimum of components, money, and construction skill; equipment that is useful and dependable for non-licensed folks just interested in monitoring the ham bands as well as those of more advanced standing looking for some diversion beyond their regular pursuits.
Introduction to Quartz Frequency Standards - Table of Contents Quartz Crystal Technology links
Ham Radio Technical Reference, homebrew links AC6V's LINKS TO HOMEBREW
Eight Easy Steps build the Receiver
Step 1 - Bypass Capacitors Step 2 - Mica/NPO/Poly Capacitors Step 3 - Resistors Step 4 - Diode/Chokes/Electrolytics Step 5 - IC's/Filters/MMIC Step 6 - Build Input/VFO Toroids Step 7 - Install Toroids Step 8 - Off-Board Components. These are links.
KC6WDK's Multiband Dipole Antenna Illustrated above is KC6WDK's simple multiband dipole antenna for 80 and 40 meter operation. The 40 meter section also permits use on 15 meters. The sections are separated by 2' at the far ends of the 40 meter elements. The antenna is made from scrap lengths of insulated wire with the ends twisted together. The 50-ohm RG-58 coax is coiled at the feed point to form a broadband choke balun which prevents antenna currents from flowing back into the transmission line.
Peter Parker's Projects Page A collection of homebrew projects for the amateur radio enthusiast. More items will be added as time permits.
EASY HAM BAND RCVR CW RECEIVER FOR 80 AND 40 METERS Cost estimate: $20-$30 This amazingly sensitive and dependable "Simplest Ham Receiver" is capable of receiving CW (Morse Code) signals. It is crystal controlled and thus very stable and immune to drift and hand-capacitance detuning. With my version of this receiver I have QSO'd 7 states with QRP power and monitored CW stations coast-to-coast using a dipole antenna just 12 feet off the ground
http://www.intio.or.jp/jf10zl/hiketu.htm (secrets of Handmade) A secret of how to make communication equipment.
After you make some kits , you will want to make FM transceiver or SSB transmitter. Then you learn the circuit of the magazine. You will collect the parts of it. But you will not be able to collect the same number of the transistor or coil. Then you must arrange some part of the article.

Or you may change the band of the transmitter from 14MHz to 21MHz because of your antenna or your license. I will explain you some points you must care to make a plan of the radio equipment.You must care about " power lebel ", " frequency planning " and " impedance matching". More at site with pictures too.




Learning Morse Code from Tutor Boxes Tutor boxes are ingenious devices which generate Morse code characters and play them over built-in speakers. Tiny internal computers can even generate entire Morse code messages! The boxes allow the student to start simple with small groups of characters and eventually work up to complete, meaningful messages, similar to what you would hear on the ham bands. The boxes have many options, usually including the choice of speed and whether or not to use Farnsworth compression.
FISTS Home Page FISTS is a well established and recognized CW organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a membership exceeding 2000, and is growing daily.
MFJ-557 MFJ-557 $24.95 MFJ-557 features a heavy steel base, tone / volume controls and an earphone jack for just $24.95!
The Telegraph Office -- for Telegraph Key Collectors and Historians A Tribute to Morse Telegraphy and Resource for Wire and Wireless Telegraph Key Collectors and Historians by Neal McEwen, K5RW
Sparks Telegraph Key Review Welcome To The Sparks Telegraph Key Review
Learning Morse Code The intent of these pages is to help you to learn Morse code and give you the tools necessary to increase your comprehension speed.
coder.html Try Sending Morse Code with the Key! (touch your mouse arrow to the knob)
Morse Code CW OPERATING AIDS , some good links here.
Ham Radio Codes "Q" SIGNALS Given below are a number of "Q" signals whose meanings most often need to be expressed with brevity and clearness in amateur work. These are very helpful in CW or VOICE communications to save time and during noisy or busy traffic. ("Q" abbreviations take the form of questions only when each is sent followed by a question mark.) Most of the information listed below was taken from "The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1976". This is a nice chart of the Q codes and RST meanings.
