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  • KC9KEP Big Nick's 80 & 40 meter homebrew receiver
  • M0DAD David's Homebrew 40m SSB/CW Transceiver
  • R6DAN Vladimir's homebrew transceiver    October 28, 2016
  • RA3AO Старичок RA3AO трудится.
  • RU0ANU Sergey's homebrew transceiver − Супер!
  • RV4HV Andrej's homebrew multiband transceiver − the "MiniYES"    October 28, 2016
  • UA1FA Yakov's homebrew SSB radio
  • UA4LLQ Alexandr's homebrew SSB radio
  • UR3ACH Andre's homebrew SSB radio
  • UW3DI Андрей Платонов's homebrew SSB tansceiver
  • VK3KTV Peter's homebrew SSB DDS transceiver with panadapter
  • VK3YE Peter's 80 & 40 meter homebrew SDR
  • WA6KJN Home brew ham receiver demo..it's the KJURKN !!!
  • W2AEW Andrew's homebrew radio & electronics
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  • 7N3WVM  Homebrew Radios in Japan Great links, too!
  • CO2KK Arnie's "DXers Unlimited" page
  • G0KLA The Gateway 40m SSB/CW transceiver by Chris (Now operating as AC2CZ/VE2)
  • G3PTO John's homebrew page
  • G3TSO Mike's homebrew radio gear
  • JF1OZL Kazuhiro's homebrew page There's a lot to see here
  • KE3IJ Rick's Simple Home-Built Radio page
  • K9GDT George's homebrew stuff
  • K9KLT Ron's creative solution to power line QRN    September 3, 2016
  • KC9KEP Big Nick's homebrew radio pages
  • KD6CC Roger's Glow Bug 40m transceiver
  • K0JD Amateur Radio construction projects 
  • N1AW Albert's Homebrew transceiver for 80 meter CW
  • N2CQR Bill's interesting adventures...
    • Gadgeteer A person who designs, builds, or delights in the use of gadgets
    • The Soldersmoke Podcast Archive Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics
  • N6QW Pete's "Home of Real Homebrew Radio!"
  • ON6MU - Guy's homebrew gear
  • SM2EZT - Torvald's modified R2 receiver with DDS VFO
  • SM6LKM Johan's 80m DSB transceiver and linear amplifier
  • SV1DJG Scroll down for a great "Ugly Construction" example by Nick
  • VA3IUL (YO3DAC) Iulians's homebrew radios, reference data and tutorials
  • VE7BPO Todd's QRP HomeBuilder Homepage
  • VK3YE Peter's Amateur Radio projects
  • W4OP Dale's homebrew radio gear
  • WA4CHQ Neil's homebrew CW stations and test gear
  • WA4GEG Byron'scratch built home-brew ham station equipment
  • W6JL Ed's 550 watt homebrew station    October 28, 2016
  • ZL2PD Andrew's homebrew radio & electronics 
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