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k8zt's homepage

Introduction to Ham Radio Resources for 
Trainers & Students
Welcome to Amateur Radio! by ARRL Volunteer Instructor Support Program
K8ZT's Tips on Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator Help for High School or Elementary School Teachers
Ham Quick.com

Ham Speak-  A Glossary of Amateur Radio Terms Science Fair/Merit Badge Projects
Guide to Amateur Radio for New Hams Recruitment Slide Show
Brochures, Booklets & Posters Brochures, Booklets & Posters
Boy Scout  Amateur Radio Merit Badge Gordon West Radio School & Resources
Amateur Radio Clubs ARRL/Volunteer Examiner Coordinator
ARRL Affiliated Club Search Radio History Links
Ham Radio Club Page Listing by QRZ Projects- Kits, Homebrewing & Modifications
Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club- My Local Radio Club Online Converters.com- Solve Many Types of Conversions or Calculations Online
 QRP Clubs e-Panorama.net-Wide Variety of Links Including Theory & Projects
Practice Exams FCC Information & Rules 
QRZ.com Practice Exams FCC- Licensing Information Page
e-Ham.net Practice Exams FCC- Getting Your Amateur Radio License
W8HMB Practice Exams FCC- Amateur Radio FAQ
AA9PW Practice Exams Part 97 Rules Online
Hamcity.com Practice Exams Part 97 Rules in Text or PDF
W8MHB.com Practice Exams & Lots More RF Exposure Regulations 
Tips for Taking Amateur Radio Exams

Morse Code Study Materials Frequency & 
Band Information
K8ZT's CW / Morse Code Links US Frequency Allocation Chart
CW Trainer by G4FON based on Koch Method Simplified US Allocation Chart - K8ZT
Online Java Code Generator IARU Band Plans- Regions I, II & III
The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy-
Learning, Using, Mastering And Enjoying CW
Call Signs & Prefixes
So You Want To Learn Morse Code 
by N1IRZ
Vanity Callsign Headquarters by N4MC
ARRL's Learn Morse Page FCC- Vanity Callsign Information Page
W1AW Code Practice Prefix Finder
Learning the Morse Code- Links by AA3FI QRZ- Online Callbook
K5DI's CW Learning Page Maps for Amateur Radio

US Call Sign Lookup Databases
Beginning Operating Technical Information
First Steps in Radio ARRL Technical Information Pages
Putting Up Your First Antenna Electronics Links from eHam.net
What Rig Should I Buy? Electronics Tutorials
Rig Pix- Pictures of Radios & Accessories Projects and Technical Info for Novice
Rig Pictures- over 600 from SM7VHS Electrical Engineering Training Serie
Connectors, Plug & Adapters
Resources on All Types of Connectors for Your Hamshack
Electronics Index - 
Circuits for the Homebrewer
The Amateur's Code Electronics Components and Radio Data-
Marking Systems for Caps, Resistors, etc.
Your Novice Accent 
and What to Do About It
Online Resistor Color Code Calculator
Your Technician Accent 
and What to Do About It
Ohm Law Chart- Showing Equations for
Current, Voltage, Resistance or Power
How to Be A Lid on 2 Meters
Ohm Law Online Calculator- Solving for
Current, Voltage, Resistance or Power
KU4ZD's "My Radio World" -
Lots of Info plus Free Classified Ham Ads
Online Converters.com- Solve Many Types of Conversions or Calculations Online
Mobile HF Operation
Electronics Info Online
Power Pole (Anderson)- Standardize Your Power Cables
HAMIC- The Ham Intelligent Calculator- Solve Series, Parallel or more Complex Circuits, SWR and L-Networks

Soldering On-line Tutorial

Projects- Kits, Homebrewing & Modifications
Amateur Radio Magazines Operating Aids
QST-ARRL's Monthly Membership Journal Q Signals -  More Than You Ever Wanted To Know!
CQ Magazine Home & Special Page for New Hams
A Beginner's Guide to Making CW Contacts by WB8FSV
World Radio DX Cluster Resource- Information, Files and More
Amateur Books & Magazines Links by AC6V UTC
Newsletters and Magazine Resources Rig Pix- Pictures of Radios, Accessories and More

Commonly Used Amateur Codes and Abbreviations
Amateur Radio Portals Amateur Radio News
eHam.net Amateur Radio Newsline
ARRL Online ARRL Audio News
CQ Ham Radio News
QSL.net History of Amateur Radio, Broadcast Radio & Electronics
K1DWU Ham Radio News & Links Amateur Radio News by K1DWU
DX Zone.com
A History of Amateur Radio by W2XOY

Amateur Radio Distributors, Manufacturers & Suppliers Amateur Radio Distributors, Manufacturers & Suppliers
Yaesu Ham Radio Manufacturers
Kenwood Ham Radio Dealers
Icom Ham Manufacturers Index from SHARC
TenTec Amateur Radio Manufacturers & Dealers Search
e-Bay Prices Realized Electronics USA QRP Products
Clip Art & Website Development Amateur Radio Humor
Ham Radio Clip Art from Zed Zed
AC6V's Ham Humor Page
WM8C's Radio Clip Art
N4UJW's Humor Page
Computer Clip Art .com
K4ADL's Kartoon Korner
Print a Facsimile Copy of Your FCC License
Fred's Funnies
Ham Radio License Plates N3EG's Humor Pages
K1DWU - over 4500 Links N0UJR's Cartoons

Stupid Scanner Tricks
Mozilla Composer- Free WYSIWYG HTML Authoring Tool Amateur Radio Humor in Alaska


K8ZT's Quick Tips
Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator

1. Find a Local Radio Club in your Area
2. Meet Local Hams (see #1 Above or Look for Towers & Non-TV Antennas
3. Explore the Many Links on My Website to Get Plenty of Information
4. Get a Book- There are many good introductory books available
 I would recommend-
Now You're Talking! 
a Beginners Study Guide to get your  License

On the Air with Ham Radio -
a guide to setting up your first station & making your first contacts

The ARRL Operating Manual - a complete guide to operating 
5. Pick up an Amateur Radio Magazine
6. Go to a Hamfest-   a combination of flea market, social gathering, presentations and Ham Dealers 

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