International Morse Code Chart This is one of my most popular pages, and I've updated it with something New: Tables! I've tried to design this new HTML tables version to be as readable as possible, but if it doesn't work with your browser, I've included a plain-text version below.
Learning Morse Code Painlessly, by Bill Weinhardt W9PPG LEARNING THE CODE by W9PPG, Bill Weinhardt . With the advent of the "no code" technician license, why even learn the code? Some who achieve this license will not, but if you desire privileges on the HF bands, you must learn the learn the code and pass a test at 5 words per minute. Doing this will earn the "novice" class license privileges on the HF bands.
KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code Introduction . What's the point of doing Morse Code any more these days? Didn't that go away with the telegraph? No, it didn't.
The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy - Contents Page This is a complete book on line. The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy
William G. Pierpont N0HFF -Second Revised Edition-
CW Links Do you believe that learning the Morse Code is "Impossible", or a "Waste of Time" A few words about learning the Morse Code by KH2D. CW is my favorite mode, and cannot be beat for weak signal communications. No other mode can even come close. I have spent many hours chasing after DX on both SSB and CW on the HF bands. When comparing the success rate of CW vs. SSB, there is no question about it. The number of completed QSO's on CW is way ahead of SSB, or any of the other modes.
G4ZFE Morse Code Applet This Java applet translates any text message into Morse Code. The applet has been tested using Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Linux versions of Netscape Navigator 3.01 and the Windows 95 version of Netscape Communicator 4.0. Currently the applet does not work correctly with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01.
Mike's Space on the net - Morse Signals Translator This page translates your text into Morse signals, and back. Just type your text in the textbox, and leave the rest to my javascript!
AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page Welcome to the AA9PW Amateur Exam practice pages. If you are new to the site and would like an introduction to the facilities, check out the Help page. The questions used here are from the current official question pools provided by the FCC and are selected from the same subelements as would be used for an official examination. Therefore they are accurate representations of the real thing.



QRP, use low power output.

The Columbus QRP Club New Kit! CQrp Mrx-40 . Mini 40 Meter Receiver. The Overview: CQrp is VERY pleased to announce our first kit effort. We call it the CQrp Mrx-40. It was originally designed with the Micronaut transmitter in mind. The thought was to make a companion receiver to the Micronaut. This was accomplished, but in the process, we were able to come up with a very nice receiver for many applications.
Hide's QRP Home Page JA9MAT (Hidehiko KOMACHI) Hello OMs!Here is the Page for Hams interested in The Low Power Communications ,says "QRP". My name is Hidehiko Komachi, born in 1957, and I live in Toyama-prefecture where is about 400km northwest of Tokyo. I started Ham Radio in 1975 ( 1st class licensed ) and I have been on the air by 5watts maximum power in all bands. I started QRP because I was very surprised when I heard the QRPp 50mW Signal of JH1HTK, Mr.Masuzawa who is the President of JA-QRP Club. And because I had no enough money to buy a expensive Transceiver, I must make my own Rigs and Antenna. First I made a simple 40m Transmitter and RF1-IF2-AF2 Single Super Heterodyne RX from old TV and MW-RADIO Set. Nowadays I have no enough time to enjoy Home-Brewing so I enjoy making the QRP Kits from Heath, Mizuho, Nor Cal, Small Wonder Lab, G-QRP etc.... 
