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Coaxial Cable Connectors Microphone Connectors
Types of Coaxial Cable Connectors "Pin-outs" of Microphone Connectors for Many Popular Radios
Attaching a PL-259 to Coax
AC6V's Coaxial Cable Links RJ-45 Warning

Packet Radio Interface Wiring Diagrams
F-Connectors for Cable TV

Computer Connectors Modular Connectors
Computer Cable Guide from A2Z  Anderson Power Pole Connectors

CAT-5 Wiring Schemes & Color Codes

RJ-45 Warning
Sources for Connectors- Manufacturers & Vendors Sources for Connectors- Manufacturers & Vendors
Amphenol Cable X-Perts Inc.
Molex The RF Connection
Belden Cable Radio Works
RF Industries The Original Wireman
Nemal Electronics International RF-Parts Company
Aim Electronics (Emerson) Bux CommCo- K4ABT's Company

Davis RF


RJ-45 Warning!- Never insert an "un-crimped" RJ-45 connector into a jack. The metal connecting "pins" will be extending out farther than normal from plug and will push down, distort, displace and/or break wires in the jack. This usually makes the jack unusable. Because the jack is often built into the radio, replacement can be very difficult, time consuming and/or expensive.

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