QRP: Bry's HAM PAGES by AF4K The challenge of -=QRP=- is to operate and/or build CW (Morse Code) or voice (AM & SSB) radio transmitters (& simple receivers) for the amateur bands using a bare minimum of components, money and construction skill; equipment that is useful for radio amateurs looking for some diversion beyond their regular pursuits. Note that you need a license to transmit with this equipment!
http://www.qrpworld.com/ QRP WORLD Click here to to begin your entry into the exciting world of Low-Power Ham Radio Communications. You are visitor number <-- This was created by FLASH Sausage software>
http://www.qrparci.org/ QRP means "low power" and this group of amateur radio enthusiasts promote and enjoy the construction and operation of radio transmitters with a power output of 5 watts or less (10 watts peak power for SSB) and companion receivers. This organization - QRP ARCI - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the increasing world-wide enjoyment of QRP operation and experimentation, and to the promotion of local and regional QRP Clubs throughout the world.
http://www.fix.net/~jparker/norcal.html/ QRP The Low Power Amateur Radio Page, The NorCal Club, Northern California Amateur Radio Club

 Miscilaneous Ham and Electricity cites.

Excite Lifestyle: Hobbies & Recreation: Amateur Radio search results on excite
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - PERSONAL RADIO SERVICE Government web site: The Personal Radio Services are: The GMRS is available to an individual (one man or one woman). It is a two-way UHF voice communication service to facilitate the activities of the individual's immediate family members. The responsible party must obtain a license for a GMRS system. Expect a communications range of five to twenty-five miles. You cannot make a telephone call with a GMRS unit. See Information about the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS).
Ham Radio Online Ham Radio Online is KF7VY's personal web site, run as a non-commercial hobby. Good links here.
Directory of /pub/ham/mac ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/ham/mac/ This is an FTP site for Mac/Ham
Wound on a 3 foot length of PVC pipe, the long loopstick antenna was an experiment to try to improve AM radio reception without using a long wire or ground. It works fairly well and greatly improved reception of a weak station 130 miles away. A longer rod antenna will probably work better if space allows. The number of turns of wire needed for the loopstick can be worked out from the single layer, air core inductance formula:
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Home Page Welcome to the FCC. The mission of this independent government agency is to encourage competition in all communications markets and to protect the public interest. In response to direction from the Congress, the FCC develops and implements policy concerning interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.
GM0RWU's Page Particular interests are:
• Qrp, especially construction. I'm a member of the G-QRP and NorCal clubs, and here's a link to the Internet QRP-L page. This site also has a good general radio index • Old and new valve (vacuum tube) equipment, the former known as
The Transmitter Shop Rush Orders are Our Specialty Transmitters and Instrumentation Our product line: • Reconditioned • New surplus • Brand new • Industrial instruments • Much more
W4RNL (antennas) Amateur Radio is a communications service consisting of operators licensed and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Amateur radio operators, or "hams," by regulation engage in emergency and other public service communications, maintain technical skills, and foster international good will via communications.
//ourworld.compuserve.com/homep radiofax It´s fun to hear Communications, it´s even more fun to see it. Hi, I'm Marius and I live in Hannover, Germany. There are many facets of Radio Communications, and one of the most fascinating mode is Image Communications such as Facsimile, Wefax and Slow Scan TV (SSTV). This Homepage is dedicated to this aspect of Image Communications.
eBayISAPI.dll QST Mags Auction Page. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Currency is U.S. dollars (US$) unless otherwise noted.
The following is a compilation of URLs found on search engines and news groups. The Author makes no endorsement nor has any pecuniary interest in any of the listings. CAVEAT EMPTOR applies as in all things.
K5FO's Home Page
I have two main interests in Amateur Radio - CW operation and QRP operation at low power levels of 5W or less. In fact, except for operating in the last SS at 5W and a couple of Field Days with a QRP group operating at 5W or less, all my personal operation on the air for the past 5 or more years has been at 0.95W (950 milliWatts) or less.
Yahoo! News and Media:Radio:Amateur and Ham Radio Yahoo's Radio Page
CRYSTALS TRADE PAGE by BRY AF4K If you have 'Boatanchor' radio equipment that uses crystals, you may be interested in one or more of the purposes of "THE CRYSTALS PAGE"
Ham Radio Online - Commercial Products Directory Commercial Products Directory Disclaimer: This list is provided as a public service to the Amateur Radio community and does not represent an endorsement of any vendor by Ham Radio Online. These links take you to other locations on the net over which we have no control. We update the links from time to time but be aware that many web sites change their Internet address (URL) from time to time and some links may be "dead".
Ham Radio Price List Gateway Electronics, Inc. CURRENT HAM RADIO PRICES Please note that these prices represent prices as of 12/01/98.   As manufacturers are constantly changing prices and offering coupons,  there may be new or lower prices before we have an opportunity to adjust this page. This only a partial listing.  Please call for the most up to date price. 
JADE PRODUCTS, INC Code Practice Oscillator JADE PRODUCTS Code Practice Oscillator As Seen in "NOW YOU'RE TALKING, by the ARRL. ARRL CODE PRACTICE OSCILLATOR Complete kit is only $19.95 (US). ($23.45 Postage Paid)
Six News: 50MHz: Internet Six News: 50MHz Amplifiers: Six Metres: Six Meters: 6 Metres: 6 Meters 6 Metre Beacons: 6 Meter Beacons: 6 News: 50MHz Information: ?
International Amateur Radio Information Produced by Geoff Brown, GJ4ICD The works on Amateur Radio, Including: EME, MS, IOTA, SSTV, ATV, Packet, Beacon News, VHF News, HF News, DX Cluster, Beacon lists, WWV, Satellite News, SWL information, etc, in fact everything on Radio! And Here is a full listing of everything to do with Amateur Radio on the Internet!



NP4CC Web Home Page Hi !!...My name is Hector and I now live in Warner-Robins, Georgia. In this, my place on the Internet and in the following pages, I would like to tell you some things about my profession, my hobbies and my Homeland, Puerto Rico. I will also let you know about Panama City, Florida, where I lived for six years prior to my move to Georgia.
Lowe Electronics Home Page We have had a web presence here since 1994, which in Internet terms make us old hands. Unfortunately much of our site is still original, and some of the more obscure parts of it are somewhat outdated now. For this we apologise profusely to you, our customers. But we are working on it ! We do not regard the Web purely as an advertising medium to sell products. Obviously we do welcome orders, but we regard our Web presence primarily as a free support function to help our customers by providing them with information that would be too expensive for us to publish as paid for advertising space.
CQ Radio HomePage This Site is intended to provide a 'bookmark' resource for the Radio, Technical, and Aviation enthusiast... and at the same time offer lots of 'fun' for the casual visitor. Feel free to explore. If you need any of the images etc they are free for you to use! I have optimised my page for IE 4.0 and Netscape 4.04 (Display setting 1024 X 768) and 'JAVA'. While you are here, relax, explore the site, enjoy my Ham Radio, Broadcast and Recreational Links. If you are a "Flight Simulator" pilot, be sure to check the FS links below
//www.galaxy.net/~k12/electric/ This is a series of experiments about electricity and magnetism that was designed for use in the fourth grade.
Magnetism In this section we learn about magnetism. You may ask why this section isn't its own section, and why it falls under electricity. Well that's for you to find out! So read away!
ELECTRICITY AND ITS EFFECTS Thank you for visiting our web pages on electricity! The web page and links below are designed to inform you about the ways in which we create electricity, the ways in which we use electricity, and to supply information on electricity itself. Electricity plays a big part in the lives of many people, yet few know how it actually works, so lets start with the basics:
ELECTRICITY Links about Electricity
Magnetism Links about magnatism
ION Home Page (Piezo Electric Ceramic Buzzers)
Piezo Electric Ceramic Buzzers, the well established sounders, incorporate technology that?s efficient, simple and convenient. Piezo Electric Ceramic Buzzers have replaced the conventional electro-magnetic devices because of their low power consumption and non-switching characteristics.
(I made a very inexpensive practice key for code with one of these buzzers from Radio Shack).
Ishwara Intl. Catalog SCIENCE EDUCATION WORLD of Ishwara International. Welcome to the world of Science Education on the Web. Electronics Kit
AEØQ / V31RY Amateur Radio Page Amateur Radio CW, QRP, RTTY, Contesting and Portable Operating Camping in Colorado and Wyoming, USA

The Wouffhong, a terrible instrument of torture used on "rotten operators"! The original is at ARRL HQ

Northland Radio is a supplier of pre-owned broadcast transmitters and related equipment . We also have a large supply of partsin stock to support  transmitters or other equipment. You will also find Radio amateurrelated topics and interests as well a assorted links to other sites.
Stamford Amateur Radio Association Welcome to The Squelch Burst - Online . The Official Web Site of the Stamford Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
This is my local Ham Radio Club.
Amateur Radio Receivers The fascination of receiving signals from the sky is one of the driving forces of the Amateur Radio Operator. Hundreds of signals from all over the world sparked our imagination, visualizing far off places that we were able to touch with our radios. We all start out as SWL's (ShortWave Listeners). The receiver starts out as number one, and is always the most important piece of equipment in a ham shack. If you can't hear 'em, you can't work 'em.
Amateur Radio Basic Training Education OPERATING AND ELECTRONICS TRAINING
Short Wave Radio
Science Research Class . My science reasearch project is on communications. This involves two objectives; the goal of my project is to learn about Shortwave radio, then build an antenna and a shortwave receiver; the second goal is to learn about Ham radio, then build a radio and obtain a liscence available through the government. These are the steps into building a Shortwave radio and building an antenna, and also the basics & concepts of shortwave radio listening:
Panaxis Productions / Pan-Com International On-Line Catalog  
  Pan-Com International, A Division of Panaxis Productions , On-Line Catalog, Kits, Plans, Books & Broadcast Equipment Since 1975
AA9PW's Amateur Radio Exam Practice Page Welcome to the AA9PW Amateur Exam practice pages. If you are new to the site and would like an introduction to the facilities, check out the Help page.
The questions used here are from the current official question pools provided by the FCC and are selected from the same subelements as would be used for an official examination. Therefore they are accurate representations of the real thing.
KO6YQ's Ham Radio Index Welcome, This index started just as links that I use and some documents I've written. Then I added other links to promote Ham Radio. Over time it has evolved into a web surfing starting point for Silicon Valley Hams, and the main index serving the sbay.hams newsgroup. I hope you enjoy it and/or find it useful.
Zap onto the links of this Hotlist on Electricity and Electrical Safety to build your unit which follows the Third and Fifth Grade Utah State Core Curriculum for Science.
Amateur Radio
What Is Amateur Radio? "Amateur communications are non-commercial radio communications by or among amateur stations solely with a personal aim and without personal or business interest (page 117)."
http://www.meaning.com/pointers/wwwvl-ham.html Amateur Radio General Information
http://w5ac.tamu.edu/ham-exam-v2/ham-exam.html (take a practice exam)
http://www.ultranet.com/~sstv/ (slow scan tv)
http://www.guernsey.net/~amateur_radio/ list of news groups
http://www.mtn.org/handiham/ (Amateur Radio for Persons With Disabilities)
http://www.efnet.net/hamradio/ Ham Radio on Efnet IRC
http://hamradio-online.com/starthere.html Another starter page
http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Thinktank/2390/index.html Books about Ham, also a neat little CNN news flasher.
http://users.lanminds.com/~anb/hamlinx.html A sourcelist of amateur-radio internet information sites. A one-stop Ham-Shop for the Web, which had all the links I needed in one place. A list of locations, with brief descriptions of what each has to offer (mostly Mac-based).
http://www.kk6yo.com/index.shtml Welcome to KK6YO hamshop! Site features Unique Ham Radio products and electronic parts and accessories, tips from KK6YO, links and other cool ham stuff.
http://www.uniqueweb.com/links.htm Amateur Radio Links / Links & More Coming VERY soon: add your own !! Last Updated 08/06/98 Check out these Sites Callsign Search/ Databases Trading Fever Zone
wysiwyg://27/http://psci.net/~aa9ai/page5.html If you're already an Amateur Radio operator, please help us "spread the word" about our exciting hobby. Post this file on your local BBS or PBBS, newsletter, Web page or anywhere you might find prospective hams.
http://www.k1dwu.net/ The home of K1DWU-Links. K1DWU-Links is a collection of over 3500 Ham Radio sites verified every week. This site also is a great reference site.
http://www.tripod.com/pod_central/pods/hamradiooperators/ part of the Lycos network pod activities Web Resources, find sites related to this Pod.
Read Pod Guidelines Build a Ham Radio Operators page. Submit a Ham Radio Operators page.
http://www.blackcatsystems.com/radio/shortwave.html ll find many interesting links to other radio related WWW pages. If you know of any other pages of interest (or run one yourself) email me and I'll be happy to include it.
http://classifieds.qth.com/classifieds/ Free Ham Radio Classified Ads from QTH.COM. The biggest and best ham radio classifieds on the web! Buy, sell, trade HF and VHF equipment, towers, antennas, rotators and more!
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/6668/join.html Ham Radio Web Ring, join page.
http://www.angelfire.com/or/n7xam/ Welcome to Ron's Home Page. I hope that this helps you to find the Ham related topics that you are interested in faster and easier. I've provided links that have helped me find DX information, call sign information and other topics of interest to Ham operators.
http://www.garlic.com/adq/na6w.html Member of DXCC since 1993 as KK6KR What is amateur radio ? Amateur radio (Ham radio) is a service set up by the FCC to provide emergency communications during disasters.
http://www.sirinet.net/~acagle/ This is an education web page about amateur radio in space.
http://walden.mo.net/~fred/ This page contains a variety of links useful to the Amateur / Ham Radio Operator, Shortwave Listener, or other Radio Hobbyist.
http://www.ultranet.com/biz/raddev/ Welcome to Radio Devices on the Web Radio Devices sells Amateur Radio Products, consisting of Radio and Electronic Kits, CDROMs, Antennas, Radio and Electronic Components.
http://deane.bio.ucalgary.ca/ Deane McIntyre's Home Page. This is my home page running on my trusty Quadra 610 which has been upgraded to a PPC. I am at the University of Calgary in the Department of Biological Sciences. In a previous life I was a student in Chemistry at the University of Waterloo and later worked at the University of Alberta This Page appears best on a Apple MacIntosh Computer
http://www.kacweb.com/swaps/radio/ a swap page
Undocumented, I will document tese and reload.
Alex's Library - EDUCATIONAL TUTORIALS Alex's Electronic Resource Library
....An Online Guide to Useful Electrical and Electronic Information. This is a good site for links to various tutorials relating to electronics and radio.
Compliance and Information Bureau FCC Compliance and Information Bureau.
The EMTECH Pages Here's a link to the Federal Communications Commission.
If you're interested in becoming a HAM, a good place to start for information is the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). This link will take you to IARUWeb: The International Amateur Radio Union; the ARRL is the secretariat of the IARU. Listed below are some Ham radio associated links you might find interesting. Please enjoy your stay here at the EMTECH Pages.
SHF Microwave Parts Company We sell high-tech microwave RF parts to Ham operators, Experimenters, University laboratories, and Individuals. No order too small, and economy shipping anywhere in the world, since 1996!
If you are not happy with your order, return it for a refund!
Whiterook Products Company: Ham Radio, Electronic Kits, Clocks, and More! Unique and growing line of Amateur Radio Poducts, Electronic Kits, and Commercial Grade Digital clocks.
Index of /pub/hamradio/mac/ Index of /pub/hamradio/mac/ an ftp site
Internet QRP Club Welcome to the Internet QRP Club Site on the WorldWide Web. This page is provided solely for information to Amateur Radio enthusiasts. Any vendors listed or present are here for information purposes only. Any business transactions with such vendors are conducted independently of this site.
Transmitters for MW,SW and FM Broadcast Here is a very good article that shows you how to tune-up one of the modern day "Rice Boxes" for proper AM operation. List of Crystal suppliers
Radio links and more just links here, some good.
FM Transmitter Here is the schematic, PC board pattern, and parts placement for a low powered FM
transmitter. The range of the transmitter when running at 9V is about 300 feet. Running it from 12V increases the range to about 400 feet.
MIGHTY's pirate radio construction PIRATE RADIO CONSTRUCTION Updated on Sunday, Avgust 31th, 1997  - Hams should know that this stuff exists.
circuit diagrams Radio 101 is selling a collection of schematic diagrams of "homebrew/home-made" FM
and short wave transmitters: a 100 Watts PLL FM-Stereo transmitter, 100mW FM-mini radio transmitter, microphone with oscillator (sometimes called "bugs")
NONSTANDARD EXPERIMENTS IN INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS LABORATORY (p4) Introduction The measurements of sound velocity in metals are usually done for thin rods. They can also be performed for thin pipes of any constant cross-sectional shape. Rods are better, of course, because they can acquire more sound energy for the same size and result in long duration of the sound wave. etc
Hobby Electronics: Operational Amplifier Basics----Page 2 A very simple application of operational amplifiers is as a comparator. A comparator acts as an on/off switch. The figure below shows the common 741 op amp IC configured as a comparator. If there is no difference between the reference voltage and the input (or monitored) voltage, the output of this circuit will be zero. However, if the input voltage rises or falls below the reference voltage, the op amp will immediately produce a full output signal.
Hobby Electronics: Mini-Tutorial Index MINI-TUTORIAL INDEX Welcome to the Hobby Electronics Mini-Tutorial collection! Here is where you'll find short introductions to various topics in hobby electronics, all written in direct, clear language.
Hobby Electronics: Circuit Collection Index CIRCUIT COLLECTION INDEX, Mini-Tutorial Index Welcome to the Hobby Electronics Circuit Collection! Here you'll find a growing list of simple, useful circuits that you can experiment with or use as building blocks in your own designs.
DC Electronics - Kits DC Electronics - Kits, 10/98 UPDATE ---We now have PLL Tuned FM STEREO TRANSMITTER kits for $79.95, ALL NEW PLL EXPERIMENTER PACKAGE $34.95 Includes experimenter board with keypad and prototyping areas, MC145170 PLL chip, programmed PIC and support components - just add oscillator, audio & rf amp to build an FM transmitter at your choice of frequency band. Can also be used to build RF signal generators, recievers or AM transmitter/receiver.
Electronic Schematics Schematics, This is a collection of circuits, mostly for the electronics hobbyist. Most of these schematics are in ASCII text, when possible, so that users of text based web viewers will be able to read them. I don't claim to be the world's greatest ASCII artist, so just e-mail if you can't figure out what I was trying to draw.
Microwave Solid-State Circuits and Applications They sell stuff, what else can I say?
WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum Virtual Collins Radio Museum, Collins Amateur Equipment . Collins Radio Company, with more than 30 years' experience in research, development and manufacture of distinctive amateur equipment, has dedicated itself to the objective of product excellence.
EC - Electronics Lecture 1 Index Electronics Lectures: 1. Basic concepts
Electronics Basics Electronics basics Index, links to concepts
Resistor Color Code This explains the color code of resistors and has a nice graphic to help.
Abbreviations referring to ICs Abbreviations with deffinitions for electronic terms.
Interesting circuits Welcome to 4QD's pages of interesting circuits. You will need images turned on for this area of the site - to see the circuit diagrams (GIFs).
Basic electronics information for beginners and novices(read this) Basic help and information for newcomers to electronics. This is a very large educational html page. Once it has fully loaded, we recommend you check that all the graphics have downloaded correctly, then save everything to disk for viewing off-line.
Shortwave/Radio Catalog (Radio Topics Pg 4-2) Shortwave/Radio Catalog, Radio Topics: World Internet Radio Internet Broadcast Stations (See also: S/R Catalog AM/FM and Shortwave Broadcaster pages.)
Shortwave/Radio Catalog (Page 3-2) Amateur Radio, see above
Pulsar FM Radio Pages WHO ARE WE? Welcome to the Pulsar FM Radio renewed internet pages. We are an alliance of two little stations in the Western part of the Netherlands. Both these stations use the name Pulsar FM. We are not some kind of musicstation and we are anything but commercial. We are just two little radio pioneers getting satisfaction by building our own equipment and by making DX-connections.
This page has a neat Applet for an index, worth a visit just to check that out.
Low power FM transmitter circuits, kits, and notes. Here are some files, schematics, and Usenet posts.
Some files may have been edited for space consideration. Watch this space for more schematics and modifications.
Radio Bay Welcome to WA5VLZ's web page. Most of it has to do with ham radio and my favorite radio company.
Down East Microwave Inc. Supplier of amateur radio equipment for 50MHz and above Self explanitory.
SM5GNN Glowbugs page How did they do it in the past? Ham radio archeology? Glowbugs is a movement among hams devoted to research on, construction and operation of radio gear from anno dazumal. Typical rigs, but not limited to, are one tube transmitters, crystal controlled or self excited, and regenerative receivers using only a couple of tubes. Most operations are on the 80 and 40 meter bands, usually CW.
The Magic Of Amateur Radio Web Site Earning an Amateur Radio License is a very special achievement.
There are over a half a million people in the world who are called Amateur Radio Operators, or hams. Amateur Radio serve the public as a All Voluntary, non-commercial, communication service.Amateur Radio Operators have earned a very special privilege by being able to communicate directly with each another by way of radio, without regard to geographic barriers.
Amateur Radio K0BKL Welcome to my homepage! I live in West Point, Iowa, and have a number of hobbies that I enjoy and have written a number of pages about them. I am constantly updating these pages so stop back often. I have several hobbies including Amateur Radio, Bluegrass Music, Railroad Museums and Birding.
Radio Recyclers "We buy, sell and consign used ham equipment and tubes"
Ham Radio, Amateur Radio, Radio, Ham, RESOURCES FOR THE HAM RADIO OPERATOR
K3WWP's Links - Parts & Homebrew Info Some good links here.
Homebrew Amateur Radio Club Home Page If you didn't build it or modify it, we don't wanna hear it on the air! * *This isn't really true, however, we would like to see more hams taking an interest in building their own equipment.
AB0CW's Vintage Communications Gear, Homebrew, and Longwave Page Welcome to the homepage of AB0CW, Mark B. Dittmar, in Westminster, Colorado. I have been an amateur radio operator for about 20 years. I first got my novice license back in 1977 with the call WD8PCE. I kept this call until about two years ago at which time I upgraded to advanced, KI0EC, and then extra, AB0CW. My interests with amateur radio have always revolved around operating, maintaining, and restoring vintage gear, aka "boatanchors", as well as building homebrew qrp equipment. I operate 95% HF CW. Other radio-related interests include PART 15 longwave communications and antique broadcast band receivers, so I have sections on these too; check them out ! On these pages you will find a bunch of photos of my gear, along with shematics/design info of some of my homebrew stuff, and various commentary/ramblings.
Homebrew About 50 links, I did not count them.
PACKET RADIO Packet Radio Networking Information found on these Packet Radio pages support the basic AX.25 protocol associated with Amateur Radio and Packet Radio. AX.25 is the Packet Radio sub-set of the X.25 computer networking protocol adapted for Amateur Radio use. In addition, the Packet Radio information contained in these Packet Radio pages provide the system node operator with a complete set of tools and instructions that enable deployment of Packet Radio nodes and networks. WWW.PACKETRADIO.COM also contains information for the Packet Radio user. Packet radio maps and links to other Packet Radio related resources. Packet Radio networks and LANs offer much more.. e.g. network switches, PBBSs, gateways, and emergency digital communications services.